SFU, we meet again.

So, the SFU Library Trip has come and gone. I actually had a much better time then I expected, and while I did not perhaps get the best trip educationally, I did get a pretty good trip bonding and photography-wise. Most of this post will be a gallery of photos, documenting talons documenting for their documents of learning.

Complicated, I know.

How will you capture what you find?

I got my dad’s fancy Panorama camera and I plan to take as many photos as possible.

What are you seeking on the trip?

I know my eminent person isn’t very well known, so I’m not expecting anything too great information wise. I am looking forward to meeting more of the TALONS that I don’t know yet and exploring the SFU campus.

What did you learn?

I learned 3 things:

  1. While not learning about my eminent person directly, I learned about some of the things she believed in, such as gender equality and less heteronormativity.
  2. SFU is a beautiful, if slightly confusing place to go to school
  3. The grade nines this year are absolutely amazing.

What was the theme of the trip?

For me, the theme was bonding. I made a lot of new friends and connections, mostly over ridiculous photos and the on-and-off-rain.




This book is the realest thing I’ve ever seen
Well this was a surprise
Well well well wasn’t this fun
Bad. Let’s move on.
*cough* straight white male


Such dorks.




Zoe had a sick rap going on.


Fanciest computers I have ever had the privilege to use


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