interview reflection

this is less about my interview and unfortunately more about my lack of an interview, so…

Why couldn’t I get an interview?

There were a few reasons, Hayley Williams is obviously a pretty big deal, reaching out to her directly didn’t seem like much of an option, I attempted to find a way to contact her agent, unfortunately I couldn’t find any email addresses and the only phone number I could find was very long distance and would have cost a fair amount. Next I tried to find a way of getting a packet that might have been sent out to a media company, but I couldn’t find anyone to contact about something along those lines. The next obvious route seemed to be via social media, the “tag her in everything” tactic, disappointingly Hayley Williams just very publicly went through a social media detox, from what I could figure out, she no longer has social media accounts, so that was no longer a viable option to contact her through. Several of my classmates recommended reaching out to a band mate, or someone who knows her personally, but many of her band mates have very bad relationships with her, so I figured asking someone who’s actively suing her might not be the best way of finding out more about her personality from an unbiased point of view. One thing that I probably should have better explored was interviewing someone else is the punk/emo/punk pop genre, one of the reasons that I delayed reaching out to someone like this and put definitely too much effort into trying to reach out and get a media packet about her was because as much as I am interested in the genre I also wanted to know more about her, and her personal experiences with over coming struggles, the direction I’ve gone in with much of my eminent has focused more on Hayley Williams as a person and less on her genre, because I feel that all she’s dealt with and done, all whilst being highly talented is truly what makes her eminent.

Of course, since I wasn’t able to get to get an interview, I had to make up for this hole in my research somehow, luckily an upside of her being so famous and well known was if I watched and read enough interviews that other people have done with her I was able to gather similar information to many of the questions that I might have asked, and I incorporated this into what I wrote in my learning center about her. As much as I didn’t actually get an interview with her, I did get to hear/read her answers to many of my questions about her.

The morale of the story is essentially that A) I should have definitely started looking for someone to interview sooner, I thought it would be easier then I turned out to be B) I should have been more willing to compromise on what I wanted in an interview, learning more about the genre and it’s effects on others who are a part of it would have been better than nothing.

eminent night

Hi and welcome to eminent night!

I’m Hayley Williams and tonight I’ve prepared some important details of my life and work for you to look through!


this is a brief summary of my rather long winded explanations in the flip book

developing leaders around you- John C Maxwell

Developing leaders around you


Recently as a leadership exercise, we watched  John C Maxwell’s talk on developing leaders around you, these were some points I thought were particularly important


“An organizations potential is directly related to its personnel”, this goes for any team. Team members and the way that the view the team will make or break the team, people who view the team positively will contribute with more energy and people who highly value the team will put more work into insuring its success. Making sure you have cohesive team members that work together is important because otherwise the team will not have each other’s backs and may fail, a positive team with members who have respect for each other will work better than one without, this is one of the ways the team members are essential to the success of an origination. This idea has relevance to me because I know how difficult or easy working on a team can be based on the other members and how the other members interactions with myself effect how i see the team and act in the team, people tend to work harder for a team when all the other personnel are pleasant to be around, which typically makes them more pleasant to be around, and the cycle continues, making personnel and the way the interact what makes or breaks the team. This concept is hugely important when planning hikes has it is important to remember that we, the team members have the power the control the success or failure of any talons trip.

“Leaders think differently”, this is something that we can consciously except and try and think about, and thinking “how can I approach this problem like a leader.” “The major difference between successful and unsuccessful people is how they think”. An important part of team work and mentoring is to talk to the leaders around you about strategies you have for a leadership point of view, and to ask the leaders around you what some considerations they’ve made with leadership are. It is important for me to think about and consider how i can look at problems from a leadership angle. Before addressing a group I often make considerations about whether or not I’m coming at a problem from a leadership angle, this is what makes the concept of “leaders think differently” relevant to me, because i find it fascinating to consider how leaders think differently. Acknowledging that leaders think differently and making considerations about this/ sharing said considerations with your team is relevant to the success of any talons event where the grade tens are passing on knowledge to the grade nines as it is important that we share what we’ve learned about leader style thinking with them.


“Effective mentors have compassion and the ability to hear what another person is saying without judging what they are saying”, it is important when on a team or as a leader to always respect others ideas, if you as a leader or a team member make others feel bad about presenting certain ideas, even when they might have an idea that works better for the situation they may feel hesitant to share for fear of being ridiculed. Listening with compassion and encouraging sharing is important to a positive team structure, listening to everyone openly makes for a more inclusive and welcoming team environment and giving everyone a platform to share makes for a better team in the long run as you will have more people willing to share more good ideas on a team with a compassionate leader then you would on a team with an uncompassionate leader. I can relate to this idea personally as i feel that i tend to work better on a team with a positive and compassionate leader who can listen to ideas or suggestions without making anyone feel judged or less then accepted. I find that a team with a compassionate leader makes me unafraid to share ideas and help problem solve, where as a team with an uncompassionate leader often makes me feel judged causing myself (and those around me) to not share as many ideas. Remembering to lead with compassion is something that can and should be employed at all talons events as it makes participants, mentees and fellow leaders feel more open and comfortable to share their thoughts and ideas


So, can the skills that make a leader so talented be taught or does it have to be a skill that’s been ingrained or is a “natural skill”


Maxwell, J.C (2014) developing the leaders around you. The john Maxwell company


Interview reflection

As a practice for our interviewing of people more knowledgeable then us about  our eminent person, we interviewed our classmates and asked them questions about themselves. From this process I learned several things about how to perform a better interview when I (eventually) get to interview my eminent person. Firstly I found being interviewed quite difficult, and I think this will help me to be a better interviewer as I now better understand some of the difficulties of being interviewed. I also think that in this interviewing process I learned more from watching the group I was partnered with do interviewed then I did from doing my own. Firstly I noted something smart that the other group had done was have larger questions with small relating sub questions, so that the interviewee wasn’t bombarded with an assortment of different questions that they had to change there train of thought to answer. I think what I learned from this mock interviewing process that I can quite possibly apply to my official interview are, I should have had better prepared questions, I didn’t make having thoughtful questions  priority and instead went for quantity over quality, as well I certainly should have had more sub questions as well as larger question instead of just having larger questions that didn’t flow well. As an interviewer I didn’t prioritize body langue, such as being open and making eye contact and was critiqued on this, specifically for not making enough eye contact, this was probably from a mix of not having my questions memorized (which while it doesn’t seem mandatory for an interview, is something I will certainly strive to do in the future.) and being slightly nervous about interviewing someone, it was a different experience the what I am usually used to. If anything my slight lack of preparedness and nerves highlighted the reasons why doing a mock interview was incredibly important. From this test I learned a lot, when I am actually interviewing someone for my eminent person I want my interviewing skills to be very polished, especially with even the one in a million chance that I could interview my eminent person. regardless of who I interview I do not wish to waste there time with me not knowing my own questions well enough. I will use all of the skills that I learned in the mock interview in my actually interview.

I think I learned a surprising amount from this exercise. I have recently had to practice interviewing for other classes and I thought that I had my interviewing skill down, however doing this kind of an interview was definitely different from my other experiences and I’m glad that I got this chance to learn from myself and my peers about the interviewing process.

eminent comment reflection

After reading through others blog posts I have learned quite a bit, both about my classmates and some interesting historical (and current) figures I knew very little about. It was interesting to hear about others connections to their eminent people and I learned quite a bit about others interests, as well, it was interesting to hear about why others picked specific people as there eminent people and I saw many similarities between why I chose Hayley Williams as an eminent person and why other people chose specific figures. I think one thing that I realized I could work on in the future after reading others blog post is doing extra research, I think I researched only the points I wished to share about, whoever everyone’s post that I read seemed to have extremely through research done and include smaller details that may not be quite as common knowledge about there eminent people. I’m sure that if there eminent people had such interesting things mine must too and I’m excited to find out about them as I start more research  and (hopefully) interview someone who is more informed about the subject then I am.

Eminent person

My eminent person is Hayley Williams, 

I picked her as my eminent person or a lot of reasons, first off because I love music and the entertainment business, I love to sing and I almost always have headphones in so it was important to me to pick someone who was involved in entertainment. I decided on Hayley Williams for a lot of reasons though. The first being that I love two thousand emo, Pop punk and alt music so I wanted to pick someone with influence in the era. I admire Hayley Williams personally, much of her media presence is due to her standing up for the things that she believes in, such as standing up against homophobia. She is unafraid to discuss taboo subjects, like toxic relationships and mental health, she also runs a pretty successful business that incorporates itself both into the culture surrounding her style of music and her personal brand, with an emphasis on ethical business and special focus on going the extra mile to make a more enjoyable costumer experience (yes, I know this sounds like an ad, but I promise I’m not being sponsored). She’s someone I both look up to for her musical career and for her personal beliefs. 

Hayley Williams of Paramore


It is clear that Hayley Williams is an incredibly driven person, she started her own band at seventeen that now has a song with over 200 million streams on Spotify. I want to emulate this spirit of hard work and dedication both in the talons program and in life which is one of the reasons that I really wanted to talk about Hayley Williams for the eminent project. 

I want to continue to research and learn about my eminent person because of the things she’s accomplished. She has massive confidence in the media, she is a millionaire and business woman and is most well  known for something she loves, music, and isn’t being an accomplished person in a field you enjoy and are passionate about the dream?  

I think in the coming weeks I would like to focus my research more on her musical career, I have focused a lot on her more business and social justice side, but the original reason I chose her for my eminent person was her astounding work with the band “Paramore” (that she is the founder and lead singer of) and her independent work. Her original intent for songs was to make music that was relatable to people of all ages, she wanted to write about problems that the average person experiences. She will be remembered in the future for the ways that she’s revolutionized the music industry. Originally pop punk was open and inclusive, there was a low tolerance for discrimination and bands such as nirvana went so far as to say fans who didn’t respect woman shouldn’t bother buying there records, unfortunately this changed in the early 2000’s and many female and queer fans started to notice it was an industry they were slowly less and less welcome in. Then Paramore hit the seen with “riot!” this was there first album the made it big and lead singer Hayley Williams blew fans away with lyrics that essentially said down with misogyny. this was when there was yet another industry shift, this time for the better. Hayley Williams left a mark on the universe, both through having her own take on music and having her own take on lyrics, as previously stated, she talked about more down to earth problems and made her music emotion accessible to any and all fans. 

Paramore’s Hayley Williams teases new solo material

Obviously, as with any successful person she’s had her fair share of struggles, she openly talks about her parents separation when she was a young child and the emotional impacts that’s had on her. She’s struggled with mental health in many more and speaks openly about her fight to overcome personal and emotion hurdles to become the incredibly successful and iconic artist that she is today. She spoke in her lyrics about issues such as mental health before even the world health organization was treating it as the health problem it is, her lyrics helped form stronger connections within a music community and, have helped introduce millions of pop punk/ emo fans to the genre (including myself). 

in summary Hayley Williams is eminent because she broke the mold, she stepped outside of the box and it paid off through a lot of hard work and some brilliant lyrics, she’s running a biasness that centers around a massive part of her personal brand (hair coloring and styling) and continues to revolutionize every industry she steps into to this day. 




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