Theme Park Project

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For the theme park project, my group did the novel on The Graveyard Book, I was in charge of writing the descriptions for the character interactions as well as writing the description for our Graveyard Dark Ride. When writing the descriptions for the character interactions, I had to creatively use the text of The Graveyard Book novel to come up with three specific character traits each character would display when interacting with park goers. Along with the descriptions came the pictures of the characters. I decided to include the rest of my group in the decision process so everyone could see their vision of these characters being fulfilled. Additionally, I wrote the description for our Graveyard Dark Ride to describe what the riders will experience. Our group specifically tailored our workload to our strengths, so I was fortunately not forced to complete any of the drawings as I am not at all skilled in that way. Lastly, I helped others in my group by proofreading and looking over their content so we can all be confident we were producing the best content possible.

Eduland Theme Park (Educated: A Memoir)

Hello, welcome to my theme park based on the book Educated: A Memoir by Tara Westover. Educated has been one of the best books that I have read in a while and I cannot stop recommending it to people I know. The way Tara tells the story of her life is captivating, I always found myself wanting to “read just one more page.” Below you can find all of the work I did alongside my lit circle group members to create the Eduland, which is the theme park we created based on Educated.


Below is the map of Eduland. You can look at a high-definition version of the map in both the brochure and presentation.

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Reflection on the Creation of the Theme Park

I was a major driving force who helped our group complete the theme park to the best of our ability by the due date. I helped structure our time, keep everyone on task, and share my ideas whenever possible. On the day I had to leave early, I discussed what I missed with my group. I also ensured that I completed my portion of the work in my own time. I was always on top of my work and stayed focused in class, and I met every deadline. Clara and I worked on the characters, shows, brochure, and merchandise, while Xylia and Anita worked on the rides and map. We all agreed that this was an equal distribution of work that would allow us to be the most effective with our in-class time.

Our group communicated well throughout the creation of our theme park. Ensuring we listen to one another’s ideas and share our own. In each section of our OneNote, we had pages where we could share ideas. We would discuss these ideas and build off one another to create an immersive and seamless theme park. Someone would have a brilliant idea. Then we would discuss how we could implement it into our theme park. Part of the project that I found challenging was trying to write too much while making sure I related the information to the book. Going into the creation of certain parts of the park I wanted to make sure that the information would fit into the brochure. To accomplish this, I made sure to have fun with it and write what I thought would make sense to see on a brochure of an actual theme park. It was hard not to obsess over all of the little details. I took many reminders from group members before I stopped feeling guilty.

Using the creation of a theme park to show our learning was a great experience. I got a better grasp of the book, and I was better able to see what the rest of my group was thinking. The way we approached our lit circle discussions always felt very structured. Talking through ideas while working on the theme park helped me understand unique ideas held within the book because our discussions as a group flowed more freely. I appreciated how Anita stepped up on the first day and established a structure for our work blocks. Xylia always had creative ideas to bring to the table that helped bring our theme park to success. Clara was fun to work with; it was great to focus and stay on task while still being able to share a laugh. Whenever I noticed people within our group going the extra mile, I let them know that it does not go unnoticed and that I appreciated their commitment to the project.

Theme Park Project






I had three main areas of work for this project. The first was the shows for our theme park. As a group, we brainstormed ideas for all of the requirements but my task was to refine and write our ideas for the shows. I was able to write about the descriptions and connections of the shows and find images to go with the shows. Then, I worked with Makenna to put together our merchandise. I made logos on Canva and edited them onto the different merchandise we wanted. We then divided the writing portion of the items and I wrote about the homeschool apparel and the bible journal. Next, I put together the sections Makenna and I had worked on (Characters, Shows, Merch) onto the brochure. After designing the brochure and adding images to those parts I put slides out for the map and rides because they weren’t quite ready. I also got some of the extra details like the hours and the contest that Makenna wrote up ready for the map slide. Lastly, I worked with Makenna to put together the slide show with the parts we created. Tomorrow I’ll be presenting about the shows and some of the merchandise.

The Jade PNE Brochure and Paragraph


The Brochure ⬅

Jade Peony Mau Tan Pendant Necklace -

During my group’s planning stage for this assignment, I helped my group brainstorm the name of the theme park, many different ride ideas, merchandise ideas, character ideas, map ideas, and gave my opinion on my group members ideas. During the creation of The Jade PNE, I was in charge of creating character sketch descriptions and the sketches themselves.

For ride ideas, I suggested we do a boat ride similar to “A Small World” at Disneyland, except the boat is carrying bones and you’re trying to avoid getting hit by missiles, this was to mimic Wong-Suk’s journey in The Jade Peony. I also suggested ride ideas such a “Toy Story Mania” copy but you’re shooting Japanese Soldiers, as well as a ride similar to Atmos-fear at the PNE, but you’re in a warplane instead. All of these ideas made it to our final theme park. My last idea was to have a haunted house with Poh-Poh’s ghost chasing you, but since we needed an actual “ride”, the group decided to change it to a roller coaster.

A Merchandise idea that I contributed to the final product were the knitting needles (only 50 cents, you should get some). I brainstormed shows such as Dance Monkey, Lawn Fireworks, (Gay) boxing, Chinese Class, and Windchime class. For the map itself, I helped brainstorm the layout of map, and add touches like the houses surrounding the park and the baseball field. I also came up with the really bad excuse for a pun as the theme park’s name. Furthermore, I brainstormed ideas such as the “No Japanese”.

I was in charge of character designing for this project. I brainstormed what characters the park needed, and created the descriptions for said characters. After the descriptions were done, I sketched the 3 main characters in Photoshop. I also helped create the script for the presentation and the presentation itself.





Theme Park Project

Contribution Paragraph:

Throughout the theme park project, my main role was to create the characters in our park. I chose the three characters who made the most sense to interact with and used the small bits of information provided about their appearances to draw them. For example, the book mentioned that John looked muscular, attractive, and had long hair, and as there are no pictures of him to reference, I based his drawing on those points. I based the character’s interactions on how they acted in the book, for example, Wayne was showing off his martial arts to Virgil and spent all his free time practicing so, in the park shows off his different martial arts to the guests. After I finished with the characters, I went around the group to see who needed help and ended up helping Ben with the show posters. I made the templated for two of the posters and sent them to him to put text in them however only one made it into the presentation as the other didn’t send properly. Finally, I prepared the slide and script for my PowerPoint slide of the Raccoon mascot of our theme park. By creating the characters of our park, it made me think more about all of the characters in the book as well as the different interactions they had.




All About Eduland – Blog Post by Anita

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Hello! Please allow me to present to you our brand-new theme park, inspired by the book Educated by Tara Westover…drumroll please…

Welcome to Eduland!

To learn all about our wonderful theme park, please click the button below to see our brochure!

Additionally, for your geographical benefit while visiting Eduland, please take a look at the park map:

About how I contributed to the project, first, I collaborated with Xylia on the detailed design of the map. We followed all the directions listed in the project criteria. For example, as we were brainstorming, we came up with how the map shall be divided into three different campuses. After brainstorming, Xylia and I then took turns working on/developing the map. For example, Xylia painstakingly laid down the ground and I put up the buildings and features on Buck’s Peak Campus, and so on. Some examples of what I specifically contributed to the map include the legend, the bungee-jump ride, the Niagara Falls flume ride, the Westover house on Cambridge Campus, and more. Once we were finished, I decided to spend an extra hour adding finishing touches to the map last night. The second item I contributed to the project was designing all the rides. Although we did some general brainstorming and good idea-getting as a group beforehand, I wrote the descriptions for two out of the three rides (the Iron Trailer and the Adventure Park) and kept track of all the other ride ideas we were generating. I also designed the diagram for the Iron Trailer ride on Canva, which was quite an enjoyable experience. Regarding how this has helped me gain insight into Educated, I believe it has allowed me to investigate the details of specific parts of the novel. For example, to write the description for the Iron Trailer ride, I had to look it up in the book and use it as a reference. Re-reading it in this way has given me a review of Tara’s riveting experiences, almost like a punch in the face. In summary, I contributed to designing the map and rides at Eduland and doing so has given me a more solid understanding of Tara’s experiences as illustrated in her book.

That’s it for today! Thank you for reading and catch you next time,


Theme Park – The Land of Thieves

Justin C.

For my literature circle group project, I was in charge of creating the Theme Park’s map. My job was to listen to the ideas of the rides and shows created by Sinu and Kavyan and design a Theme Park that would best show our understanding of the book. Using Icograms was fun but also had many tedious processes such as fencing the entire park off, changing the colours of all the tiles (to create the dirt) and changing each tile of the river to fit with the darker theme. I made sure to include minor features such as the river with the bridge where Rudy dived to get Liesels book back and the fenced-off apple trees that they stole from. I helped create many of the names of rides and shows such as B.O.M.B., Vanden Land, Flying Over Molching, and Jew-go Juice. Along with the names I came up with a few of the rides and shows such as B.O.M.B., Flying Over Molching, and Hitler’s Arena (Max v.s. Hitler boxing fight). I helped brainstorm many of the merchandise items including Hans’ Accordion, and Liesel’s book collection. During the creation of the brochure, I did my own page covering the map of the theme park, as well as proofread and check for continuity between the slides.


Never Let Me Globe- Lit circle Final project.

Welcome to my blog post!

For my lit circle novel, I read “Never Let Me Go” by Kazuo Ishiguro. This particular novel had a simulated perspective, it was original. Personally, I liked how the author started in a casual way, but after the story went on, it became confusing to understand what the novel was trying to say. All for all, discussing the different choices of high school characters and important themes throughout the story with my group, I had a fun time!

For this post I will be explaining what I completed for my group’s lit circle project. My main area I completed was designing the merch that went with the park. The task had a bunch of steps I had to go through. First, I had to gather all the themes the novel reveled and developed them into topics and designs I could illustrate on the merch. Then, I collected all the images with brainstormed phrases and edited it into the shirts/ card. Finally, with the completed product, I added it into google docs, brochure, and PowerPoint. Additionally, I had to write a short description about how the product connected to the novel’s theme and idea. During the process, I also helped out my group. For example, deciding on character pictures, supporting their work, and editing little errors.


Theme Park – The Park Of Thieves

This is my paragraph noting how I contributed to the group for the theme park project. My book was The Book Thief.

For my presentation, I was mainly in charge of the rides. My job was to come up with creative ride ideas, as well as to explain how they related to the story. I had come up with many ride ideas (~8 with a bit help), but had narrowed it down to 3 and an extra minor ride for fun. After I had come up with ride ideas, I was sort of a free agent as I had finished my ride at the time, so I helped Henry come up with a few merchandise ideas as well as making an image for one of them. I had also looked over the map Justin had made on Icograms just for revision. I also helped a lot with coming up with names in general, coming up with names like “Molching Merchandise,” “Burning Pages,” and “The Heist.” When we had started making the brochure, I did my own page on the rides of the theme park, as well as the general information sections of the 2nd and 3rd pages.

Theme Park Project

Our Map

More about our park can be discovered in the brochure.

Our Brochure

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My Contributions

For the theme park project, my group did on the novel Never Let Me Go, I was primarily responsible for creating the cast interactions. I was able to write a description for Madame, Kath, Ruth and Tommy. I included both an outline of their general behaviour and how they would interact with park patrons. Then, based on descriptions of the book and supplements from the casting of the movie adaptation, I browsed stock images and used Artbreeder to create convincing mockups of how these characters should look. Of course, I then added these descriptions and images to the presentation and brochure. Speaking of the presentation and brochure, I was responsible for choosing and organizing the templates for both. I was also responsible for choosing the name of our theme park, Never Let Me Globe. After I had completed the characters and descriptions I moved on to the park where I designed Norfolk, the care centre, the eating area, and the stage.