ZIP 12/08/17

Friday, December 8th


Today I spent my time researching the curricular competencies and the big idea that I will use for my project, as well as constructing my rubric for my self-assessment at the end of the project. I thought that I was going to struggle a bit with finding curricular competencies that related directly to my question, but I found quite the opposite! I was surprised with how closely the curricular competencies matched with my plan for ZIP. The new Grade 10 Curriculum drafts seem to be much more comprehensive and applicable! There appears to be a lot of space for flexibility and extrapolation in the new curriculum, which I really like! I had a number of curricular competencies that were applicable to my project, so I had the flexibility to choose the ones I found to be the most effective rather than scrambling for competencies that are more or less related to my topic. I am excited to see what the curriculum looks like when it is finalized!


Here are the pieces I selected:


Question: What are the most critical components of media to consider in order to accurately assess the representation of women?


New Media 10 curriculum



Big Idea:

  • The exploration of text and stories deepens our understanding of complex, diverse ideas about identity, others, and the world.


Curricular competencies:

  • Apply appropriate strategies to comprehend written, oral, visual, and multimodal texts
  • Identify bias, contradictions, and distortions
  • Respectfully exchange ideas and viewpoints from diverse perspectives to build shared understandings and extend thinking


ZIP 2017 Proposal

Zip round two! This time- regarding women’s issues. Much more exciting!



Question, what I would like to do, motives


What are the most critical components of media to consider when assessing the accuracy of the representation of women? I would like to explore the possible answers to this question through collecting an assortment of tests and questions that can be applied to sources of information when regarding the representation of women. After I have collected these assessments, I would like to apply them to a few sources of varying representations of women, and then identify the common themes and determine the most crucial components of these tests to take into consideration. I formulate a presentation to my peers regarding these refined points, and have them explore these qualifications for themselves.


Current knowledge and skills


I currently am aware that there are tests that consider the interactions between women among other standards, and the purpose of such tests is to determine the presence of sexism or male dominance in films, texts, and media. Aside from general knowledge such as common discrepancies, I do not have much specific knowledge relating to this topic, but it is something that I see as incredibly important to recognise and be aware of. I am sensitive to women’s issues and the potential sensitivities of my audience, so I think that will help me create a presentation that is informative without being insensitive. I am also passionate about women’s rights, so that passion will likely help me to stay engaged in my topic through my study.


To be improved:

  • Unbiased analysis and presentation
  • Synthesis of information
  • Brevity
  • Critical Analysis skills
  • Identifying common themes


Who can I approach?


I have access to resources from Mr Morris regarding essential questions to be considering when regarding various forms of media, as well as insight from my aunt whose university teachings are tailored to women’s issues, and that of my parents, both of whom have taken women’s studies courses in the past. My mom’s english masters degree thesis was on the manner in which violent women are depicted in media, and how even in active situations, women are still depicted in very typecasted ways.




I could potentially have access to my mom’s Master’s thesis, though I am not sure that that subject matter would be suitable for my reading. I will be on the lookout for established tests and questions that people have already published regarding the roles that women play in media. I will likely find these online, but it is entirely possible that I might discover something of value in a library.


How might you demonstrate your learning?


I hope that by the end of this time, I will have established a list of the most important things to consider and identify when observing the representation of women in various media. With this list, I would like to bring forth a presentation where we briefly go through the components of the list and assess a preselected piece, before they are sent off with individual representations to assess, and, if I can figure out how to do it right, fix to be more appropriate. These representations would be likely assigned one per quad, and they could be in the form of texts, posts, videos, or advertisements.




Day Task
Friday, December 8th Step 2.5: Connect to curriculum, self assessment/rubric creation. Begin research into potential question if there is extra time.
Monday, December 11th Collect as many tests, questions, and assessments as are relative to my topic. Search both digital and physical domains for insight.
Friday, December 15th Begin to evaluate these and start to refine into the most crucial points. Identify underlying themes, common points, and those that stick out and are most unexpected. Also be aware of seemingly very effective strategies. Test out these points a few different forms of media.
Monday, December 18th Refine points into my own, comprehensible language and venture further out into potential applications for these points. Be diverse in choosing forms of media, and select examples that are relevant to the audience.
Friday, December 22nd Finalize choices of media and of questions, formulate the presentation. Select a piece to assess together as a class, a brief but clear explanation of the points, and the individual examples to be given to the class. Ensure that the presentation is smooth and makes sense.

Eminent Bibliography 2017

Here are some great resources on Robyn Rihanna Fenty!



Rihanna- the Unauthorized Biography


Rihanna- the Unauthorized Biography is a good resource for information on Rihanna’s life in the spotlight, detailing her dramas and accomplishments as a singer. It shows the side of Rihanna that is picked on by media outlets, as well as the parts of her that are individual and quite personal.


Rihanna, Rebel Flower


In Rihanna, Rebel Flower, the reader is given access to insight on Rihanna’s upbringing, and the difficult path to success that she traveled. This is an effective resource for understanding where Rihanna came from and her vulnerability, as well as her strengths and the resilience of her character.




This is a children’s book briefly touching on who Rihanna is, and on some of her accomplishments. I would recommend this book as a starting place, it makes elaborating on Rihanna much more straightforward. This book helps to ensure that the information you absorb on Rihanna after reading it makes considerably more sense.




Rihanna Hosts the Fenty Beauty Launch Party


This is a video detailing the Fenty Beauty launch party this past November. It is a fantastic resource for getting a feel for not only what the launch party involved, but also for understanding further how Rihanna feels about Fenty beauty, including interviews and clips of her playing with the products.


Behind the Beauty


In this video, Rihanna discusses the Fenty Beauty, her motives for creating the line, behind the scenes details, and insight onto her access to creativity for the whole line. It is a great way to see her personal connections to the line, and the viewer sees that this is a truly important accomplishment for her.


Fenty Beauty by Rihanna


This is the official full advertisement video for Fenty Beauty. It is an invitation into the diversity and attitude that is everything Fenty Beauty is about. A minute and a half of pure epic that you will not regret.


Websites: is the essential hub for Rihanna insight. You can find information on her music, beauty line, fashion collaborations, tours, fragrances and charity work, as well as images and videos on her and her accomplishments.


Night of the Notables 2017 Reflection

I can’t believe that was my last night of the notables! To be honest, the Eminent project is one of my favourite TALONS projects that we do every year. It’s one of those assignments that is completely unique to TALONS, and it isn’t something you would likely find in any other classroom. The project provides challenge for everyone, whether for you that is in the performance, the interacting with visitors, keeping on top of your time or the research portion. At the same time, what is a challenge for someone else might be your strength, and the place within the project where you excel. The night of the notables itself is an evening of unity, love and support all through the program. Everyone is there to cheer on their peers and to make the evening as memorable and as special as possible. Its a truly amazing experience!

In my introductory blog post, I stated; “Through Eminent 2017, I hope to get the most out of my opportunity to understand topics that are fundamentally unfamiliar to me, and learn how to emulate someone in a respectful and constructive manner, doing a service to their achievements all while expressing their eminence and my admiration. I want to explore how someone comes to be as successful as Rihanna, whether it can be credited to fortune or if you can build exponential success through determined work and a powerful identity.” How much of this did I end up achieving?

In terms of emulating someone in a respectful and constructive manner, I think I did fairly well. I ensured to discuss the topics that Rihanna has identified as important, such as those regarding people of colour, and I was very aware and careful to not overstep my bounds. I felt that it was really important not to address myself as a woman of colour even though for that evening I wasn’t myself, because I believe that that discomfort and insensitivity would not only create tensions but could also block my audience from the experience of my speech and learning centre.

Can Rihanna’s fame be credited to luck? There are of course many things that have happened in Rihanna’s career that were very fortunate for her. Having a talent scout come to Barbados, landing hit songs from writers like ‘Umbrella’, and the reception of her transition to authenticity (the Good Girl Gone Bad period) are all examples of this. But can Rihanna’s work be disregarded as simply strokes of luck? Absolutely not. Success does not come easily to performers, as I have come to further understand through my interview with Mathew V, and this success would be especially challenging to achieve for a woman of colour. Rihanna has had to push to be taken seriously in the industry, and to have her success directed to where it belongs, not on her relationships or her body or any excuse that degrades her character.

In the future, I would like to draft multiple, completely different speeches, and from there choose which one to refine and edit. I feel as if having more options to work off of would help me to feel less trapped with the speech I choose. Regardless of how good my speech is, if I say it enough times it will cease to be significant or enjoyable for me, and I will want to change it. This could perhaps be mitigated with other drafts to fall back on, and then the realization that I have in fact picked the best suited one and it’s just my brain that has twisted it.

The most memorable part of this Night of the Notables for me has to be the atmosphere that we created backstage. Even though we were all nervous and in many cases concerned, everyone backstage was ready to be supportive and congratulate everyone who walked off of that stage! The evening was so much more enjoyable with that natural support system and all of the compassion that filled the backstage area.

I would like to thank Mr Salisbury and Ms Mulder for all of their hard work in making this event a success, as well as for all the support during and after the night. I would also like to thank Mr Morris, because even though we were all trying to figure this out together, it ended up being extremely successful and enjoyable. I’m so excited to see how things will go when Mr Morris adds his own flare to Night of the Notables! I know it will be fantastic.


Learning Centre Tour!

Inside the Making of my Eminent Costume

For eminent this year, my speech will be set during the release party of Fenty Beauty that happened on September 7th. My costume is based off of Rihanna’s skirt for the event, which was in turn based off of her 2015 MET Gala dress!

Rihanna’s outfit from the Fenty Beauty release party in September

Rihanna’s MET gala 2015 dress


I decided that I wanted to put my time into creating a memorable costume that would do justice to Rihanna’s always-in-the-spotlight wardrobe. Here’s how it went down!


First, I went to the fabric store and picked up 15 meters of a pale yellow tulle fabric, as well as 5 meters of a deeper yellow with tons of glitter in it. I also got elastic for the waistband, and 10 more meters of pink tulle for my learning centre. I started by measuring out the fabric into 6 equal lengths and folding it, then cutting along those folds.


I then measured the width into 3 equal parts, and cut along that with my fabric cutters.


Once I had all the measurements and cutting done, I was ready to tie the waistband and get started on the body of the skirt. I roughly tied off the elastic and separated the strips of tulle. I put on the elastic and began wrapping the tulle around the elastic, and then back through itself.


I repeated the tie for all 36 strips of tulle to create the body. Next, I cut the glittery yellow tulle to size, and tied them in an alternating fashion, with two pale yellow, one small bright yellow, two pale yellow, one regular bright yellow, and so on. When I had finished tying on all the strips, I evened them out and tightened the elastic waist. I also temporarily added a belt;


Then I added my golden hoop earnings and matching bracelets, as well as a set of rings and my yellow shirt. I also removed the belt.


For the final touch, I took a pair of heels and some old socks and worked some magic, putting the socks over my heels and cutting out a small hole. The result- boot heels!


About four hours later, I had an amazing outfit to prove for all my hard work. Now all that’s left to do is wait until Wednesday to put it all on again. I’m excited to walk around feeling like a princess, and even better, like Rihanna herself. Can’t wait!

Eminent Interview- Mathew V

For my Eminent  interview this year, I had the pleasure of interviewing Mathew V, the singer and performer originally from Vancouver! Mathew answered all of my questions with genuine intent to help me out, and he was able to provide me with an insight to performance arts I would not have had access to otherwise. He helped me to better understand how it feels for a singer onstage during actual performances, which will be extremely useful for me while I present my speech onstage. Mathew and I also discussed the pressures and duties of influential people to have a certain kind of social impact, when I discovered he actually has a similar view on the matter to that of Rihanna. He believes that although he doesn’t ever want to have a negative impact on others, he still has to live his life and be his genuine self. From our conversation, I will be able to more accurately represent a performer onstage, as well as understand some of what it means to be a performance artist! I am feeling a lot more confident in my representation of Rihanna onstage and in conversation in my learning centre afterwards! I am really grateful for the opportunity to chat with Mathew and in turn, back up my project with more knowledge and authenticity. Below is a synthesis of our conversation, highlighting some points that I think will be most impactful to my eminent performance!


How does it feel for you when you perform, to get on stage and give pieces of yourself to the audience?

  • For me, performances are always super exciting
  • For anyone who has chosen the career and has the opportunity to be on stage it’s what they’ve always wanted to do so to actually be able to do that
  • A bit nervous for big performances
  • So much work has gone into it and i’ve performed so many times, I think it’s more of a powerful, confident feeling


Has that feeling shifted or changed for you over time?

  • Used to get super super nervous,
  • Worried about what people would think
  • Feeling more confidence, knowing how to work the audience


Why is performing an important part of your music?

  • It’s a chance to actually interact and connect with the audience
  • All be in the same room, listening to the same music
  • When a song is released, you don’t know how people are reacting, how they like it, how it impacts them
  • Opportunity to be more human


If you could expand to also be involved in another field of specialty, (visual arts, entrepreneurialism, etc) what would you want to do?

  • When I was growing up, business was the backup plan
  • Didn’t give myself the opportunity to have a backup plan
  • There’s entrepreneurialism in my work already
  • I like to make sure that I have a firm grasp on the inner workings


Do you have a favourite part of your work?

  • Whatever part i’m doing in the moment
  • Nothing matches the excitement of finishing a recording session and feeling like I’ve just written a hit song
  • Favourite favourite- performing for a really responsive crowd


Who do you think you are most grateful for in terms of the support they have provided for you in becoming a singer?


  • My parents have been unbelievably supportive of me
  • Wouldn’t have the opportunities to do what i’ve done without them
  • Allowing me to have flexibility in pursuing my dreams


Have you ever found it challenging to be a performance artist but also a genuine representation of yourself?

  • Luckily for me, my label has been really supportive of the music that I make
  • Some songs I write are super vulnerable, so it’s difficult to reveal those parts although they tend to connect way better
  • It can be tricky to open up like that but I think it’s important to face that fear


Do you feel that you have a duty as an artist to have a certain kind of social impact?

  • As of recently, It’s hard not to feel an obligation when people open up to you about their own lives and their struggles,
  • I don’t want to do anything on my end to influence anyone in a negative way but I also need to live my life
  • Hard balance
  • Regardless of what you do, someone is going to have something to say about it
  • Trust yourself and do what you think is right


Are there any other artists that have inspired you in pursuing performing arts?

  • Growing up i listened to Shania Twain and Celine Dion
  • I owe my love for pop melody to them
  • Social artist I wanted to be like- Lady Gaga
  • I went to her concert and she was up there fighting for gay rights
  • I didn’t know that there were people out there fighting for that on such a large scale to accept people like me
  • That helped me realize who I was, and helped me to come out
  • She helped me through one of the biggest aspect of my life to date
  • For someone who i’ve never met to have that big of an impact on me was definitely super powerful
  • Showed me the influence that singers have the potential to have


Do you think it was important for your development to have role models?

  • We are always influenced by people who have paved the way for us
  • I find inspiration every day
  • I listen to my favourite artists and what they have to say, and what they’re standing up for
  • In this political climate, it’s important to hear what they have to say and to constantly be inspired by other people


Three Wise Nugs

For my eminent 2017 practice interview, I pitched my questions to certified interior decorator-gone-designer Ms Bain. My interview went really well, and I gained lots of new insight into Interior Design from her experience and knowledge. Ms Bain and I discussed not only the interior design work itself, but also the implications on life and self! Here are the three most prominent parts of our interview for me:


  1. The path to your career you start with by no means has to be the one you end up pursuing! If you want change, you can make it happen.


  1. Work relationships give you an extra edge and air of comfort in competitive industries. Be human and be pleasant to clients, supervisors, and competitors!


  1. Once you are comfortable, seek a better fit in your career path for you. You don’t have to love everything about your job, but there are always things you can find ways to adjust to suit your personal needs in your life!


Eminent 2017 Speech Outline

For my eminent speech this year, I have 90 seconds to effectively relay Rihanna’s eminence. On top of this, I will also be responsible for convincing some of the audience that Rihanna is deserving of an eminent title. Though I am excited to become Rihanna for an evening, I am also feeling lots of pressure to be taken seriously! Although this is going to be challenging for me, I think it will also be a motivator for me to adjust and edit my speech even further than if my eminent person were someone who is not so much of a household name. Here is where my ideas are at right now, onto my speech outline!


  • (camera flashes and questions for effect)
  • Very Rihanna intro statement, welcoming audience to the Fenty Beauty release party

Rising Action

  • Discussion about Rihanna’s entrepreneurialism
  • Hurdles and boundaries expressed through the importance of discussion over uncomfortable and taboo topics
  • There is still so far to do, and it is unfortunate that we are only this far along in 2017
  • The time is now for representation of ALL women in media
  • The concept that there is no market for women of colour in the beauty industry is completely false
  • This line, this progression, is for everyone.


  • 12 o’clock, Fenty Beauty is officially released to the world
  • Passion about the vitality of representation


  • Very Rihanna outro statement, thanking audience for support
  • (Possibly more camera flashes for effect, maybe music)


Robyn Rihanna Fenty- an Eminent Introduction

My eminent person this year is Robyn Fenty, though you probably are more familiar with her middle name, Rihanna. Robyn is a woman of Bajan origin who, since she moved to America from Barbados when she was fifteen, has been striving to incorporate a little of who she is and what she believes in into the American culture.

I certainly connect with Robyn, but there are many differences between us, physical and otherwise. She has fought through so many things, many that I can relate to but a few, particularly those of race, that I will never experience in my life.


(Appreciate how long that took me to edit)

Robyn is an icon and an inspiration for perseverance, and utter determination. She started off on a rough foot involving her family life and her father’s struggle with drug addiction. I am so fortunate to have a supportive and loving family in my life, that this kind of struggle wasn’t a part of my definition. Robyn has intense independence that she is not afraid to project, and with these projections she helps women understand that the ‘fundamental roles’ that women are funnelled into on a large scale are not in any way the option. Her success is her own creation, and is a result of her hard work. She is an example of a woman who works hard for herself and for the people whose lives she has the opportunity to impact, creating vast change in the lives of women globally. I am utterly inspired by her independence and compassion. To me, she has been consistent and true to herself and her beliefs regardless of the pressures of media and those industries she is a part of. If I could make a fraction of the impact that she has, I would consider that successful.

Although I admire her impact, I do not have a desire to follow her same path. It has nothing to do with her, but rather my own ambitions and skill set. I am not a singer, nor a performer (for all I know), but I have felt a desire to consider business, activism, and the beauty industry in my life. One of the fantastic things about Robyn is the extent of her impact. She has tapped into business, beauty, charity, performance, music, and has expressed an interest into expanding into anything she can create. her mental capacities are outstanding, and she does it all following her own sense of identity.

The roadblocks and hurdles for me in the process of connecting to Robyn Fenty include


My plans for maneuvering these obstacles is mainly doing specific research on the things that Rihanna has said about these topics so that I can develop a genuine understanding of how she feels, rather than filling in my own blanks for something I don’t have a full understanding of. These will be expressed in a document of learning.

Through Eminent 2017, I hope to get the most out of my opportunity to understand topics that are fundamentally unfamiliar to me, and learn how to emulate someone in a respectful and constructive manner, doing a service to their achievements all while expressing their eminence and my admiration. I want to explore how someone comes to be as successful as Rihanna, whether it can be credited to fortune or if you can build exponential success through determined work and a powerful identity.

In connection to my IEP, eminent this year will help me discover more about potential options for my future, as well as assist me in becoming a 360 learner. If I can have some kind of influence or inspiration for the nines and their projects next year, just as Hira Lalani had on me with her project last year, I will be very pleased. Hira’s performance and passion helped guide me to taking initiative in this project, and really take the opportunity to get inspired and excited for my eminent person project.


Best of luck to everyone for Eminent 2017! Take the time to enjoy it!

Theme Analysis- Kurt Vonnegut Jr’s ‘Harrison Bergeron’ and Stuart Mclean’s ‘Emil”

In both Kurt Vonnegut Jr’s ‘Harrison Bergeron’ and Stuart Mclean’s ‘Emil”, I read the prominence of compassion and it’s essential influence on development, productivity, and the formation of healthy relationships. The two stories present opposites on the spectrum of compassion. ‘Harrison Bergeron’ is a somewhat exaggerated representation of the potential result when people are not capable of showing compassion. Under the influence of “mental handicap[s]’(1), those naturally capable of thought and potentially compassion are censored, depriving them and the society as a whole of relationships with any meaning. No relationship is created between Harrison and his parents, and his outburst at the studio; “I am the Emperor! Everybody must do what I say at once!”(3) may be the result of his high-functioning brain seeking recognition after 14 years without compassion from his parents. Conflicts can be avoided when simple, empathetic gestures are integrated into the life of any person, vulnerable or otherwise.  In ‘Harrison Bergeron’, there is no room in society for ‘otherness’.


Within ‘Emil’, Morley takes steps to humanize Emil, regardless of that otherness he possesses in comparison to her and her family. Past the quick judgements of her close circle, Morley aspires to take time with the capacity she does have to consider Emil and be compassionate towards him. Although it may be a gesture not obvious to her family, Morley has considered and expressed her feeling that “You can’t expect [someone] to listen to you if you don’t even know [their] name,”(111). Building this relationship with a homeless person has allowed Morley to open herself and introduce her family to a greater sense of inclusion for others. Both narratives express how otherness can be overwhelming and in many ways frightening. With two different views on the matter, Kurt Vonnegut Jr’s ‘Harrison Bergeron’ and Stuart Mclean’s ‘Emil” demonstrate how shallow thoughts can block connections and prevent channels for impactful empathy.