Talons English 10: View and Respond

Based on our conversations today, respond to the following question:

How might we begin to “reject the single stor[ies]” in our lives?

Informal post due: Wednesday, October 3rd.

Remember to make a clear point by crafting a concise topic sentence, provide evidence directly from the text to support your point, and argue for the significance of your evidence by explaining how your chosen quote(s) helps to support your point. In other words, remember to PEE in your paragraph!

T10: Stuart McLean’s “Emil”

In a well-developed paragraph, respond to the following question:

What piece of wisdom does Morley end up taking away from her experience(s) with Emil?

Remember to make a clear point by crafting a concise topic sentence, providing evidence directly from the text to support your point, and arguing for the significance of your evidence by explaining how your chosen quote(s) helps to support your point. In other words, remember to PEE in your paragraph!

Due date to be discussed in class. Responses should be included as post on your blog.


Outline Review / Tips:

i. Hook: An introduction that attempts to ‘hook’ your reader into your topic.

ii. Introduction / Summary: Introduce the text you are discussing and give credit to the author. Give the reader some brief context into the story (no more than a sentence or two).

Example: In Stuart McLean’s “Emil,” Morley comes to understand that ___(insert theme statement)_____

iii. Point / Thesis: Make your point concisely / answer the question directly.

iv. Evidence: Smoothly transition quotations into your own writing to add to the flow of your work.

v. Explanation: Connect the dots for your reader so they do not need to infer your meaning. Be clear!

T09: Talons 10 Counterparts, Documentary, and more info on the Fenian Raids

Hello Talons, I am looking forward to our end of the year Confederation Conference. Please peruse the following resources.

REQUIRED Viewing Homework:

Canada: A People’s History – The Great Enterprise – Please watch from 48:00 to 1:17:30 by Friday


Grade 10 Founding Father / Mother Counterparts:




Queen Victoria



Canada West

George Brown


Canada West

Anne Brown


Canada West

James Cockburn


Canada West

Sir John A. Macdonald


Canada West

William McDougall



Canada East

George-Etienne Cartier


Canada East

Sir Alexander Tilloch Galt


Canada East

Thomas D’Arcy McGee


Canada East

Sir Etienne Paschal Tache



The Maritimes

Charles Fox Bennett


The Maritimes

Frederick Carter


The Maritimes

Sir Ambrose Shea


Phia G.

New Brunswick

Edward Barron Chandler


New Brunswick

John Mercer Johnson


New Brunswick

Samuel Leonard Tilley

Michelle Y

New Brunswick

Fictional Historical Actor


New Brunswick

Charles Fisher



Prince Edward Island

George Coles


Prince Edward Island

Mercy Coles


Prince Edward Island

John Hamilton Gray

Sophia M

Prince Edward Island

Thomas Heath Haviland


Prince Edward Island

Edward Palmer



Nova Scotia

Sir Adams George Archibald


Nova Scotia

Jonathan McCully


Nova Scotia

Sir Charles Tupper


Nova Scotia

Joseph Howe

Additional Optional Reading:

“Green Terror: The Fenian raids on Canada might seem comical today, but back in 1866 the threat posed by Irish insurgents was no laughing matter” by Steven Henry Martin

T09: Canadian Confederation (1867) Role Play Assignment


ROLE PLAY SIGN-UP: TALONS 10 – Canadian Confederation Conference (1867) Role Play

GROUP WORK: BNA Colony Prep Work (Group) – Wednesday June 13th


FINAL ASSIGNMENT: Talons Confederation Role Play Assignment 2018

Welcome to the great Confederation Conference, 2018! Now that you have completed your pre-planning research, it is your task to get into groups for each of the colonies that were present in the initial Canadian Confederation conferences, leading up to 1867. Below are a list of notables, organized by specific colony. Feel free to conduct some preliminary research before choosing a historical actor to represent.

Brief Overview of Historical Actors:

  1. How two dozen Fathers of Confederation got the Canada deal done: This is the story of the 1864 booze-soaked bull sessions that begat a country
  2. Mothers of Confederation
  3. Conduct individual research and prepare a persuasive defense, in case numerous students are interested in your part.

PLEASE NOTE: Each colony must be have full representation at the time of the conference (that means that at least three students must be in each group — minus England). While there are many founding fathers / mothers who MUST be in attendance, you are also free to create your own historical actor, once the main contributors have been chosen. In the event that someone has chosen your notable, please prepare a 30 second defense (using primary or secondary source evidence), to prove why you should have your chosen role. We will conduct sign-up on Monday and Tuesday (April 30th and May 1st).

T09: Pre-Confederation Role Play Preparation

Hello Talons!

Attached to this blog post you will find digital copies of the Canadian Confederation Role Play prep sheet, as well as several online secondary sources from Horizons: Canada’s Emerging Identity, Canada: RevisitedThe Suburban, and The Canadian Encyclopedia. More sources will be added as the date for the role-play comes closer.

For now, your task is to answer and familiarize yourself with the questions on the prep sheet before you are given a specific colony to represent. Please answer the questions in-depth, as the more prior knowledge you have, the easier and more engaging our final debate will be!


Canadian Confederation Role Play Preparation (PDF)

Canadian Confederation Role Play Preparation (.docx)


Overview: The Suburban — “This Northern Dominion: A Personal History of our Peaceable Kingdom” by Alan Hustak

Reading #1: Horizons: Canada’s Emerging Identity Ch. 3 — Building a Nation

Reading #2: Canada Revisited Ch.9 – The Drive to Nationhood

  • MANDATORY: Please read at least ONE of the required readings above. If you choose reading #1, start with “Toward Confederation” on page 100.
  • CHALLENGE: For a better idea of the overarching consequences of Confederation on indigenous peoples, as well as the general values of the Victorians, please read the chapter in its entirety.

Optional Reading: The Canadian Encyclopedia: “Quebec Conference” by Philip A. Buckner, revised by Richard Foot


T10: Academic Controversy – Is Justin Trudeau Currently Positioned to be Laurier’s Successor?

Talons 10,

Our academic controversy topic for Tuesday will be “Is Justin Trudeau Currently Positioned to be Laurier’s Successor?” Remember, I will pick one side of the argument, and you must be ready to argue for both sides. This will require you to do some independent research / investigation on Trudeau and policies, promises, and achievements, which you will compare with your already wonderful knowledge of Laurier’s impact on Canada in the first decade of the 20th century.

Your mission will be to create a T-chart or Venn diagram persuasively arguing both sides, which you will post on your blog for Tuesday, June 5th. You must include AT LEAST four additional legitimate and credible sources of information in a works cited list at the bottom of your graphic organizer.


To get started, consider visiting TrudeauMetre, a running tally of our PMs promises, achievements, and setbacks.

I look forward to hearing your debates on Tuesday!

– Mr. Morris