Napoleon Bonaparte Final Address

17?? ????????

Before I go into my plans for tomorrow I will look back into my actions during the French Revolution.

France had been undergoing a lot of political turmoil. After the ending of the monarchy the Committee of Public Safety took control.  During this time there were mass executions under the reign of Robespierre.  Sigh when I first met Robespierre he had seemed like a great revolutionary.  It was through him that I learned to appreciate the radical Jacobin Club he supported. However, turns out he was too radical as was shown by his terrible actions. So while my connections to him did boost my status they also back-lashed when he fell from power. I was almost arrested with him for his reign of terror. Luckily I wasn’t, but my loyalty was put in question.

The new government system called The Directory was established. It consisted of 5 people who held executive power with one of them being replaced each year. This new government didn’t like me at all. I had to stop a Monarch insurrection to regain their trust.  After that they promoted me and began to appreciate my military success. They even made me their military adviser. I continued with my successful military campaigns and was promoted after stopping yet another royalist insurrection. After this The Directory suggested I lead an invasion of Britain. However, I decided it would be better to invaded Egypt, and stop British supply lines. This conquest sadly didn’t end well after I underestimated an Egyptian city.

After an embarrassing defeat at the Nile I have just returned to France today on the 17th Brumaire.  With the continued internal tension in France, I decided that the best way to fix it would be instituting a new government.  The Directory only cares about self-preservation and has rigged the elections. To stop them I have organized a coup d’état with two of the Jacobins on The Directory.  If everything goes according to plan tomorrow The Directory will be no more. Afterwards I will create the Consulate. The Consulate is a form of government with three Consuls sharing executive power. I will be First consul along with those two backstabbing Jacobins that helped me with the coup d’état.  It will be annoying sharing the power, but I will eventually get full control and remove the two Jacobins before they decide to overthrow me. Once I get full executive power I will rule France to the best of my ability

-???????? ?????????


Log of 1973


Early 1793

I used to dream of an independent Corsica after it was sold to France. However, now I think that the revolutionary government would be the best course of action for Corsica. I came to this idea after meeting some Jacobins in Corsica particularly Augustine Robespierre.  Although my connection to Augustin backfired and resulted in my family and I being forced to leave Corsica. I have returned to my command in the Artillery and my Family has moved to Toulon a city near France.

June 1793

I had thought Toulon would be a good place to say and it probably was until French Royalists handed it over to Britain.  The leaders of Toulon being Royalists welcomed a British fleet.  This rebellion was a serious blow to France’s naval power as it is a vital naval port.  It was also important because it could lead to even revolts in other areas. I being a artillery officer have been sent there to aid in the seige.

September 1793

The Chief of Artillery, Commander Elzéar Auguste de Dommartin was wounded in a previous battle. So as a result I was put in charge thanks to help from my friend Augustin Robespierre. Thanks to that I was able to requisition equipment and canons from the surrounding area. I was also able to then get retired artillery officers to re-enlist. However, I wasn’t satisfied and intensively trained majority of the infantry to deploy and fire artillery.

Even after those successes I still wasn’t confident in this siege. I found my officers to be incompetent often causing needless delays.  I wrote to the Committee of Public Safety requesting assistance. I suggested they appoint someone to a higher command then myself so they could lay down the law and keep my officers in order. Anyways the siege had begun. Based off of the reconnaissance I have drafted an attack plan. Which starts with he construction of more batteries (fortified emplacement for artillery).

November 1793

November 11-16

There was an issue with the inexperienced Francois Doppet being appointed commander after Jean Carteaux was dismissed. Apparently he’d been a doctor before this which makes sense, because he has no military talent. Thank God he resigned after realizing how incompetent he was. The next commander appointed was Jacques Dugommier. He was much better suited for the task and even decided we should follow my attack strategy.

November 28th 1793

With the constant threat of bombardment from the increasing number of batteries we had built the enemy decided to launch a “sortie”(sortie is the displacement of military units from a defensive position.) We responded with a counter attack led by Jacques Dugommier and me. It was a success and resulted in the capture of a British General. This capture led to the negotiations of surrender and the disarming of Royalist Battalions.

-Napoleon Bonaparte

Source Napoleon

My primary source is:


The source I have chosen is the constitution of VIII. It is a document that was created by two legislative commissions and over-viewed by Napoleon. It’s significant because it proposed the Consulate and to make Napoleon First consul. Once It was approved through majority public approval it gave Napoleon (my character) executive power. This was important for the french revolutions because many view it as the end of it.




Final Indepth Post

Only one month to go until Indepth night, I can’t believe it has been five months since we started.  Anyways as you can see in the title this will be my final Indepth post before Indepth night. So after giving an update of what I have done since the last post I will give my new plan for Indepth night.

So far I have made some good progress. I made a lot of rope mainly from cedar bark.  There was an issue of me breaking the bark rope by testing it too much. However, thanks to Minlyn I learned of Yucca leaf rope. Yucca rope is probably three times as good in almost every aspect compared to cedar bark rope. I actually tried to break some Yucca rope but I couldn’t.  So once I get more Yucca fiber it will be the only rope I use. Anyways I needed to rope to make an open-fronted lean-to shelter. It turned out to be a success. While it was a little shaky it was definitely warm and dry. The reason I chose the open-fronted lean-to is that it is easier to make then the Double Lean-to and is easier to be near your fire. I tried to make a fire along with the shelter but I struggled to light it. I tried using a hard drill and a fire plough but couldn’t get them to work.

Here are some photos of the many ropes I made.

Another thing I did was fire some clay with Minlyn.  We made a fire sadly using more modern techniques and then placed some clay bowls inside.  Minlyn made the bigger one in the photos and I made the smaller one. They didn’t turn out that well with Minlyn’s crumbling apart and mine being very cracked, but I for our first try firing clay I would say it was a success. Next time we’ll purify the clay so it turns out better and doesn’t have any rocks or other contaminants in it.

Here are some photos of the clay pots.


In the time leading up to Indepth Night I will master the fire starting methods I mentioned earlier and build a fire reflector for the shelter. I will also try to make another pot or tool out of clay and build a Double Lean-To shelter if I have the time.

Indepth Night

On Indepth Night I have changed my original plan of doing a presentation/speech. I will now be doing a Learning Center where I will feature the things I made in the wilderness such as rope, and the clay pot. I will also have a video or slideshow of me starting a fire. I will also show some general things I learned like edible plants through either a poster board type thing or just discussing it at my station.


Sadly I didn’t find a mentor for my Indepth project. I tried calling some outdoor organizations and asking people I know but to no avail. So I have now decided to stop looking since the project is nearing its end. To compensate for the mentor area of the project I have done lots of research, and conferred with my father who is very experienced in the outdoors.  I also watched a youtuber called Primitive Technology which gave Minlyn and me some ideas for the project. An example of is finding and firing clay in the wilderness.

A leader is a dealer in hope


Pasquale Paoli the man I used to idolize but now despise. The traitor was a monarch sympathizer while I supported the Jacobins. I tried to confront him but he gathered some royalists and I had to flee with my family to France.  Now I have returned to military duty cutting my leave short. Anyways I have met Augustin Robespierre who is the brother of Maximillien Robespierre the revolutionary leader.  The brothers seem like the best way to rise up in power. Turns out I was right because once I proved my tactical brilliance I was promoted to brigadier general. However, once M. Robespierre fell from power my connection to the brothers backfired. I was put under house arrest but thankfully not guillotined.


Knowing I needed to prove my loyalty I helped prevent a royalist insurrection to prove my devotion. My support resulted in a promotion to Major General.  I commanded the French army and successfully fought many wars. The Directory seeing my ability offered me a chance to invade England. However, as always I had a better idea of invading Egypt to cut off British trade routes. This was yet another example of my brilliant strategy to strike quickly and unexpectedly. Although this time it didn’t work as well. I had to abandon my forces when our navy was destroyed in the Battle of the Nile.


I returned to France and saw the revolutionary government unfit. France required a better leader…. Someone like me…. So I helped organized the coup of 18 Brumaire. It was a success and I helped overthrow the Directory. A three-member Consulate was instituted to replace the Directory. I was promptly made first consul. Using the power I just gained I will try and restore France to its former glory. Some ideas I have to do this will be making many reforms. Such as upgrading education, establishing a bank, and maybe even writing some civil laws.

-Napoleon Bonaparte 


I never thought I would ever use memes in school, but here we are. It was a pleasant and surprisingly challenging project. Having only looked at memes I never thought about how hard it would be to make them. It was also a little more difficult with having to make it related to current events or Hamilton AND keep it school appropriate. However, I think that I made a couple good ones. Below I put what I thought were my best memes but I did a couple more which you can find at #talonsss16

Here’s a bonus one I made when I heard about the assignment

shut up and take my money zlexander

The first meme I made got inspiration from a song in the Hamilton Musical called “My shot”. In the song Hamilton sings about how he isn’t going to waste his shot. So I pasted a photo of Hamilton face onto a classic meme. The meme is Fry a character from Futurama saying the catchphrase “shut up and take my money” which is normally used for when someone has positive approval toward an idea or product. So I used a picture of the logo from Microsoft’s’ Second Shot for a sort of double meaning. The more obvious connection is how Hamilton wants more shots. However, I also included a more subtle connection which was that the Second Shot organization allows free retakes for some exams. This is a connection because Hamilton valued education and would definitely support something that helped people like him who didn’t come from a privileged background.

downloadyou get a wall

My two next memes are about Donald Trump and his walls. The Robert Downey Jr. meme is a reaction meme with a face he made.  The Oprah Winfrey meme is when she gave the whole audience a free car and said “and you get a car” a lot. I used the two memes to show how I view Donald Trump’s current plans of building a wall between Mexico AND Canada. It has already been proven that building just one wall would be very expensive and his current plan of making Mexico pay for it is unlikely to say the least. Also his accusations of Mexico’s and Canada’s people seem rather unfounded. So I hope he isn’t elected because as pointed about by John Oliver and many others his flaws don’t stop with the outrageous wall ideas.

download (1)

This meme is a reference to how well Hamilton could write. He wrote an amazing essay about the hurricane that destroyed Christiansted on August 30, 1772. It was this essay what allowed him to get funding to continue his education in the Colonies and become one of the Founding Fathers. He also wrote 51 essays! For The Federalist Papers which were written to defend the proposed constitution. I was just surprised at his writing prowess and thought to alter a meme about it. The original meme is “Clean all the things!!!” and he usually holds a broom where I photo-shopped the pencil

So that’s all I have to say about these memes, they were a lot of fun to make and I learned a lot through my research.

See you next time!


Nearing the end

Only one month until in depth night! It’s surprising how close the end of the project and the end of TALONS is.  It is making me nervous that I’m not as far as I wanted to be with things like mentors and other setbacks I’ll elaborate on later, but I’m going to continue being optimistic. My plan is for the rest of the project will be to do as much as I can and remember that the goals I set at the start can be adjusted. I will adjust my goals if needed on my last post which if I remember correctly is the next one. In the same post I will also make a more in-depth outline for my Indepth night presentation. So anyways enough about what I will do, time to talk about what I have done.

After my last post I knew I needed to do more work but spring break was coming up. I would have worked on the project but I remembered I was going to Hawaii. So I spent time working on building a shelter in the clearing I had found earlier. I didn’t have time to finish it but it was nearing completion. I stored the supplies in that simple lean-to I made to protect my stuff from the rain since I couldn’t bring it all home.

When I got back from vacation I found it trashed with most of the supplies gone or unusable. I was shocked because I thought I was pretty secluded from the bike trails nearby, however as I was trying to salvage what I could someone actually biked down the log I had built it against.  Then I realized my mistake… When I had been working on it during the earlier months of the project it had been raining, and everything was wet/slippery so no one was biking, especially on the more difficult paths.  So that was an annoying setback, here are some photos for proof.



So not wanting to waste time I was going to start building again, but first I need to find a new clearing and make sure it won’t be disturbed.  I have a couple more options for where I can build I’m just making sure it won’t be destroyed again. Anyways as I was searching I collected some different ferns and other plants making sure not to take too many from each root. I’m now drying out the fibers and will be making some more rope.  Below are some photos for the new batch of fibers. Although something good came out of making more rope. I discovered what seemed to be a tube in the stem of a fern. After researching I learned it’s the Endodermis. So I’m going to try drying it out and if it doesn’t become brittle could be great for holding together larger fibers before I weave them.  So within this week I should have a good shelter built following a guide from one of the Outdoor survival handbook examples.  I also will be using excess materials from rope making like when I made my walking stick to start making some bird nest style tinder. Once I do that since its spring I will be able to easily find dry materials to start practicing the hand/bow drill or fire plow methods to make a fire.
Rope making photos
Also in regards to survival food there have been some local plants I’m memorizing on how to identify and where to find. Some examples are dandelion which I have tried raw and I’m looking for others such as the three ferns lady fern, ostrich fern and bracken which have edible fiddleheads (also known as crozier which is funny because my last name). I did find some Athyrium filix-femina (lady fern) although no fiddlehead. I did use the stem though in the rope making.


What kinds of learning opportunities exist to reinforce new learning?

Repetition would be the best learning opportunity. I mean this in regards to the saying “Practice makes perfect”. Now that I don’t have any weather limitations I should be able to work at a faster pace and therefore practice more. Also thanks to the large amount of resources/instruction online and in books I can easily practice and get new ideas of what to do next.

What kinds of opportunities exist right now to accelerate your learning?

There are opportunities of signing up for youth survival courses which would definitely accelerate my learning, however they’re quite expensive.  A different type of opportunity would be meeting with Minlyn again or you know getting and meeting with a mentor.


As I said I still don’t have a mentor which is why I can only fully answer these two questions. So I will be calling some outdoor organizations and continue reaching out to other people.


Indepth post

Time has been flying by it feels like only a couple weeks ago school started and now after next week it’s spring break.  Anyways Minlyn and I need to find a new mentor since our previous one is too busy. So I already contacted someone else hopefully they respond, if they don’t I hope I can find someone before spring break. Other then looking for a mentor I haven’t done a lot of tangible work for my Indepth. I have spent my time researching through books (Thanks Ms.Mulder) and online resources.  So there isn’t much I can show this post, although I did go the snow shoeing trip. During the trip I learned a lot and enjoyed the hands on survival activities. An example of what I learned would be the edible trees Silver Fir or Mountain Hemlock(Sea level is poisonous).  I have been learning lots and will begin applying the knowledge I learned soon which has worked in the past. An example of that would be how I made a fire and experimental shelter which both worked out because I researched in advance. I hope that by my next post I have a mentor and have some more tangible results of my work. To make sure I get a mentor I will try asking people I know and trying to ask people in survival related jobs. Until then I will try to go to some more survival camps or activities so I don’t waste time.



First spark #3

Wow I can’t believe it has been six weeks already! Since the last blog post I have achieved my goal and have much more results for this post.

What I did?

Over the past two weeks I met with my mentor, met with Minlyn, made a walking stick, and started a fire. I also have continued researching my Indepth. I will elaborate on my mentor meeting when I address the blog post questions.

When I met with Minlyn we made some rope from a Himalayan Blackberry covered in thorns. The process was tediously de-thorn, breaking the fibers and then splitting it into smaller portions. Once they’re split you bread them and create a surprisingly sturdy rope.


Most successful rope made

I found that instead of drying out the plant fibers after weaving them seems to be less effective than to do it before weaving. So next time I will definitely try that along with some different plant fibers. We also tested out a fire starting magnesium key chain. It was too wet to find tinder in the forest so we used toilet paper. Below is a video I filmed of Minlyn using it.

As I mentioned in my previous post I found an excellent branch to make a walking stick from.  I have compiled photos at different stages for its creation. As you will see I decided to keep some of the inner bark as I liked the aesthetics. I decided not to turn it into a spear since it would become damaged if I actually used it.  So the only things I have to do next are sand and stain it. However, it won’t be my top priority since it isn’t the most relevant thing to survival skills.

(I had multiple issues I couldn’t resolve with photos in case any of them are out of order)

Walking Stick Slideshow

If you looked through the slideshow you would see I included a picture of the shavings. I did this on purpose to show where I got them from. There were setbacks due to all the rain. One of them being I couldn’t find any dry wood, so I thought it would be smart to keep my wood shavings as tinder.

As I waited for it to stop raining I found a suitable clearing to make a fire in. I dug a fire pit and lined it with some stones. I also tried to make a small insulated shelter to dry some potential kindling. However, since it rained almost every day it was still damp. In the end since the post was coming up I couldn’t keep waiting and tried even though it was damp. I decided to alter the fire pit and put a wet log in it to increase the tinder’s access to air and give me easier access. After a couple of attempts with different methods I finally started the fire. I kept it small using some of sticks from my mini-shelter. Below is a picture of the inside of the shelter when emptied. You can see it from the outside in the slideshow leaning against a giant tree.


(As I said earlier lot of errors I couldn’t fix so it might be out of order.)

Fire Slideshow

Once I was finished I put the fire out with water and scattered the charcoal. I also stayed after for a while to make sure I had put it out.


What went particularly well during your mentoring sessions?

There was a good balance of talking and listening. Since he has a clearer idea of what we’re focusing on, he was able to focusing on specific topics with his large repertoire of knowledge.

What relationship challenges did you face?

It is difficult to find a meeting time as I have mentioned in the past since all three of us have different schedules. There is also some difficulty when coordinating with a partner since you also have to get there input or helps instead of when you only have to rely on yourself.

What learning challenges emerged?

Due to the rainfall it was difficult to do hands on work especially for fire related activities. It also made it more difficult to work on things such as the shelter. There is also a little difficulty of remembering we talk about unless I take detailed notes.