ZIP Doc of Learning #1

Some of the resources I have used to get to where I am now, which is on schedule, are the notes that Mr. Morris has given me and these two websites and . This resources have taught me the key things I need to have an use to make a good argument which was my goal for this week. They have taught me how to properly take notes for the rebuttal and the best ways to persuade people using pathos, logos, and ethos. Plus I have already found out the question in which I will be arguing both sides for which is; Do UFOs actually exist? With this I will be arguing both sides for they do exist and the side for they don’t exist. This week I will be researching the side for they do exist and make my short argument for that. 

Juniors External Conflicts

One of the greatest external conflicts that Junior has is the fact that he is in poverty. The fact that he is in poverty constricts many things that he is able to do. He tells us about taking Penelope to his schools Winter Formal “The thing is, I only had five dollars, not nearly enough to pay for anything,” and he “lied about how poor I was,” (119). Since he is in poverty he not only doesn’t have the access to nicer things, he also doesn’t have access to the better respect from people. He is somewhat socially awkward and he is scared that if he tells people how poor he is then they wouldn’t like him. Poverty does not only effect him physically, for example not having access to food all the time. It also effects him mentally, because poor people are looked down upon in Reardan. The physical effects poverty have on him will be forever until his family or him gets a better income, but the mental effects have already started to go away. 

How to be a REAL Success

I think that the Relationship portion in How to be a REAL Success is important in TALONS because TALONS is usually focused around leadership, but as stated in the videos if you do not have relationships with the people you are leading then they might not want to follow. I have learned that making relationships in any place makes it easier for you to talk to the person about something, such as giving them advice. I have made so many relationships in every area of activity that I do and it makes it a whole lot easier to communicate with them. With my relationships in TALONS it helps me be open to ask when I need help. Having close relationships in TALONS is also a key actor for having an easy planned adventure trip. When you have a good relationship with the people in your adventure trip or retreat group, it makes everyone open to compromises and it makes the flow of planning smoother. At the beginning of TALONS I had no relationships to anyone, and now I am friends with practically everyone in the class. The people I have relationships with in TALONS are so amazing and they help me so much with many different situations. I am so happy that I made those relationships, and with the help and care I am getting from the people in them will help me be a success. 

ZIP Proposal

Inquiry question: What makes a good argument (debate wise)?

What would I like to learn: I would like to learn the key components to a good argument and how I can argue for both sides.

I chose this skill because I’ve never had the chance to learn about debate in class and I would really like to. In class discussions, there are arguments, but that is because someone disagrees with what someone else is saying, but there are no formal debates. I am excited to learn this, because whenever there is a discussion I always have to voice my opinion and when there is something that I hear that I disagree with my hand goes up and I am ready to say what’s on my mind.

I don’t have very much prior knowledge, because i never learned it before. A skill that I already have to help me is that I know how to argue, not formally but I know. I am also very persistent when I have an idea of what my side of the argument will be like, I consistently work to get to that. Even if there are facts from the other side that might shift some of the things I am going to say, I find a way to use what they gave me to help my side.

Skills I hope to learn: I hope to work on my persuasive, critical thinking, and reasoning skills. 

People I can ask for support: I hope that Mr. Morris will give me some time if I have questions, he has already given me somethings to help my research. Other then that, I am sure I will be able to find peers to help me. 

Other resources that can help me: There is always the internet as a resource. 

I was thinking about demonstrating my learning by finding a simple and short question that I could argue, and with that I would argue both sides and see how people would react to how I handled both sides. I would start off with the question and ask the class what they thought, then I would argue one side, explaining what I am doing as I go, and when I finish that side I would ask the class how many people agreed with me based off of my presentation and my facts. Then I would switch over and argue for the other side, and repeat what I did for the other side, then after I’m done I will again ask the class who believes me. If some people have put their hands up twice I will ask if anyone was confused about which side to believe and then why. All of this will be very short and within the time but it will really show how I learned what makes a good argument. 

If I split our time frame into thirds, the first third I can learn the basics of debate. The second third I can find the question I will be debating and start working on one side, plus I can get deeper into what makes a good argument. Then the third third I can work on the other side of the argument and start getting my presentation cleaned and ready. This will all be done in and out of class. 

Night of the Notables Assessment

  1. I think I met my goals, spreading awareness wise but the actual construction of my learning center I could have done much better. My learning center didn’t look nearly as pleasing as I hoped and I was a bit disappointed with myself. But when people started talking to me and asking me about my eminent person they were really interested with what I had to say and they left knowing a lot more about how body shaming affects society and what Ashley has done to stop that. I think I would plan out my learning center better to make it more visually appealing for the future. 
  2. I will always remember putting my research and my passion for what Ashley does to good use. Whilst researching for Ashley I grew this connection with her because I could really relate with her and when I told other people about her I could tell that they could really relate to her too. Spreading the awareness and my passion for it is something I will not forget. 
  3. I would really like to thank the grade 10s for leading the way and helping me when I needed it and Mr. Morris for making this project really quite memorable. 


“Ashley Graham (Model).” Wikipedia, Wikimedia Foundation, 2 Dec. 2017, 

Graham, Ashley. A New Model. Vol. 1, Rebecca Paley, 2017. 

“Turns Out, Jennifer Lopez Helped Launch Ashley Graham’s Modeling Career.” 

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Night of the Notables Learning Intentions

Before the night of the notables I intended to teach people about body acceptance, what Ashley Graham went through and what she had learned, and how she is helping spread that awareness. Whilst Night of the Notables was going on, people came to my learning center thinking that my eminent person was just another model and they didn’t really see her eminence. Once I started talking about her and explaining her story and situations people really started seeing how relatable she is and how she has shaped society. They left my center not talking about Ashley Graham as a regular old model, but as a model who loves herself and tells others they should too. There are so many girls out there that are gorgeous but the listen to what society says is pretty and they think that since they aren’t that, that they aren’t pretty. While talking to some people how came to see my center, we moved away from just body size acceptance and started talking about plain old body acceptance. We talked about the model with a skin condition and the down syndrome model and how they all learned to love themselves no matter what other people said. What I think people got out from my learning center is that there are so many beautiful girls out there that don’t see there beauty because society puts this perfect girl imagine in their heads and they think that they aren’t all that so they aren’t pretty. This imagine doesn’t only effect big girls “It goes from big girls to little girls. It goes from Spanish girls to Black girls. It goes from White girls to young girls. It’s everyone in between,” (Ashley Graham in Glamour), so we all have to remember this and help spread awareness by loving ourselves and lifting others up and not pushing them down. 

Which statment do I disagree most with?

I disagree most with “A person’s responsibility to their family is more important than their individual goals (or dreams).” I disagree with this statement because your family should encourage you to follow your dreams and to achieve your goals, and in the end it may help your family. For example, say your responsibility to your family is to help support them because one of your parents, or guardians can’t anymore and your goal is to get an education and become a teacher. If people say that your responsibility to your family more important then your goal, and you focus on easy ways to support your family, such as waiting tables, it makes it harder for you to support your family without an education, plus you wouldn’t be doing something that makes you happy. In fact, by putting in that effort to get an education and get a job would make it easier for you to support your family, and you’d be dong something that is enjoyable for you. Plus it would help in the long run. 

Eminent Speech Plotline

Jennifer Lopez’s perspective 

  1. Exposition 

Ashley Graham’s early life 

  • Born 1987 
  • Grew up in Lincoln, Nebraska 
  1. Conflict introduced 

Beginning of Ashley’s career 

  • Discovered in 2000 when she was 13 
  • Did any little job she could, Playtex, Just My Size, Dillard’s. Even wore a sweater with dancing cats on it for the department store, Bon-Ton. Anything to get experience 

Getting to model for Jennifer Lopez’s clothing line, JLO 

  • Went to New York City 
  • Met with Wilhelmina Models, helped her get her first major deal with  Jennifer Lopez’s clothing company, JLO. 
  • First plus size girl to model for her 
  • J. Lo. music was her favourite at that time 
  • She got to keep the clothes 
  • Clothes actually fit her, other teen brands didn’t 
  1. Rising action 

Her career moving forward 

  • Full figure model of the year, 2012 
  • Own lingerie line, 2013 

Career moving forward cont. 

  • One of the first plus size model to appear in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, 2015 
  1. Climax  

Highest point of Ashley’s career (so far) 

  • The first plus size model to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, 2016 
  1. Falling action 

What she’s doing now 

  • Published her book A New Model, May 9, 2017 
  • Speaks in high schools about body image and acceptance 
  • Participates in humanitarian missions in South Africa with the Themba Foundation. 
  • Is a proponent of the Health at Every Size movement 
  1. Resolution  


  • Something about her future 
  • How she’s such a great girl 
  • Hope for the best 
  • Closing statement 

Ashley Graham – My Eminent Person

Ashley Graham is a 30 year old plus size model. She was born on October 30, 1987 and grew up in Lincoln, Nebraska. She was discovered in 2000 and is now a model as well as a body activist and an author. In 2012 she was named The Full Figure Model of the Year. In 2013 she designed her own lingerie line for plus size women. In 2015 she was one of the first plus size models to in Sports Illustrated Issue and then in 2016 she was the first plus size model on the cover of the magazine. This year she also published her first book “A New Model”. I chose her as my eminent person because I really wanted to focus on girl power and how girls should love themselves. Ashley Graham is a clear example of a girl who loves herself and has confidence in her body. She does not have the typical model body type but she can work it just as well. I do not see myself going into the same career as her modelling wise, but I am always trying to get girls to love themselves and their bodies on a daily basis. I do this because I myself suffer from insecurities with my body but since I am an athlete I am always trying to improve my body. Really though there is no improvement because every body type is beautiful and I would really like every person know that. An obstacle that gets in the way of me being as eminent as Ashley, is that I have a lot of self doubt and I do not think I would be able to put myself out there. By putting myself out there I could also be a person who shows the world that every body type is beautiful, but since I do not always think that my body is beautiful it would make me a hypocrite in some ways. I don’t think that there are many barriers in my way for connecting with Ashley. The only thing I would consider would be the environment that she lives in. Since she grew up and lives in the states, she had a higher chance of achieving what she is today which could be harder for me because of where I live. I would like to learn what her story is and how she became so confident in herself even though I am sure there were people who doubted her. I really wish that I could be as confident as she is, more self confidence and less self doubt is a goal of mine.