Eminent Interview Reflection

Joanne Chang


November 30,2021

Eminent Interview Reflection

One of the things we had to do for eminent was we had to interview a person. This person could be an eminent person, a family or friend, or anyone who knew the person well. We had 1 month to finish this interview; this is how it went for me.

When I first got the assignment, I quickly found a person to email. After a bit of research, I found multiple people I can send an email to. All the resources I found were extremely busy. I was sure that I couldn’t get an interview but, I still had my hopes up. All the emails I sent never responded. It was understandable because the people I found were all in an older generation like they were retired. After waiting from people, I tried emailing a school that values C.S Lewis thinking they would have something for me. It was a school in Britain that looked like they knew a lot of C.S. Lewis. Although this time they responded. I was surprised because I didn’t have any emails that responded. Even though they responded 1 week later and emailed back to me stating they couldn’t interview with me. At that time, I had no one to email to and the timeline for the interview was over. Even though I had many trials I went through none of them worked. I was sad when none of the people responded but it is understandable.

Going through all these trials made me think about what I can do differently. This is my first time sending an email to someone I don’t know. I did similar assignments like this one before in Careers but this one is a bit more formal. There are many things I can change. One thing I can change is I can try to reach out to them on all platforms. Sending an email is formal and a great way to communicate but I recently noticed that some of the people I sent emails to are very active on Facebook and Twitter. At that time, I didn’t know they were active because I never use Facebook and Twitter, but I should have thought from their side of perspective. Other than that, I think one other way is t contact people that was less famous. For example, I know some people who were doing a singer for their eminent, they could contact someone who is a huge fan. I could have found a person that admired C.S Lewis and asked the person fewer personal questions. There are many other ways I could have improved myself by finding a person to interview. I noticed that many famous people don’t like to reply to many emails, so I will consider that for next time I might do a similar assignment like this one. Otherwise, I had a fun time finding all of C.S Lewis’ great children, relatives, and even schools.

Thank you for reading this reflection.

Leader in the Community

Hello there, welcome to my blog post! In this post, I will be talking about 3 nuggets I got from the book Developing the Leaders Around You by John C. Maxwell. A quick summary, this book talks about how you can be a full potential leader with skills and techniques that can help along the way.  

John Maxwell

           For my first nugget, an inspirational quote I found from the book is “I want to make a difference with people who wants to make a difference and who can make a difference during something that makes a difference”, (Pg. 3. Maxwell, J. C. (2014). Developing the Leaders Around You. The John Maxwell. This sentence describes why I want to work with other people, painting a picture about characteristics about leaders and the who, what, when, where why I want to work with other leaders. All in all, it explains my motivation in easier words. This quote is important to me because as a leader I am not always motivated to step up and work with other people. It is hard and exhausting to take responsibility when I had a bad day or if I’m just feeling tired. However, if there are people around me that want to make a difference with me (other TALONS 10’s), I am motivated to make a difference as a team. Having a team that has the same goal is useful especially when we are planning trips or activities. Staying until Y block everyday planning for future trips and activities is exciting but after a while, it gets exhausting and drains everyone’s mentality. Although being tired at the end of the day, having encouragement will get me and everyone else get through the tough thinking and precise planning. Also having more people that I can work with will make the planning go faster and more amusing. 


           Moving on to my second nugget, a topic I choose is about shared thinkers. If a bunch of leaders comes together, they can create bigger things, while if a leader works independently, they are limited by their own minds. This idea can mean many different things, but I believe for me it mainly focuses on collaboration and communication. If I’m working in a group with other grades 10’s I need to communicate with them to share my ideas. Furthermore, if I want to share my ideas with the new grade nine’s, I need to have my communication skill to work with them well. If I have poor communication skills, sharing minds and ideas wouldn’t happen. Having many people in a group will create amazing ideas but being a gifted learner and thinker, I think it could be possible I can think of the same things they are thinking of. However, having a bunch of gifted thinkers in a group, I am sure they will create and collaborate wonderful ideas. This creates a big impact on the planning and projects because it is difficult and confusing to plan. For example, last year I was planning the shoreline clean-up project. My team had a difficult barrier to overcome because of many factors such as COVID and parent volunteers. Although at that time it felt almost impossible to put everyone in their groups but having people drop in ideas there and then, we created a simple plan to put everyone in a group. 


           Finally, for my last nugget, I picked something that will stay with every TALONS student. The statement is we multiply. Multiplying basically explains itself, it exponentially grows. What Maxwell means by we in we multiply is that they are leaders. This is critically important in the classroom environment and the outside world as well. Most people in their high school years wouldn’t take leadership as their extra-course. However, the TALONS program focuses on leadership, and every year we have a new class coming in; every year all the alumni are scattered out. These alumni will possibly share and use their leadership skills in the normal high school courses. Hopefully, the people who are impacted by their leadership would be inspired and grow their skills in leadership as well. Furthermore, a bigger majority of graduates will share their leadership in the real world and become inspirational. Anyways, the idea of multiplying is critical to my leadership planning and mentoring because I believe that all the TALONS 10’s that are teaching the nines have a great responsibility to teach the newcomers. Helping the nines to develop and grow their skills in leadership and responsibility will get them ready to be the 10’s later teaching the future nines. Building a strong foundation is critical and having experience is important as well. I think the last few planning and trips were really a time of introducing and getting to know one another. Now, I think everyone is more familiar with everyone else, so I think the leadership projects will be a wonderful time to build each other’s leadership skills, so they multiply well.


During the Y blocks listening to John C. Maxwell had me learning lots of new things I never knew about leadership. He gave me more inspiration to be a more inspiring leadership and to strive for the next step and place. Thank you to everyone who stopped by to read my blog post today but for now, have a great rest of your day:)



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Practice Interview Reflection

Hello and welcome to my second eminent blog post! In this post, I will be reflecting on a practice interview we did in class. We were interviewing to build our skills. In the future, we will be having to interview a person that has some connections with my eminent person.

Firstly, one of my main takeaways was how different it was. Recently, I had an assignment interviewing someone for Career Life Education; I was interviewing a person that was in the same field I wanted to be when pursuing my career. It was the same situation but this time it felt more different. Although one reason I believe is, it felt odd was because of the different topics I am asking about. The questions were more personal than formal informational questions. After every response I got, it made me feel like I had to elaborate more than the informational interview. It was a nice experience asking personal questions because some questions got me and Kira (my interview partner) distracted. I will change the order and the content of my questions before I use them for future interviews.

Another aspect I noticed was how I still needed to improve on my interviewing skills. It is not every day I interview someone and develop skills, there are many skills I need to improve on. Some of the skills are eye contact, elaborating more, and being formal. For the interview I will do in the future, I will probably do it over the phone so eye contact would matter as much. However, elaborating more while being formal would be a challenge for me. I could improve my skills on being formal with my friends and my family while not being awkward. Improving this skill would be helpful for future experiences that are yet to come. Overall, I enjoyed the chance to have the practice interview with my peers. They gave me helpful feedback that I would have missed later. All of the feedback and experiences I have encountered would help me with my interview.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you have a great morning/ afternoon/ evening:)

Eminent Post Reflection

Reading my group’s eminent posts, there was a wide verity of idea’s throughout the field. From musicians, to politic leaders, to scientists that changed the world. One thing I noticed throughout the posts were that not everyone’s posts were formatted the same. Some broke it up into Q&A and some had one big paragraph. It was easy to find everyone’s posts because they posted it on the teams, overwise it would have taken me a long time of find all the posts. One thing I have learned from all the groups is how they changed the world. The people that were chosen weren’t all famous, I didn’t know most of them. It was cool learning all the different ways that they changed the world little by little. It was also interesting to see how everyone formatted their post differently and I would take that to consideration and make my posts more creative next time. Next time when I will post my research I could look over other people’s to learn and use their skills to grow my own posts. Even though my group has many different people, I think I can put everyone’s work into my consideration for the future.

Eminent Intro Post

Clive Staples Lewis


“All their life in this world and all their adventures in Narnia had only been the cover and the title page: now at last they were beginning Chapter One of the Great Story which no one on earth has read: which goes on forever: in which every chapter is better than the one before.” (The Last battle, 1956)

C.S. Lewis

My eminent person this year is Clive Staples Lewis, an author and novelist who has inspired many readers and other authors for the past 50 years. The quote describes his back story and insight for one of his many books “The Lion, the witch and the Wardrobe.”


Being one of the most well-known authors in the world, C.S Lewis had gone a long way. Starting from being in the army for WW1 to obtaining a chair in Cambridge University for Medieval and Renaissance Literature, his works and achievements enchanted the literary studies. Firstly, Lewis’ best-selling book, “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe,” has impacted the world of literature dramatically, inspiring other authors such as J.K Rowling for the series “Harry Potter.” Followed by the best-selling books, there are movies based on the “Chronicles of Narnia” was one of the most recognized movies with over twenty nominations and won many awards. In the other hand, although Lewis is an admirable writer, before started his career he had gone through WW1 immediately after accepting a scholarship to Oxford University. After losing a close friend from the battle he pursued to move on and published his first book Spirits in Bondage a year later. Despite the hard time he had to went through, the first publishments were one of many to come. Lewis’ dream of continuously setting goals never fell on him, even if difficult times came, he would always find a way out; he never wanted to stop writing because it was his only way to escape and build a new world. “Chronicles of Narnia,” is not only inspiring to authors but it also targets the young audiences. The four characters in the story has passionate characteristics which presents the audience leadership, knowledge, beauty, and bravery. I believe that C.S Lewis is the father of literary writing, publishing inspiring books combined with notable writing. In the end, he is known all over the world for his famous publications and works, but one thing Lewis always had in mind was to never give up.

The Best C.S. Lewis Books of All Time - Hooked to Books

Not only did Clive Staples Lewis changed the literature with his books, but he was an inspiring and passionate individual. Watching “Chronicles of Narnia,” since I was little, I was always motivated to be like the characters. Being bonded to the characters in my first sight pushed me to be a leader and work hard through out my early ages of school. He also converted to Christianity in the middle of his writing spree. Even though I am not following his branch, I too am a Christian! C.S Lewis and I both desire God and write literary writing about the idea. We both wanted to go to Oxford University, but we didn’t because no one had a chance. He was a shy man but opened quickly when he spent time with people, which is something I have in common as well. Lewis was a creative person when it came to building stories. I believe that I am creative when it comes to music and physical motions. His stories were all inspired by three peers that stayed in the same house as him during the war; he took notes everyday wanting to build off from their flow. I would like to think myself a good leader with a bit of knowledge having a background of bravery topped with a hint of beauty. It took Lewis 10 years to write “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe,” which takes major determination to finish. Like me, when I get work or a task to complete, I stick onto the idea and finish with it.


Lewis talked about all the important traits of a leader and a peer. Leadership, accelerated knowledge, bravery, and beauty in learning are all major traits that require to be met in the finishing months of TALONS. I hope that I can learn and grow from the inspiring traits he written in the book and apply it on my TALONS experience, community, and finals years. Couple aspects that might be a barrier to me and him is the gender, it would be hard to dress up like him on “The Night of the Notables”. Age would also be an issue because he died 50 years ago, therefore connecting with him will be difficult.

Moving forward, for the next post be prepared to ready about his early life and what happened in WW1 in detail.

The Odd Story of C.S. Lewis, An Extremely Odd Man

Thank you for readying my post and I hope you have a great day : )

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