PTI Check-In Paragraph Response

Grade 9s,


In a well-developed paragraph, respond to the following question:


Based on our readings so far, what is Junior’s most significant internal or external conflict? What makes this conflict more significant than the rest? For example, is the most significant conflict Junior’s struggle against poverty / alcoholism / his family / his own sense of self worth? Why? Provide at least two pieces of textual evidence (with page numbers) in your response and remember to ‘unpack’ and explain how these quotations help to add to your initial statement / argument.

Due date to be discussed in class. Responses should take the form of a ‘post’ on your blog. This will be marked based on the ‘At a Glance’ scale. 


Tips for Paragraph Writing:

☐ Use present tense verbs to discuss actions.

☐ Unify paragraph around a ‘single’ idea / clear topic sentence.

☐ Remember to PEE in your paragraph.

☐ Provide direct evidence / examples from the text and include page numbers.

☐ Include story title and author’s name in the introduction of paragraph (ex: The most significant conflict Junior faces in Sherman Alexie’s The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian is ______________________ because ______________________).

☐ Read aloud to check for run-ons / fragments /flow.

☐ Avoid simply summarizing the plot.

Grade 9 PTI Update / Mistake

Hello Grade 9s,

Sorry about the miscommunication. Please only complete 16/17 for homework from PTI. With the extra time, rest up and relax.

Thank you for your understanding,

– Mr. Morris

Grade 9 Talons: PTI Google Docs

Hello Grade 9s,

Use the following link to access the answers to the questions we explored in class today. Additionally feel free to use this Google Doc as a model for your own group’s work.

Part Time Indian Google Doc

Please post a link to your own quad’s Google Doc as a COMMENT on this post, along with answered questions for Chapters 6-10 by this FRIDAY.

Thank you,

– Mr. Morris

Grade 9 Talons: Part Time Indian Blog Post #2

In a well-developed paragraph, make an argument for Junior’s most significant internal or external conflict in our readings so far. Remember to make a clear point by crafting a concise topic sentence, provide textual evidence directly from the text to support your point (along with page numbers), and explain the significance of your evidence by explaining how your chosen quote(s) helps to support your point. In other words, remember to PEE in your paragraph!

CHALLENGE: Focus on integrating your textual evidence smoothly and naturally into your own sentence structure.

Due, for completion on December 1st, 2017.