PTI conflict paragraph

PTI conflict paragraph

In Sherman Alexie’s The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian the greatest conflict that Junior faces is ongoing identity crisis. He is constantly torn between the two drastically different environments that he lives in. Reardan and the rez. Junior wants to belong with a group of people, and he definitely doesn’t want to be singled out. Yet, at Reardan he’s singled out for being Indian, and on the rez he is singled out for not being Indian enough. When the entire reason that Junior left Reardan in the first place was to escape all the negativity on the rez, it is heartbreaking to see all of his courage backfire on him so badly, by creating more hostility in his community, however now it is directed at him.

The majority of the people that surrounded him growing up have turned on him. This is shown when Junior says, “They weren’t calling me by my rez name, Junior. Nope they were calling me by my Reardan name” (143.) This shows that Junior is fully aware of the fact that they view him negatively. That kind of feeling that he is a betrayal is something that chews at Junior throughout his life. He has to live two lives to stay safe and sane, and that is driving him over the edge. The novel is even called the diary of a part time Indian. Like being Indian is some kind of job rather than his actual life.

Junior is finally able to open up to someone about his identity issues when he talks to Gordy. Junior says, “They call me an apple because they think I’m red on the outside and white on the inside” (132.)  Though he is able to joke about it, Junior is clearly affected by this exile from his community. Opening up to Gordy may eventually help him to combine his two cultures into one happy life for himself, but it sure isn’t going to be easy.

That is the greatest conflict simply because he is being ripped apart constantly into two worlds, and it is an ongoing thing, all the way until the end of the novel. This conflict is related to the real world, and indigenous people today as well. They are being forced to have to live their cultural life as a hobby, rather than accepting that as who they are and living by it.

Zip doc of learning #1


“Reflect on your inquiry question and how your understanding is changing, becoming more focused, or is perhaps being reaffirmed by your research. What do you now know that you didn’t know when you started this inquiry?”

My inquiry question began with being a little bit too broad. I wanted to learn about persuasive advertising in general, but now I realize that I want to focus more on the specific techniques that advertisers use to convince their audience to buy their product. Things such as celebrity endorsement, or symbolism. Specifically looking into the visual concepts and what the audience first sees, rather than the writing and spoken pieces in advertisements. To do this I will be steering away from ads on the radio and infomercials, as these often have a vocal explanation accompanying them. I want to focus more on media like magazines, commercial videos on tv and ads online.

Over my time spent studying this subject I have learned about how advertisements appeal to people’s emotions with Logos, Pathos and Ethos. I have researched different visual concepts that look attractive and draw attention. In a way advertising is similar to art. It relies on how people perceive it individually, however where art doesn’t require one way of perception ( In fact that is often what makes it so interesting) Advertising depends on a strategic use of different techniques to make people experience them in a compelling way, in a way that makes them want to purchase the product/service.

I will be continuing my zip project with the new question:

“What makes a visually effective persuasive advertisement?”

How to be a R.E.A.L. success

Part of being in the wonderful program we call TALONS is learning leadership. Over the past week we have been listening to How to be a REAL success by John Maxwell. Now I will be reflecting on what I have learned and how I will apply it in my life.


Relationships: Relationships are important because your connections with people will dictate how you work with them. Nobody ever does anything alone, so having a strong team to back you up and assist you can be vital to your success as a whole.

I will be utilizing my knowledge in relationships everywhere, outside and inside school. Being able to connect with people is a very important skill regardless of profession.

Equipping: People often say: “Give a person a fish and they will eat for a day, but teach a person to fish and they will eat for a lifetime.” And the same is true with ability. If you just do all the wok for someone without showing them how, then that benefits no one. You’ll have to do it again next time, and they’ll be left feeling helpless.

I will utilize the lessons on equipping in group projects. I have been known to take on a lot more than I should, and I would like to work against that.

Attitude: Your attitude is what people first notice about you, therefore it is important that it doesn’t cause something harmful. Your attitude is a choice and bringing pessimistic views and opinions into your workplace doesn’t just affect you. Choosing your attitude is like vaccinating in a way. If you choose not to vaccinate yourself and to take the risk of getting sick, that isn’t all you’re doing. You are risking other people as well by breaking the chain of herd immunity. The same is true with attitude, it only takes one person to take down all of the positivity and productiveness in a workspace.

I will be utilizing the attitude lessons by controlling my temper and continuing to try to stay positive and make others happy.

Leadership: Leadership is what will get you through life. People need leaders and it is very important that you can step up, take charge, and lead for yourself and the people around you. Having good leadership skills is a culmination of all the previous abilities. A captain always goes down with their ship, and an inefficient leader can cause the whole team to drown

I will be utilizing leadership everywhere in my life. It is an essential skill in being successful.

There you have it. How to be a R.E.A.L. success.

Zip proposal

What makes an effective and persuasive advertisement?

With my grade 9 zip project, I aim to answer this question. I enjoy looking into psychology and how people react to different situations. The point of an advertisement is  to convince the audience to buy or want something, I want to look into the specific tactics that advertisers use when doing this.

To be honest I don’t know much about advertising, however I have done multiple research projects on human perception. From those I have learned how to control experiments  effectively and to take into account that everyone’s brain is different. Luckily, that’s what makes it so interesting!

By the end of this project I want to have improved my time management skills. As well, I would like to widen my own perspective on the advertising world so that I am better equipped for the future.

During my project I will be looking for support from multiple different sources, including but not limited to: My father, who works in advertising, My mother who has a degree in psychology, any of my teachers who are willing, as they are valuable resources. As well as my friends and peers.

Other resources that I will be using will be the internet, specifically advertising lessons and scientific journal entries.

I plan on presenting my research in the form of a PowerPoint, including some of the most prominent strategies used by mainstream companies. I plan to attempt to create my own persuasive advertisement using the strategies I learn about.

Tentative schedule: 

Dec.  7-12 = research and studying.

Dec. 12-15 = reviewing and drafting information

Dec.  15-22 = creating presentation.




Document of learning. Save Me fox hunting.

While I was studying Dr. Brian May I came across his Charity. Dr. May himself has said that himself that He would rather be remembered for his work with charity than his music, and that is big praise, coming from one of the biggest rock stars of his time. I decided to look further into what he is so passionate about.

His charity, the Save Me trust was founded in 2009 to defend animal’s rights in the UK. Now the organization spans many different issues, such as Fox Hunting, Badger culling, woodland restoration, puppy farming, the ivory trade, herd immunity, the decline in hedgehog population, canned hunting of lions in Africa and so much more.

All of these issues are extremely important. If they interest you, please take a look at my eminent bibliography for the link so you can learn more.

I have decided to take a bit of a closer look at one of the leading causes that Save Me works to solve. Fox hunting.

Fox hunting is very popular in the UK. The idea is to send hunting dogs and birds of prey after foxes, both in their dens and their territories. Sometimes these hunts target baby foxes, or kits. The dogs are sent into burrows to drag out young foxes who can’t defend themselves. Often hunters will try to use chemical gases to drive the foxes out of their homes only to walk directly into the hunting party’s jaws.

This barbaric activity is considered a sport, and is still widely accepted.

Hopefully not for long.

One of the most promising is something called drag hunting. Originally developed in the 1800’s to test dogs’ intelligence and speed. Where a pack of dogs (usually bloodhounds) track a human’s scent trail rather than an animal’s. There is still the thrill of the hunt, the only difference is that there isn’t a dead animal at the end.

This movement is currently on the rise and it alone would make an incredible impact on foxes’ lives.

If anything in this document interests you, please visit the Save Me trust’s website to learn more.

Thank you for reading. Cheers!


Night of the Notables assessment.

Did you meet your goals for the project? How can/could you tell? How would you improve on future learning opportunities like this?

I met the majority of my goals for Eminent. I now know much more information on Dr. Brian May than I did before, and I absolutely have a greater admiration for him. I was able to introduce what he has done to people who had never heard of him and leave an impression on them. I was able to have meaningful conversations with some lovely people. I was also able to bond even further with my fellow TALONS students. If I could improve on one thing, I would have to say my learning center. I feel that it was sufficient, but it definitely didn’t do my person justice with my display. If I had managed my time more efficiently then I could have had a much better display. I am looking forward to next year where I will be going ALL OUT!



What will you remember about Night of the Notables?

The biggest thing that I will remember about Night of the Notables would be the conversations I had with people. The majority of people who came to my center had either only heard of Queen or Freddie Mercury, or had just never heard of either (gasp!) I found it very rewarding to get to educate people both on one of the greatest bands in history, as well as one of the greatest guitarists, who also happens to be so much more. A few kids came by and they left with an interest in Queen, and being able to keep the music alive is so validating to me.


Who would you like to thank, or recognize, for their contributions to Night of the Notables?

I would like to thank Ms. Mulder, Mr. Salisbury and Mr. Morris for their help with everything. They did so much for the event itself and I am extremely grateful to all of them. I would also like to thank all of the family members who showed up to support us and helped us through the process, we couldn’t have done this without your support. I would like to thank the custodians for being so tolerant of us and helping us clean up afterwards. I want to thank Dr. Brain May for being such a cool person and providing me with an extremely interesting project that never left me bored. Last but definitely not least I would like to thank all of my peers, both Grade 9’s and 10’s. I love you all so much and I can’t thank you enough for helping me through this project. I feel so lucky to be a part of the beautiful family that we call TALONS.

Cheers everybody! To a successful Night of the Notables! :)

My Eminent Bibliography

What follows is a list of the main sources I used for my grade 9 eminent project on Dr. Brian May

This is Brian’s website/blog. I used his numerous blog posts to get an idea of his everyday life and side interests. Everything on it is written by him and is one of the few websites not dominated by Queen news. It was also where I found Dr. May’s P.O box, which was one of my means of contacting him. (which unfortunately didn’t work out) :(!

This site was very helpful because it gives a concise and clear overview of most of the main events in Brian’s life. This gave me a good idea of which events to expand on.

This is Dr. May’s charity. The save me trust. Here is where I learned about all of their endeavors in the animal world. Brian has said in multiple interviews that he would rather be remembered for his charity work than his music. So, it is essential that you learn about his efforts or you will be missing a huge part of his life.

Here is the main book that I used for research. The book itself is beautiful, including photo collages of album covers and ticket stubs, as well as tour dates and stories and anecdotes from the band members themselves as well as other prominent musicians surrounding Queen. Better yet, the book has sections about each of the individual members. One of the most difficult parts of researching Dr. May was the fact that a lot of the information about Queen surrounds the late Freddie Mercury. So this book was extremely helpful.

This site goes into more depth about the New Horizons Pluto mission, which May was a part of. This was the basis of the majority of my research into Brian’s science career.


There were many more websites and books that I used, but these were the ones that I found the most useful.

Pretending to be someone you aren’t makes you weak…?

I don’t agree with this statement. Pretending to be someone you aren’t does not mean you are a weak person. In a lot of cases, people need to pretend to be something they aren’t for survival and safety. Taking on something that you actually aren’t isn’t a sign of weakness in any way, if anything it can be the opposite. It takes someone very strong not to crack under the pressure of a keeping up a façade. On the subject of safety, hiding behind a mask can protect someone, as sometimes being open about who you are is unfortunately dangerous. It is always important to take care of yourself and who you love and care for and calling someone weak because they either choose, or are forced to hide things about themselves in order to survive is not fair.

From another point of view, people who perform or act often portray a character other than themselves. That in no way makes them weak. It only proves how versatile people can be.

I understand that this statement is trying to take the viewpoint of someone saying that “You should always be true to yourself!” and that is a beautiful sentiment, but unfortunately it cannot always be applied, depending on someone’s individual situation and privilege.

Being strong and brave enough to protect others you love as well as yourself however you can should never be viewed as something that weakens you.

Dr. Brian May, Eminent speech storyline



– I run yet another systems check backstage. This is the first time that they will be playing this venue. Back here it’s a blur of activity.

-The air smells of cigarette smoke and leather, and there are people everywhere. We hear footsteps and the door to the dressing rooms open. 3 figures stand before us, dressed to the nines. The group looks around briefly before going their different directions. Roger moves to his drum-set and John grabs his bass from an attendant.

-The most brightly dressed of the three storms out of the entryway shouting dramatically at his roadie. Poor Paul, being assigned to the incomparable Freddie Mercury couldn’t be easy. I had been assigned a much more laid back member of the band, and was eternally grateful.



-Speaking of which, Where was he? usually he was with the others, checking with everyone to make sure all systems were up and running. A few minutes later I start to feel worried. I ask around

Rising action 1:

I talk to a supervisor and walk off in search of him. He’s not in his dressing room. Not in the washroom, He never smoked so he wouldn’t be out back.

Then I hear the twang of a guitar string. Then another. I follow the sound until I come to one of the music storage rooms. I open the door to find Brian sitting over to the side, tuning his famous “Red special” electric guitar.

Ignoring the tuner next to him. He turns the homemade tuning knobs, letting the notes rebound around the room. It seems almost criminal to interrupt him, however its almost time for him to go onstage. He is supposed to open the show!

Rising action 2:

“Brian, they’re waiting for you.” I say, his head whips up, I’ve surprised him. “Oh yes, thank you” He hurries to his feet and rushes out of the door.

-We return to the wings to see Freddie draped over a couch, with the other members surrounding him. When Freddie sees him he sits up excitedly “Brian! we were wondering where you were!” the shows about to start.

Rising action 3:

-Brian looks down at his guitar and breathes. He has done this a hundred times, but why?

(internal conflict)

-He left his degree for this! “How’s the crowd?” “They’re excited,” I say. That’s an understatement, they are practically insane. Can’t he hear the deafening screams from outside? Just then, the announcer yells out to everyone. “Ok people, it’s Showtime!  May, to the wings. (Brian says something about “the show must go on.)


-Brian steps out onstage through the thick fog of the smoke machine and the crowd goes crazy. The lights reflect off of his glittering jacket, and he takes a second to look out at the crowd. Then he hits the first power chord and the stage explodes with lights. Its surreal seeing this. This is where he needs to be. Performing is part of him now. He lives out on the stage. Seeing the fan’s happiness is what drives him forward, show after show.

Falling action: Too soon his solo is finished. John and Roger move onto the stage. Soon followed by Freddie. They play song after song, filling the darkness with music. Through all of it, Brian’s guitar can be heard. They perform like a family who would’ve thought that these kids could make such an impact. 

Resolution: forty-seven years later…

“Brian?” He turned towards me, “Its almost time for stage.” “Thank you,” he said strolling past me happily. We arrived in the wings. This time their was no Freddie draped over a couch, there was no john tuning his bass. Roger still sat by the drums in the corner, chatting with their newest addition, Adam Lambert. The supervisors tell us to move to our positions. The crowd starts to cheer. I watch Brian as he walks onstage to stand behind the backdrop. He is so different, yet still the same. He now has an impressive phd in astrophysics, his own guitar company and his own charity. He is a father of three, He’s released books and received many awards, and here he stands, still the same wild hair,(though now its grey.), Still holding the same guitar that he built all those years ago. Still buzzing with the same excitement.

The backdrop raises and the band comes to life, and right at the front, at age 70, stands Dr. Brian May. A Rockstar, who changed music forever.

Character: stage crew member on queen tour.


Welcome to the stage…Brian May!


The lights dim, and a hush falls over the crowd. There is a moment of silence and then a few opening notes hum through the air. Cheers erupt, as Brian May, John Deacon, and Roger Taylor appear from the depths of the special effects fog. Taylor’s drums like a heartbeat in the deafening stadium, Deacon’s bass filling the air with an electric charge, May’s red guitar plucks out the beginning of “Hammer to Fall” and the crowd goes insane. Brian steps back, his solo over, and suddenly an explosively energetic deity bounds onto the stage. Freddie Mercury swings his cutoff microphone and screams the opening lyrics out at the audience

“Yeah! Here we stand or here we fall!”

The show begins, a spectacle of leather, rock music, obscenities, glitter, and smoke. It is exhilarating. A night to remember. By the legendary rock band Queen.


This year for my TALONS 9 eminent project, I have chosen Dr. Brian May. I first became familiar with him when my parents showed me Queen’s song, “Bohemian Rhapsody”.

Earlier this year I went to a Queen concert, and my sister and I were some of the few youth I saw. Queen was/is an incredibly talented group and I believe that they deserve to be remembered by everyone.


I selected Dr. Brian May for a number of reasons. The first being that I’m a huge Admirer of Queen’s music. I knew I wanted to do someone from Queen and I was drawn to May because I felt the most connected to him. Brian May is often remembered for just his music but he has done so much more that often isn’t recognized. Such as the fact that he has a PhD in Astrophysics, (Hence the Dr.). As well as his roles in activism against the hunting of badgers and foxes in England.

I don’t necessarily feel that I will follow the life path of a famous Rockstar, however some of his side projects do interest me. Such as a career in science, and side work in raising awareness. I’ve always loved science, specifically anything related to the environment. I also always knew that I wanted to make a difference in the world, and environmental science seems like the perfect solution

Achieving eminence in a STEM career and life in general has many obstacles, but my study of Brian May will help me overcome a few such as:

-Reminding me that anyone can do anything

-Making sure to not let what you love become a task. Keep it as something you enjoy doing

-Be yourself

Here are a few similarities and differences between us.

Dr. Brian May Leah Egery-Haley
Has written hit songs. Has attempted to write a song
Is very scientifically oriented Is very scientifically oriented
Is a musical person Is a musical person
Cares about animals Cares about animals
Born in Britain Born in Canada
Has suffered a great loss (Freddie Mercury) Has not suffered a great loss
Enjoys singing Enjoys singing
Identifies as male Identifies as female
Fights for causes he cares about Fights for causes she cares about
Caucasian Caucasian


I will address differences with an open mind. While I could have picked another person, I didn’t want to, and I won’t let any conflicting facts get in the way of a great project. I won’t allow a difference to become a barrier, as we’re all human, and I don’t see any reason that someone’s religious faith, gender, etc. Would be something that prevents me from admiring them and informing others about them.

I intend to learn more about Brian May’s significance as himself, simply because most things that people know about him are collective stories of Queen and not as much has been done on the specific members. I want to learn more about who he is as a person rather than just a Rock and Roll idol.

This project itself will require a lot of organization and time management, both of which are goals on my IEP.brian-may-1


Dr. Brian May in 3,2,1…

Don’t stop me now.