French Revolution: I am Claire Lacombe

Hello world! I would like to formally introduce myself as Claire Lacombe, one of the two founding members of the Society of Revolutionary Republican Women. Firstly, I was born on August 4, 1765 in the town of Pamiers, France. I wasn’t born into a super rich or superior family, but I was fortunate enough to get an education. When I was young, I was very much into acting in theater productions. Although, I loved the arts, I wasn’t very successful due to the movement of my acting company I was a part of. They moved from place to place, and I finally decided to quit because it was too much for me to handle.

Now since I quit my acting job, I don’t really have anything to do besides sit around being a woman. I realized that being a woman is hard because we get less rights than more superior people, such as the first estate. I mean, I’m turning 35 years old soon, and although I don’t have much to do, I do have my strong opinions about certain things.

Right now, there is a major food shortage which makes me a little angry. Although I’m not married, I believe that food is something that is a necessity, especially for women with families. If you have a family, you should have food to provide for them, but since there was a storm there isn’t much left. I’m starving, but there’s nothing I can do about it, unless I become a farmer which is unlikely.

Another thing is that the taxes have been raised. Why is this?! We already have to pay taxes, but raising them is just insane. I don’t understand why things can’t be fair. It shouldn’t be all about the 1st and 2nd estate living lavishly while we do all the work. This is just unfair, it needs to be stopped.

In-Depth 2016 Week 16: Final Stretch!!

The last couple weeks of In-Depth are coming up, and I’m sad that it’s almost over (although I will be continuing after In-Depth ends). I’ve been through quite a lot. Starting with being really sore the first week to dealing with my knee problems to meeting new friends. So far, I think I’ve done pretty well considering I’ve had to work through my injury. My mentor, Leah, has been really kind and genuine about helping me develop different forms, correct issues, and modifying exercises to fit my capability. Also, this weekend, my Crossfit gym is moving to a different location! Thankfully, the new gym isn’t far. It’s only a block away from the old gym and I’m really excited to be going somewhere different!

The past week has been a little more difficult due to the hot weather affecting my ability. The sun was blazing on April 19th and 21st so everything was more difficult. I think in general, my mentor, Leah has made the workouts more difficult, so we can become stronger and more technical with our form.

Tabata holds
Tuesday’s workout

The workouts the past week have included a lot more reps. For example, on Tuesday this week, Leah made us do a 10 minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) of 3 hollow rocks, 6  plate presses, and 9 burpees to plate. Although, some people think 10 minutes isn’t long. When you’re actually doing the exercise and your heart is pumping fast, 10 minutes seems like a lifetime. Most of the time when it is really sunny and warm, Leah will make everyone do a mile run. I’ve noticed that every time I do the mile run, I’ve gotten faster because I’m not as tired as I was when I first did it.

Barbell cycling

Some of the workouts I’ve done the past 4 weeks include wod4burpees to plate, bench presses, front squat, barbell cycling, and Tabata holds. Tabata holds are generally 3 different types of holds, but some gyms do different holds. My mentor, Leah, made us do a hollow rock hold, plank, and earthquake hold. The hollow rock is where you raise your back and legs off the floor so you’re rocking back and forth like a rock. I think people look more like a banana when they’re doing it though. Next is a simple plank. You go onto either your elbows or hands, and your feet are directly behind you. Then, you lift up and make sure to keep your back straight because if you dip or round your back, you could hurt yourself. Lastly, the earthquake hold is where you keep your feet and legs straight on the floor while your back is leaning at a 45 degree angle and your arms are up in the air. Once you do the earthquake for a long enough time, you’ll feel your body shaking and that’s why it is called the earthquake.

It feels a little weird not doing questions for this blog post, but I’m excited to talk about my learning centre! Although I don’t know exactly what I’m doing, I have a good idea. Similar to what Azaly did last year for In-Depth, I’ll be creating some type of “workout station” for people to try. Most of the exercises will hopefully contain things they’ve never done before, but that’s not set yet. I’ll probably include a trivia component to ask questions that I asked to my mentor. I also want to use a certain pieces of equipment from the weight room, such as a medicine ball and bar, but I don’t think that will be likely. Hopefully towards the next week, I’ll have a more clear idea of what I want to do!


Original meme Credit: Google

Overall, memes can be pointless, but amusing. I’m not a “big” follower of memes, but I have my favorites. For one, I made one of my favorite artists’ memes to relate to current events. It is quite similar to the original meme which is “Miley, what’s good?!”  but I changed the person from Miley to Donald Trump. Facebook-20160411-10303dickI did this change mainly because Donald Trump is quite relevant, This meme explains how the “bad” stuff Donald Trump does is affecting people. This also relates a little bit to the Big Idea of “Disparities in Power” because the amount of power Donald Trump has had an effect on citizens with less power. Although, I’m not positive that Nicki hates Donald Trump, I thought this was a good representation of many peoples’ opinion.

As for my other meme, I related it to Hamilton (although it’s not a good meme). This is a basic idea of when people listen to the Hamilton soundtrack, sometimes they think they know everything about colonial history, but in reality, they don’t. Just like myself, even though I’ve listened to the soundtrack, I still don’t get some of the basic knowledge in the play.donald trump


In-Depth 2016 Week 12: New Things

Sadly, during all of spring break, there were no classes. That resulted in me becoming a little bit rusty when I went back to class on Thursday, but to my surprise, Leah wasn’t there. Another instructor taught us the daily routine of warm-up, skill development, WOD (Workout of the Day), and stretching.

Not going to lie, I was pretty sore after the first class back mainly because we finally did wall-balls!! Wall-balls are basically where you throw a medicine ball that you’re comfortable with (I threw a 10 pound ball) at a line on the wall. I started out with a 14 pound ball, but I definitely couldn’t throw it high enough so I switched. The basic motion is to hold the ball, and your index fingers and thumbs making a triangle, then throwing the ball at the line on the wall. When the ball comes down, you catch it the same way you threw it, and squat at the same time. We did wall-balls and burpees in a sequence of 21-15-9, which means 21 wall-balls and burpees, 15 wall-balls and burpees, and so on.

We also did dead lifts  (skill development) for the first time, but I already knew how to do them, so it made it easier for me. One important rule Leah taught me was to always keep my back straight and never curved. This is because when you lift the bar up, you can injury your back more easily.

In order to answer all the questions, I needed more time with Leah, and I got the time!

What kinds of learning opportunities does the mentor provide to expose you to new learning?

My mentor, Leah, allows me a lot of opportunities by giving me my own boundaries, so I can make mistakes. She encourages mistakes because once you make them, you can hopefully correct them and become better. For example, I talked about a power clean in previous blog posts and how I had the wrong form. Leah advised me to keep doing the same thing, but she would slowly correct my mistakes every time I attempted it. When she lets me make those mistakes, I remember not to make them next time, so I can continue to move forward.

What kinds of learning opportunities exist to reinforce new learning?

As mentioned in the previous question, when Leah allows me to make mistakes, I can build on those mistakes by myself. Whether it be at home or at the gym it encourages independent learning, so I don’t have to always rely on someone to fix my mistakes.

What kinds of opportunities exist that might accelerate learning?

There is the opportunity of taking weightlifting classes at Crossfit, but as my schedule is very busy, it would be hard to incorporate it into a daily routine. Although I cannot take them at the moment, I do know that it is a great opportunity to accelerate learning. There are typically less people at these classes, and more instructors which would allow me to get a better experience learning new things.

When you get together what do you talk about?

At the beginning of class when my mentor, Leah, and I get together, we talk about what we did throughout the week. This is just to ease the mood, so it is not always about fitness 24/7. Then, we’ll usually talk about what things I can improve on that are on the Workout board, so I know ahead of time. As there are usually other teenagers besides myself at the gym, as a group we’ll talk about less serious topics and joke around to make it a more fun environment. At the end of the class, Leah will usually tell me I did a fabulous job about what I did well.

What is going particularly well in your mentoring relationship right now?

I definitely think our communication is going very well compared to the first couple classes. Instead of never getting any time to talk to her, I have made the effort to have a conversation more. As time goes on, I feel more and more comfortable talking to her and expressing my feelings is something is wrong/right. As our communication is getting stronger, I hope other aspects will come into play as the months come.

What are you learning about one another? 

Besides teaching me the correct form and directions, Leah and I also learn things about each other outside of fitness. I’m learning more about how she incorporates teaching at a school and teaching at Crossfit. Lastly, how she learned about Crossfit, and how much she loves both her jobs. Overall, I’m looking forward to learning more about her!

In-Depth 2016 Week 8: Change

It’s been a month since I started in-depth and I have finally been going twice a week! At first, I thought I was going to be super sore to the point where I couldn’t walk, but I was wrong. Going twice a week has been a good change because I’m getting stronger. I’m not dying after the warm-up.

Kettlebell swings Cred: Google Images

In the picture below, you will see what activities we did.

Tuesday's Workout!
Tuesday’s Workout!

We started off with a 1 mile run (warm-up), which wasn’t nearly as hard as doing the 1 kilometer run in the gym class. Next, we did sprints as a skill development. Working on our technique, leaning forward, and running on the balls of our foot. Lastly, was the workout of the day! We got into partners and did AMRAPS (as many rounds as possible). One partner did a sled run with 45 pounds and the other partner did box jumps.  After the partner activities, we did kettle bell swings with our choice of weight. When we finished those, we would do a sprint, then come back in and do more kettle bell swings.

Thursday's workout!
Thursday’s workout!

Yesterday, (Thursday) we did a 200 weighted meter run, 10 hand release push-ups, 10 burpees, and 10 sit-ups 5 times. At first, I thought it wasn’t going to be as bad, but by the fifth time, I couldn’t feel my legs. Next, we went in groups of 3-4. One person did plated lunges, one person did a plank, another person did kettlebell swings, and the last person did sit-ups. Every time everyone finished 10, we would rotate activities for 10 minutes. The very last thing we did was some dynamic stretching, and then class was over!

As for the questions this week, I feel that they are easier to answer as I continue with Crossfit.

What has been my most difficult mentoring challenge so far? Why?

I would definitely say the communication part is the most difficult mentoring challenge so far. This is mainly because she teaches other students besides me, and she can’t always “give” all the attention towards me.

What is working well? Why?

The tips Leah has given me so far are working very well. I have been able to achieve a powerclean and prevent injuries from happening.

What could be working better? How can you make sure this happens?  

Hannah and I after a hard workout!

Communication could working better overall, and I can make sure this happens by communicating to her one on one more. Showing up to class earlier, and maybe going to coffee could be solutions to this problem. I really want to build a strong relationship with Leah, and the community of people in Crossfit. Lastly, since my best friend goes to Crossfit, I can make new friends through her!


Hopefully, I can make more friends by the next blog post because I have all of spring break!



In-Depth 2016 Week 6: Accomplishment

As I’m spending more time at Crossfit, I’m getting more and more comfortable with everyone there. Hopefully starting next week, I’ll be going to Crossfit twice a week like I mentioned before, instead of once week! At first, I couldn’t get any of the techniques right because I was a beginner, but I’m starting to get the hang out it, and hopefully I’ll be able to post a video next time! Leah has been a great mentor because I managed to get the technique for a power clean with her help. I had to use a lot of force in my hips to thrust the bar up because before, I was only using my arms. When I first got the technique, I wasn’t prepared for all the momentum, and I almost dropped the bar, but was able to regain my balance.

As for some of the questions for this week, I feel like I finally have enough information to answer some of them.

How many times are we going to be meeting? How regular? How long is each session? Time commitment?

Since my mentor, Leah, is an instructor for more than just myself, I don’t get a lot of time to talk to her, but classes are every Tuesday and Thursday. Right now, I’m only going Thursday, but starting next week I’ll be going twice a week. Each class is an hour long after school. For time commitment, it doesn’t interfere with my schedule unless something important comes up.

How are we going to be communicating? Online? In person? Over the phone?

Typically we communicate in person during class because Leah does have other commitments besides being an instructor.

Where are we meeting? Why?

Leah and I meet at Sheepdog Crossfit every Tuesday and Thursday. The simple explanation is because that is where she teaches.

How do we maintain our connection with one another?

I mainly maintain our connection by asking questions in class or having a regular conversation with her.

These are the 3 questions I will be answering this week:

Question 1: What went particularly well during your mentor sessions?

During our mentor sessions, we usually agree on skills that can help me become stronger. Also, when I take her advice/tips, I can achieve the task I want which is really satisfying.

Question 3: What learning challenges emerged? What did you do to hold yourselves accountable for the learning?

Some of the challenges that have emerged so far are me being really sore after the classes. I do hold myself accountable for this because I forget to stretch afterwards, and it can be a huge obstacle, especially at the next class. I could be very sore and then at the next class, I won’t be doing my best which isn’t what I want.

Question 5: What three strategies could improve the quality of your mentoring interactions?

The first strategy could definitely be to go to class early because there isn’t a class before mine. I could take the time to talk to her about my progress and how I’m doing as a beginner. Another strategy could be to engage the conversation first instead of waiting for her to talk to me. Considering she teaches a class that doesn’t only consist of me, taking initiative in a conversation could be really beneficial. Lastly, my friend recommended that going out somewhere (coffee shop) besides Crossfit is a good strategy. I also feel like this is a good strategy because the environment is much quieter, and we can have a genuine conversation that doesn’t always involve fitness.

All together, I think that Crossfit has been a blast so far and hopefully I’ll continue to grow as I change my schedule to going twice a week!





This is what a typical workout would look like (since I don’t have any pictures right now). Credit to Google

In-Depth 2016 Week 4: Getting Stronger

I can already feel and see myself getting stronger. It’s only been a couple weeks since in-depth started, and I can’t believe how much I’m enjoying Crossfit. There is such a great community there and everyone is super supportive, especially when you first start.

My first class was a couple weeks ago, as mentioned in my first blog post, and it was quite difficult. I was very sore afterwards, and that was due to not stretching afterwards because I’m forgetful. My second class was the following Tuesday, and that class was a little bit easier because my body was slowly getting use to the intensity of each workout. Since that Tuesday, I have only been going once a week because I would like my body to adjust to how hard each workout is. Starting from February 25th (which is about a month from when I started), I will be going twice a week, just like I said in my previous blog post.

My mentor Leah has been great at giving advice. Although she is an instructor, I can still have a conversation with her that doesn’t always involve fitness. I have learned some facilitation strategies that could contribute to my own development as a mentor such as giving advice. Specifically to Crossfit, I’ve learned that not everything is hard, unless you make it hard. Leah has taught me that if I put enough effort into activities, it will become easier, and it has. Also, to be aware of my own behavior. Why? Because how I act could affect others around me. For example, if I’m fooling around during class with weights, I could seriously injury someone without knowing. Lastly, a big strategy is to be flexible. Whether that be physically or mentally, knowing your limits is a good strategy to have. If you aren’t flexible with adapting to situations, you could encounter unexpected obstacles.

As for the rest of the questions, I haven’t gotten a chance to ask Leah because she doesn’t only teach me, she teaches many other students in a day. Although, I can’t answer those questions in this blog post, I will definitely have them answered by the next blog post! I’m excited to see where Crossfit takes me and how it will change me as a person.

In-Depth 2016 Week 1: Introduction!!

Halfway into the school year, and we’re already starting in-depth. The second year of talons has gone by pretty fast, and I’m excited to start a new project. My last years in-depth project was very relaxing and open ended, but this year I’ve decided to try something different, but in the same general area of topics. I can tell that this year will be just as much fun.

Last year for in-depth, I decided to take a less stressful approach and do flexibility. It was very open ended because I got to decide when I wanted to stretch and what types of positions I wanted to achieve. Some of the poses I did included the left and right splits, the straddle and the scorpion. I tried to get as far as the needle, but it was harder than I thought. One of the main reasons I did flexibility last year was because I had such a passion for gymnastics, I wanted to make my project connect to the sport. I did have experience with being flexible, but I challenged myself with in-depth. I stretched everyday, which isn’t my normal routine, and I did positions that I never thought I could achieve. As for this year, I’ve decided to do something similar, but more challenging.

Finally, to reveal what I’m doing for in-depth! It’s a very high intensity activity unlike last year. It requires a lot of mental, physical and emotional strength. I have to stay very committed in order to do this, because if I’m not, it could become very difficult.

CrossFit Sheepdog is the place I will be attending!

My project for this year is CrossFit! I’m very excited to do CrossFit as this years in-depth because I want to become more comfortable in my body, and also just to challenge myself in something more difficult. I have had a small amount of experience with CrossFit when I was younger. I did the kids classes, which honestly, I don’t remember much of. CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program that includes high intensity activities. It keeps your heart rate up, without completely destroying you to pieces. Each class has 4 portions: warm-up, skill development, the “workout of the day,” and stretching. I came upon this from a friend of mine who attends CrossFit as well. I was having a conversation with her, and she mentioned CrossFit, and it hit me that I should do it!

So far, I’ve gone to one class which was yesterday (Thursday), and it wasn’t too hard, until I got home. It definitely worked muscles I didn’t even know I had, but it was worth it. I felt good about myself because firstly, I didn’t stop once during the whole workout, and secondly, I didn’t die! As for how often I will be going, I will be going to CrossFit every Tuesday and Thursday for an hour until in-depth night, and maybe even after that.

This is a powerclean, step by step.

My mentor, Leah has kindly agreed to help me throughout this whole journey. Although there are other students in the class, she will guide me through until I get better and better. Since I am going every Tuesday and Thursday, I will be meeting her during those times, unless she cannot instruct the class. During my first class, she gave me tips on how to improve my form for a powerclean by not leaning back, using my hips to thrust the bar up, and resting it on my collarbones with all the weight on my fingers rather than my wrist. I’m excited to see what other tips she can give me throughout each class!

Overall, I’m just looking forward to having fun with CrossFit and working myself as hard as I can to achieve the comfort I want in my body. Also, to create a family with the other teenagers that go to this class. One thing that I want to stay committed to is going to every class, unless something important comes up. I’m hoping that is can be something I continue to do after in-depth is over!

Helping Out Others

Charissa and myself!

For my leader in the community project, I decide to do someone who helps out in a specific part of the community. Charissa is a kind, helpful, and determined person. She is a pharmacist, graduated from UBC, and also someone who volunteers every Sunday at a church. One of the reasons she became a pharmacist is because she’s always loved sciences in school, so she wanted to pursue something to do with that.

One specific thing that I talked about with her is why she likes her job(s). “I love being able to help others. I’m not doing it because I have to, I’m doing it because I want to. At the pharmacy, a lot of elders come in, and sometimes they don’t know what prescription to take, so I have to guide them by taking in a lot of information. At church, it’s all about giving back, because when I was younger, I was given a lot, so it’s nice to give back. Also, helping kids create bonds, and friendships is something really special. Especially since the kids I help are so young.”

An answer she gave me was surprising. I asked her, “Who inspires you to help? (ex. Role model)”

She said someone that I wasn’t expecting, Taylor Swift. The reason she said Taylor Swift is because she does a lot of charity work, for homeless people and her fans. “It’s really inspirational how she is so famous, but still has time to help out others.”

I ended up keeping the interview quite short because she was in a rush, but overall, from that conversation, I got some pretty valuable information on her. She loves giving back although it isn’t something she has to do, which in my opinion shows a lot of leadership. Also, she has the persistence and determination to keep working, even if times get stressful. That is a quality skill that I hope to achieve one day.

Lastly, here is a really quick quiz you can take to see how much you know about pharmacy medicine


I honestly didn’t use a lot of websites or books because I already knew a lot about my eminent person, but here are the sites that I did use!

This is your typical Wikipedia website. It includes some basic information about her personal life, career, concert tours, artistry, and more!

If you ever want to buy her products, they’re all here. From face cleansers, to body lotions, she’s got it all.

She’s coming to Vancouver soon, so get your tickets soon, or else they’ll be sold out. You can find everything here.