T10: Academic Controversy – Is Justin Trudeau Currently Positioned to be Laurier’s Successor?

Talons 10,

Our academic controversy topic for Tuesday will be “Is Justin Trudeau Currently Positioned to be Laurier’s Successor?” Remember, I will pick one side of the argument, and you must be ready to argue for both sides. This will require you to do some independent research / investigation on Trudeau and policies, promises, and achievements, which you will compare with your already wonderful knowledge of Laurier’s impact on Canada in the first decade of the 20th century.

Your mission will be to create a T-chart or Venn diagram persuasively arguing both sides, which you will post on your blog for Tuesday, June 5th. You must include AT LEAST four additional legitimate and credible sources of information in a works cited list at the bottom of your graphic organizer.


To get started, consider visiting TrudeauMetre, a running tally of our PMs promises, achievements, and setbacks.

I look forward to hearing your debates on Tuesday!

– Mr. Morris


T10: Canadian Summer Reading Top 10 and Notables

See below for the finalized list of Canadian biographies and autobiographies as voted by you! Please note that rankings do not count towards final assessment for your persuasive speeches.

Top 10:

  1. An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth by Chris Hadfield
  2. Stephen Harper  by John Ibbitson
  3. Tommy Douglas by Vincent Lam
  4. Canada by Mike Myers
  5. Louis Riel: A Comic-Strip Autobiography by Chester Brown
  6. Isaac Brock: Larger than Life by Ven Begamudré
  7. Lives of Mothers and Daughters by Alice Munroe
  8. Tomboy Survival Guide by Ivan Coyote
  9. ‘A Broken Hallelujah’: The Life of Leonard Cohen by Liel Leibovitz
  10. Nellie McClung, the Complete Autobiography by Nellie McClung

Notable Mentions:

  1. David Lam: A Biography by Reginald H. Roy
  2. Breakthrough: Banting, Best, and the Race to Save Millions of Diabetics by Arthur Ainsberg and Thea Cooper
  3. Marshall McLuhan: The Medium and the Messenger by Philip Marchand
  4. Sir Wilfred Laurier by Andre Pratte
  5. Citizen of the World: The Life of Pierre Elliot Trudeau by John English

T10: Independent Investigation #2 – The Laurier Era

STEP 1: Watch Canada: A People’s History  – “The Great Transformation (1886-1915)”

Please watch the following documentary, read your assigned passages, and take notes based on your guided question.

I. REQUIRED WATCH: Canada: A People’s History – “The Great Transformation 1886 – 1915”

II. REQUIRED READS: Horizons Chapter 11 – “The Emergence of Modern Canada” (p.243-261)

Horizons Chapter 11 – “The Emergence of Modern Canada” (p.264 – 281)

III. ADDITIONAL SOURCES: As part of this assignment, you must consult at least four other additional primary or secondary sources of information, which you will include in your posted DOL.

TAKE NOTES: Link to be provided

STEP 2: Plan and present a lesson for the peers in your quads that synthesizes your research in a cohesive and engaging manner. 

Lessons must be no longer than 30 minutes (we should be able to get through two groups per class). By the end of your presentation, each of the peers in your quad should be able to answer the questions from your section of the “Laurier Era Guided Questions” handout.


STEP 3: Create Inquiry Question and Complete Independent Investigation #2 DOL


The Laurier Era – Independent Investigation #2

Independent Investigation Assessment

DUE 6/01/18 on blog

ASSESSMENT:  Peer Lesson Rubric to be provided closer to due date.

T09: Independent Investigation #2 – The Canadian War of 1812

STEP 1: Watch Canada: A People’s History  – Rebellion and Reform (1815 – 1850)

Please watch the following documentary and take notes based on the guided question provided: ‘What are the specific wants / fears / events that sparked the Canadian War of 1812?” (see provided graphic organizer)

WATCH: Canada: A People’s History Episode 7 “Rebellion and Reform”

ALT LINK: Alternate Link (Requires SD43 Office365 / Stream Account)

TAKE NOTES: What specific wants / fears / events sparked the Canadian War of 1812?

STEP 2: Read Crossroads Chapter 9 – “Canada and the War of 1812”

Read the following .pdf copy of Crossroads Chapter 9, titled “Canada and the War of 1812,” and add to the graphic organizer you used when watching Canada: A People’s History.

REQUIRED READING: Crossroads Chapter 9 – “Canada and the War of 1812”

ADDITIONAL READING (great source of information about Upper and Lower Canada / Canadians, and the British perspective): Horizons Chapter 2 – “Our Developing Nation”

STEP 3: Create Inquiry Question and Complete Independent Investigation #2 DOL

HANDOUT: Independent Investigation #2 DOL Handout

REQUIRED SOURCE: War of 1812 Virtual Exhibition

DUE DATE: Be ready to share with your peers MAY 28th, in class. 

ASSESSMENT: Self Assessment Sheet to be provided closer to due date

T10 Socials: Work Schedule 05/03 – 05/15

Thursday, May 3rd:

  • Current Events
  • Colony Prep Time

Friday, May 4th (May the 4th be with you):

  • Vocabulary
  • Colony Prep

Monday, May 7th:

PRO-D DAY — Try to check in with colony groups to plan how you will use your time before our Confederation Conference.

Tuesday, May 8th:

  • Current Events
  • Confederation Conference Prep
  • DUE “Informal Writing / DOL”: Founding Father / Mother Document of Learning

Wednesday, May 9th:

  • Vocabulary
  • Confederation Conference Prep

Thursday, May 10th:

  • Confederation Conference Day I

Friday, May 11th:

  • Confederation Conference Day II (tentative)

Monday, May 14th:

  • Vocabulary
  • Time to prepare for Independent Novel #2 Speech (should be practicing during this time)

Tuesday, May 15th:

  • Independent Novel Speeches and Voting

Wednesday, May 16th:

  • Beginning of Kettle Valley Adventure Trip

T10: Canadian Confederation (1867) Role Play


GOOGLE DOC: TALONS 10 – Canadian Confederation Conference (1867) Role Play

Welcome to the great Confederation Conference, 2018! Now that you have completed your pre-planning research, it is your task to get into groups for each of the colonies that were present in the initial Canadian Confederation conferences, leading up to 1867. Below are a list of notables, organized by specific colony. Feel free to conduct some preliminary research before choosing a historical actor to represent.

Brief Overview of Historical Actors:

  1. How two dozen Fathers of Confederation got the Canada deal done: This is the story of the 1864 booze-soaked bull sessions that begat a country
  2. Mothers of Confederation
  3. Conduct individual research and prepare a persuasive defense, in case numerous students are interested in your part.

PLEASE NOTE: Each colony must be have full representation at the time of the conference (that means that at least three students must be in each group — minus England). While there are many founding fathers / mothers who MUST be in attendance, you are also free to create your own historical actor, once the main contributors have been chosen. In the event that someone has chosen your notable, please prepare a 30 second defense (using primary or secondary source evidence), to prove why you should have your chosen role. We will conduct sign-up on Monday and Tuesday (April 30th and May 1st).