Valuable source

While researching my question I found this amazing website that shows you step by step what should go into a script. It explains what everything is called, what everything means, and where it should go. The link to the website will be below. It has shown me basically everything I need to know about script writing, but I will still continue on my research for another day. I have also decided which story I will be turning into a script, and with the knowledge I have now I can start turning that story into the script I hope for.


How the style effects the actor reading it

A new question that I have come up with is the effect the script style has on the actor reading the script. I would like to include this in my final presentation by getting the person i am presenting to, to tell me which style of script they like best and why and compile that into a second answer for the second half of my project. It would be really fun if I was able to present that answer in front of the class, but if I can’t at least I’ll have the answer.

Also, through my research I found what the type of script I will be writing is called. The type of script I will be writing is a spec script. A spec script is the script for new movies and TV shows that haven’t been bought/sold. Most scripts are spec scripts. Only small percentage make it to the screen. Spec scripts are usually original work which is what I am planning on making. I haven’t chosen which styles I am going to delve into, but I have options ready.

ZIP Proposal 2019

I would like to learn how to write a script because I have always been interested in acting and having done a few plays with Lindjberg Academy. I have a few old scripts and in each of those scripts they have a different way of showing when a person is speaking and when a person is acting. I’m excited to learn what the reasons are for script writers using the different styles and what effect it has on the actors. Like I said before, I have previous experience with scripts and different styles of them. I think my previous knowledge and curiosity for script styles will help me succeed in my work.  

I hope that by the end of this assignment I gain a better understanding of how scripts are written, how they affect the actor who is using them, and what different styles of scripts there are. Beyond Mr. Morris I can use my peers and people I know from acting to support my research. Also, a main resource I will be using is the internet; if I can get a hold of some, I will also use other scripts as sources. 

I plan on showing my work by writing my own short story and turning that into scripts using the different types/styles I learn. I will get the person I am presenting to, to read off the scripts and I’ll record which one everyone likes best and why and if I get a chance to I will share those results to the whole class. 

As of right now we have eight assigned class days; in the background I will always be working on the short story. I think I can evenly split my work in half so for four days I can research and take notes on different script styles and types and the affects they have on the actors, and then the other four days I can turn my short story into the scripts using the styles I choose. I will always be working on this in the background though.

Zip DOC 4(?)

I have quite a big list of struggles during ZIP, even though I am not good at assembling lists. Here are a few:

In the past weeks, I have found that it is very hard for me to brainstorm a big list of items. I was trying to do a prereading list of the benefits of text vs. visual presentation in terms their ability to present characters. I got to around 5 for each, but can’t get any further no matter how hard I tried. Later on, in a similar exercise, I could concentrate for the first 10 minutes or so, but I lost my focus soon after. Even then, since it is on my mind, during the day I will sometimes get an idea that I will forget before I can write it down. A few cycle of that drives me crazy. So I began carrying a notepad at home, which helped a lot.

I also found that it is very hard to analyze too many works, so I will just focus on one piece. I have watched the movie and read the book both twice, and I will create an infographic later.

That said, I realized that infographics are very hard to create on a slow computer. My usual browser, Opera, is incompatible with canva, the design website I am using, and on top of that, using Firebox often crashes my computer for whatever reason. Even with Chrome, I have to slowly carry out any operation or else the browser freezes and doesn’t respond. So I will still try to create as many as I need, but I may replace some of them with mind maps or other things.

ZIP- Document of Learning #3

If there is something you would like to change about your schedule, what would you change? Why?

Monday, December 18 was the last official focus block for ZIP and during the class time given, I finished writing all my notes which means I only need to write an essay and complete a mindmap – if I go along according to my schedule which I’m not. I came to the realization that I actually don’t have enough time during winter break to create a mindmap and write an essay so I decided to change my schedule. 


Below is my revised schedule.

Dec. 23, 2017 Write half of paragraph #1 and the introduction
Dec. 28, 2017 Complete writing paragraph #1
Dec. 29 2017 Write half of paragraph #2
Dec. 30, 2017 Complete writing paragraph #2
Dec. 31, 2017 Finish half of paragraph #3
Jan. 1, 2017 Complete paragraph #3 and the conclusion
Jan. 3, 2017 Revise essay
Jan. 4, 2017 Create a powerpoint to present my learning


I am going to talk about our in-class focus block for the past week. On Monday, I spent that entire block watching and finishing the Ender’s Game movie. I didn’t take notes because I will probably watch it again, and also because I just want to get an overall impression without missing anything while taking notes. On my second work block on Friday, I brainstormed what the second piece of literature I am going to analyze is, as well as made some notes on the movie. I used just my memory of the movie to write down the “big idea” of the movie; the key differences between the movie and the book. This is focused on the movie, so I won’t present much in terms of solid compare and contrast. I also did a bit of organizing for my binder, since the rings opened in my backpack and the pages all fell out. It was another productive block…

Here is an interesting quote that I found while researching:

“I cried when I saw [the movie]. I said, ‘Oh, God, what have they done?'”

– P.L.Travers (Mary Poppins)

ZIP Post 2

At this point in my project, I have realized that my initial plan is way too ambitious. I could still complete it, but it would require a lot of effort during the break, which I prefer to spend relaxing. I made a new calendar, attached in image below.

Changes: I plan to create a compare and contrast essay still, but I am going to take away the movie notes as mandatory. I could do compare and contrast notes still, but no specific notes for each one. I am also going to change the second novel vs. film comparison to maybe a short story vs. short film comparison (I still need to find it, recommendations accepted).