Source Napoleon

My primary source is:


The source I have chosen is the constitution of VIII. It is a document that was created by two legislative commissions and over-viewed by Napoleon. It’s significant because it proposed the Consulate and to make Napoleon First consul. Once It was approved through majority public approval it gave Napoleon (my character) executive power. This was important for the french revolutions because many view it as the end of it.





I never thought I would ever use memes in school, but here we are. It was a pleasant and surprisingly challenging project. Having only looked at memes I never thought about how hard it would be to make them. It was also a little more difficult with having to make it related to current events or Hamilton AND keep it school appropriate. However, I think that I made a couple good ones. Below I put what I thought were my best memes but I did a couple more which you can find at #talonsss16

Here’s a bonus one I made when I heard about the assignment

shut up and take my money zlexander

The first meme I made got inspiration from a song in the Hamilton Musical called “My shot”. In the song Hamilton sings about how he isn’t going to waste his shot. So I pasted a photo of Hamilton face onto a classic meme. The meme is Fry a character from Futurama saying the catchphrase “shut up and take my money” which is normally used for when someone has positive approval toward an idea or product. So I used a picture of the logo from Microsoft’s’ Second Shot for a sort of double meaning. The more obvious connection is how Hamilton wants more shots. However, I also included a more subtle connection which was that the Second Shot organization allows free retakes for some exams. This is a connection because Hamilton valued education and would definitely support something that helped people like him who didn’t come from a privileged background.

downloadyou get a wall

My two next memes are about Donald Trump and his walls. The Robert Downey Jr. meme is a reaction meme with a face he made.  The Oprah Winfrey meme is when she gave the whole audience a free car and said “and you get a car” a lot. I used the two memes to show how I view Donald Trump’s current plans of building a wall between Mexico AND Canada. It has already been proven that building just one wall would be very expensive and his current plan of making Mexico pay for it is unlikely to say the least. Also his accusations of Mexico’s and Canada’s people seem rather unfounded. So I hope he isn’t elected because as pointed about by John Oliver and many others his flaws don’t stop with the outrageous wall ideas.

download (1)

This meme is a reference to how well Hamilton could write. He wrote an amazing essay about the hurricane that destroyed Christiansted on August 30, 1772. It was this essay what allowed him to get funding to continue his education in the Colonies and become one of the Founding Fathers. He also wrote 51 essays! For The Federalist Papers which were written to defend the proposed constitution. I was just surprised at his writing prowess and thought to alter a meme about it. The original meme is “Clean all the things!!!” and he usually holds a broom where I photo-shopped the pencil

So that’s all I have to say about these memes, they were a lot of fun to make and I learned a lot through my research.

See you next time!


Indepth post

Time has been flying by it feels like only a couple weeks ago school started and now after next week it’s spring break.  Anyways Minlyn and I need to find a new mentor since our previous one is too busy. So I already contacted someone else hopefully they respond, if they don’t I hope I can find someone before spring break. Other then looking for a mentor I haven’t done a lot of tangible work for my Indepth. I have spent my time researching through books (Thanks Ms.Mulder) and online resources.  So there isn’t much I can show this post, although I did go the snow shoeing trip. During the trip I learned a lot and enjoyed the hands on survival activities. An example of what I learned would be the edible trees Silver Fir or Mountain Hemlock(Sea level is poisonous).  I have been learning lots and will begin applying the knowledge I learned soon which has worked in the past. An example of that would be how I made a fire and experimental shelter which both worked out because I researched in advance. I hope that by my next post I have a mentor and have some more tangible results of my work. To make sure I get a mentor I will try asking people I know and trying to ask people in survival related jobs. Until then I will try to go to some more survival camps or activities so I don’t waste time.



First spark #3

Wow I can’t believe it has been six weeks already! Since the last blog post I have achieved my goal and have much more results for this post.

What I did?

Over the past two weeks I met with my mentor, met with Minlyn, made a walking stick, and started a fire. I also have continued researching my Indepth. I will elaborate on my mentor meeting when I address the blog post questions.

When I met with Minlyn we made some rope from a Himalayan Blackberry covered in thorns. The process was tediously de-thorn, breaking the fibers and then splitting it into smaller portions. Once they’re split you bread them and create a surprisingly sturdy rope.


Most successful rope made

I found that instead of drying out the plant fibers after weaving them seems to be less effective than to do it before weaving. So next time I will definitely try that along with some different plant fibers. We also tested out a fire starting magnesium key chain. It was too wet to find tinder in the forest so we used toilet paper. Below is a video I filmed of Minlyn using it.

As I mentioned in my previous post I found an excellent branch to make a walking stick from.  I have compiled photos at different stages for its creation. As you will see I decided to keep some of the inner bark as I liked the aesthetics. I decided not to turn it into a spear since it would become damaged if I actually used it.  So the only things I have to do next are sand and stain it. However, it won’t be my top priority since it isn’t the most relevant thing to survival skills.

(I had multiple issues I couldn’t resolve with photos in case any of them are out of order)

Walking Stick Slideshow

If you looked through the slideshow you would see I included a picture of the shavings. I did this on purpose to show where I got them from. There were setbacks due to all the rain. One of them being I couldn’t find any dry wood, so I thought it would be smart to keep my wood shavings as tinder.

As I waited for it to stop raining I found a suitable clearing to make a fire in. I dug a fire pit and lined it with some stones. I also tried to make a small insulated shelter to dry some potential kindling. However, since it rained almost every day it was still damp. In the end since the post was coming up I couldn’t keep waiting and tried even though it was damp. I decided to alter the fire pit and put a wet log in it to increase the tinder’s access to air and give me easier access. After a couple of attempts with different methods I finally started the fire. I kept it small using some of sticks from my mini-shelter. Below is a picture of the inside of the shelter when emptied. You can see it from the outside in the slideshow leaning against a giant tree.


(As I said earlier lot of errors I couldn’t fix so it might be out of order.)

Fire Slideshow

Once I was finished I put the fire out with water and scattered the charcoal. I also stayed after for a while to make sure I had put it out.


What went particularly well during your mentoring sessions?

There was a good balance of talking and listening. Since he has a clearer idea of what we’re focusing on, he was able to focusing on specific topics with his large repertoire of knowledge.

What relationship challenges did you face?

It is difficult to find a meeting time as I have mentioned in the past since all three of us have different schedules. There is also some difficulty when coordinating with a partner since you also have to get there input or helps instead of when you only have to rely on yourself.

What learning challenges emerged?

Due to the rainfall it was difficult to do hands on work especially for fire related activities. It also made it more difficult to work on things such as the shelter. There is also a little difficulty of remembering we talk about unless I take detailed notes.

InDepth Intro: Survival Skills

It feels like yesterday I was presenting my Eminent person project and now its 2016 even though i still write 2015 and we’re doing InDepth. This is a surprise because it is the last big projects of TALONS, (except for the Adventure Trip) proving how fast time can fly by. So anyways after brainstorming for a couple days and little success I heard that Min Lyn was considering Survival Skills. This picked my interest and we are now actually partnered in doing survival skills for InDepth.  Another reason I chose Survival skills is because I live by a forest and have wondered about things like what plants are edible and such. I also want to learn about it for when I go camping, hiking or some outdoor related activity. So doing this would be a useful skill and could maybe save my life.

So what are Survival skills. Well here is a non-exhaustive list I put together of what I currently think are the main ones.

  • Making Shelter
  • Making fire
  • Water
  • Food
  • Navigation
  • Preparation

This is just what I have found with my preliminary research, it might change. For example I didn’t include First Aid since through TALONS I have been certified. However, if there was a higher level or I wanted to review I could still learn First Aid.

Min Lyn and I are currently looking for a mentor, we have a couple people who we plan on contacting. However, we still need to finalize the details so we can give all the information to a possible mentor. We are actually going to be meeting this weekend so that we can plan it out and begin asking for mentors.

I hope by the end of the project I have learned and practiced all of the skills needed to survive in the wilderness. I also hope to have a large repertoire of knowledge that I can draw upon in times of need.

So I’m looking forward to doing this project and the rest of 2016



Sadly this year I didn’t do an interview. I sent multiple email’s requesting for a interview to no avail.  I attempted to interview some of the people who created the theories I referenced in my research. I also attempted a couple history professors. I even tried contacting the Universities themselves. However, I still got no interviews.

I think the reason for my lack of success is because there weren’t many deep questions I could ask, no one alive knew him directly or indirectly, and his field of work is now obsolete. The reason for my lack of “deep” questions is because there isn’t much concrete knowledge about Jacques Cartier. So everything that is concrete I can access myself meaning it isn’t really a worthy inquiry. As I said I did try people who had theories on his undocumented life, but I couldn’t ask for their reasoning since its included in the theory itself.  Since he was alive in the 1500’s and had a childless marriage,  I couldn’t interview someone who knew him or was related to him. I would have done career in the same area, but the exploration he did is obsolete now thanks to modern technology.  I did considered asking a sailor about things related to historical sailing, but that wouldn’t be very relevant to my study.



Same old title

Anyways, below are all the websites I used or referenced for my Eminent person project. I sadly didn’t get any relevant books from our library trips, because if you read my previous posts you would know that I switched people.

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A Sad Tale: Socials Final

I chose to do a historical life for my socials final.We had to write a “good life” or “bad life” story. I wrote three parts that happened at different periods of my character’s life. I also added some backstory and a transitional paragraph for extra long gap.

Back story:

My name is Howard Bottineau I was born in Red River. My parents were Thomas Abbott, Sandra Bottineau. My father was a fur trader for the Hudson Bay Company, and one day he was staying at the red river colony. During his stay he spotted my mother Sandra Bottineau, they immediately fell in love and soon got married. I inherited my father’s name and my mother’s last name to represent my British/Metis nature. Whether it was farming, making Bannock with my mother, or fishing and hunting with my dad, I enjoyed every second. When I was growing up I very smart and quickly learned the many languages used by the Metis. My favorite two are English et le Français. (Say in French)

First part:                                

Today is an exciting day; my dad just bought a rifle from a couple guys from Canada. I was fascinated and baffled by the rifle.  My father had gotten it to improve his hunting, because of the declining Bison population. After the purchase I talked with the men who had sold it to him. They told me about the province Quebec. They told about its many wonders and things that I had never heard about. There was a larger variety of food available then Bannock, agriculture and meat. They had sweets and many delicacies such as chocolate.  They had Stone building and Cobblestone roads, which sounded much more excited than my wood house and dirt roads. They also told me about the education and variety of jobs such as a lawyer. I found that the more I heard about the wonders of this new Canada, the less I like the Metis way of life and the more I wanted to go to Canada. Once the travelers had left I couldn’t get the idea of going to Canada out of my head.

I tried to go back to my regular routine, but it wasn’t the same. Hunting had lost its charm, and seemed barbaric after hearing about the civilized Canadian way of life. Time had used to fly when I was farming, but now I count the minutes and I’m bored out of my mind. I began to ask my parents if I could be educated, so I can go to Canada when I’m older, they laughed and thought I was joking. However I persisted and with a lot of begging, they relented and arranged for me to be educated. A local priest was persuaded into teaching me all I needed to know. It was an extreme sacrifice from my parents, and made it hard for us to live. However we managed scrapped by.

Second Part:

Many years have passed since I heard about Canada, and quite a lot has happened.  My father died in a hunting accident with a bear, which devastated me and my mother. I recuperated eventually, but my mother was never the same and quickly fell into depression. A couple months later my mother caught an illness. She didn’t have the will to fight, because of my father death so she soon passed away.

To make things worse for me Canada has “bought” Rupert’s Land from the Hudson Bay Company.  Since Red river is located in Rupert’s land, this has resulted in immigrants coming in and basically stealing our land.  Lots of the Metis people are outraged, and to stop it they have begun to retaliate with violence. However, a Metis man educated in Canada, named Louis Riel has conceived another option. He suggests that we willingly join Canada, but make sure out rights and land titles are respected. While it still involved violence, I think this is the best course of action.

With the death of my parents and the reaffirmation of my dream thanks to Riel, I would have left immediately for Canada. However, that wasn’t the case because of Tantoo Grant. She was the daughter of one of my neighbours, and we had grown up together.  Over the past few years I had noticed our friendship blossoming into something more. So before I made plans to leave, I asked if she would go with me. She said no, because she didn’t share my aspirations of going to Canada. She instead begged me to stay, but I disagreed. I would get a painful reminder of my parents’ death every day if I stayed and I felt I was destined for more than just farming and hunting.  So heartbroken, I sold my parent’s house, farm and belongings. The only thing I kept was my fathers’ rifle, from that faithful day all those years ago. After some long good byes to friends, especially Tantoo, I ventured off to Quebec, Canada.


When I arrived in Montreal (a city in Quebec) I began seeking work, so I could pay for my education. I got a job and a free place to stay working at a tavern. Once I had established myself and had gotten used to the city life, I tried to join a school. They laughed at me even after I explained my preparation. However, I didn’t give up easily and I persisted that I was at least given a chance. They vigorously tested me and I eventually made it in. During my schooling it was hard to make friends, due to my Metis background. However I have made a couple close ones.

Third Part:

I have since graduated from my school, near the top of my class. As a result of my academic achievement, I was offered a position as a lawyer for a company located in Montreal. It could be stressful at times, but I enjoyed myself and I was well paid. With my new income I moved out of my room in the tavern, into a house I bought. When I left, I expressed my gratitude with a substantial amount of money as a gift to the owners. During my time at Montreal I enjoyed all of the wonders I had dreamed about as a boy, especially chocolate. During my schooling I met Mary Saville, a British woman who gained my affection. However, yet again I didn’t get the fairy-tale love story of my parents. She quickly rejected me, because of my Metis heritage.

Mary’s rejection was a sort of turning point  for my life in Montreal. After it I began to become more depressed and all of the things I had enjoyed doing began to lose their appeal. I felt pangs of regret for Tantoo, and spent time imagining what life could have been if I had just stayed at Red River with her. I noticed that the same thing was happening to me, as when I was living at Red River. My friends in Montreal suggested I take a break, maybe go back to Red River for a vacation.

I thought there advice as smart and took the CPR railway back home. I managed to meet up with an old friend; we had a couple drinks and caught up with each other.  I told him about my struggles and he told me about his struggles in Red River. I learnt about how Louis Riel, my role during his quest to make Red River a part of Canada, had been forced to kill Thomas Scott due to his presumptuous behaviour.

While we were reminiscing, the topic of Tantoo came up. I learned where she had moved too, and a dim spark of hope lit in my chest.  Maybe this time she would come back with me, or I would move back to Red River to be with her.  It took some time but I made it to her farm. I was walking down the desolate dirt road, when I saw her on the front porch. I was about to wave and get her attention, when the door opened and a man emerged. They kissed and began talking animatedly. The last of my hope crushed, I put my head down and kept walking. This quickly ended my vacation. However before I left I went to my parents graves. I felt tears brimming in my eyes, because their hard work to send me to Canada might have been a waste. If I hadn’t been so insistent on my stupid dream, my father wouldn’t have had to hunt as much.  Then maybe he and my mother wouldn’t have died.

As I write this on the rail way home, I feel more depressed than ever, and I don’t know what I will do next.

Final notes:

So dear reader I hope you have learnt from my mistakes. Make sure you appreciate what you have, and don’t take it for granted.



#TalonsConfed: From beyond the grave

My speech:

Confederation has finally given the french Canadians the minority rights we deserve! It’s just a shame I wasn’t alive to enjoy them. For many years the British have attempted to assimilate the french with the British. From the Durham report which led to the act of union. Now that will never happen because the french Canadians will forever be a part of Canada. However I do regret devoting most of my life towards confederation. I never got to see my 15 children grow up, or spend as much time as i wanted to with my wife Sophie. However, looking back I think it was worth it, because my sacrifice has allowed them to live a life free of British oppression. My work has also ensured the survival of the French-Canadians without being assimilated by the British.


Here is my First post and Second Post


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