Confederation Speech

Hello I am thomas heath haviland and I am speaking on behalf of the military and defence of Prince Edward Island. Confederation would not benefit our defence, in fact confidence would harm our defence. Our isolation is what keeps us safe. Yes, it’s much harder to get to our island without a bridge, but this means it’s much harder for our enemies to come across. Speaking of enemies, we don’t really have one. We have strong trade with nova Scotia, New brunswick, america and europe. Confederation would harm our relations with europe and especially america. Harming not only our defence, but also our economy. If PEI was to confederate, the confederation bridge would be built, connecting us to the mainland and taking away our isolation. This would make attacks from the fenian raids and other enemies much more of a problem since they can just cross a bridge to attack. Our isolation is our defence. PEI doesn’t have a military. I know confederation would give us one but we’d prefer to not confederate than have our citizens die defending land that is not ours. Also, we are too small of a colony to mean enough to canada. Would you really send attequite military help if the fenian raids ever happened to us. Or would you leave us to fend for ourselves, a mere 80 thousand of us compared to your over a million. Let’s be honest, who’s really your priorities. Not a tiny island across the *sea?*. We are happy as we are, so let us be and we’ll let you be.

Confederation Speech —Kimi/George Coles

Greetings gentlemen and I, George Coles, the premiere of Prince Edward Island, would like to apprise a consolidation of our final address towards this issue. Our official decision is to oppose the idea of Confederation, as it would not benefit our nation by an efficient amount and would however produce disadvantage for us instead. Even though we would gain protection from other nations and receive help for potential financial problems if Prince Edward Island is to connect with the main land. We would not gain much of an economic or defensive advantage as the island is already safe within. As mentioned, our nation enjoys political independence, and we believe that our nation would be under the pressure of the big, sovereign nations if Confederation is going to apply.  Also, our nation would appeal to be insignificant in the rep by pop system as our population would force us to follow the hegemony of the main lands. On the other hand, I appreciate the plan of building a confederation bridge joining our island to the mainland, but I think that the bridge would only make us more vulnerable as our intrinsic defense against others is the water barriers. Hypothetically speaking, we will gain possible economic benefits if the mainlands were to pay off our debt, but Confederation will get rid of our predominant trading relationships with other nations. To conclude, this nation would like to corroborate the idea of opposition to Confederation.

Confederation Speech

My name is Charles Fox Bennett, premiere of Newfoundland. To conclude, no, we would not like confederation. we are going to be staying independent for a multitude of reasons.

As previously stated, we are currently perfectly fine being somewhat independent. Based on all of the factors involving our current state, we are not only economically stable, but have a strong responsible government, and if we were to confederate, newfoundland would lack in representation due to the concept of rep by pop. A lot of our power would be lost in the confederation of Canada, and for now it is not important for us to join together, however we will continue to support and assist confederation on the side.

Hypothetically, if we were to confederate, we would no longer continue to be a burden to the British and lessen the probability of economic failure. Our fishing and logging industry can be unpredictable, much like the British’s monetary support for us, but these “benefits” like the Railway have little to no impact on us. Going through with confederation would take away most of our independence and power we already have, along with our newfoundland identity, and with all these factors in play, we lean more to the side of no confederation.

Confederation: New Brunswick Defense Speech

Topics to address:

  • Fenian raids encouraged people to support Confederation
  • We have a lot of exposure to the U.S.
  • We want more security
  • Larger militia
  • American Civil War and Manifest Destiny is a threat
  • If we have to support other colonies, we would lose defense along borders


Your royal highness, ladies, and gentlemen, I, Charles Fisher will be representing New Brunswick in the topic of defense. As Mr. Wilmot has stated, New Brunswick is for Confederation because of the support it can bring to our economy, as well as the other colonies. Regarding New Brunswick’s defense and military, we would like to address some specific points.

Our first main point is concerning the Fenian Raids. The Fenian Raids greatly impacted the view of Confederation within New Brunswick. Since our colony is very open to bodies of water, it is extremely accessible. This created an easy target for the Fenians. And although the only damage the Fenian Raids have brought to New Brunswick were destructions of buildings, it fuelled New Brunswick’s sense of insecurity and increased support for Confederation.

The second point we would like to address is the American Civil War and Manifest Destiny affecting New Brunswick. We border the United States, and so both events have negatively influenced us. We fear that people from the U.S. will soon be invading our land. In addition to this, New Brunswick would need a larger military organization to protect our colony, which leads me to our next main point.

New Brunswick wants a larger militia for the security of all the colonies. However, if we have to support the other colonies, we would lose defense along our own borders. As we know, New Brunswick is a colony with tons of coastal area, which means we are in a vulnerable position when it comes to assailants. Furthermore, as I stated previously, we are bordering the United States, and having the threat of possible invasion builds up the need for a strong militia. In order for this to be achieved, we require the support from the rest of Canada.

In conclusion, New Brunswick encourages Confederation when regarding military and defense. We are in need of support from other colonies and the rest of Canada as a whole. Confederation can unite us, provide everyone with their needs, and help prevent further attacks and invasions. We expect to receive assistance from our allies if we do result in Confederation, as well as a stronger army. New Brunswick believes that if we all come together, Canada’s security and defense will greatly expand and form a powerful nation. Thank you.

Canadian Confederation Role Play

Final Address as John A. Macdonald

My fellow colonies, thank you for everyone’s input on the matter and we have been listening contently to what each and every one of you has said. On behalf of Canada West, our final thoughts on the matter are we think that joining the confederation of our British North American Colonies would be best for the nation. Based on what my fellow Canada West members have stated, confederating would be best for the nation because it would keep us safe from the Americans if they do decide to try and invade again, and frankly I myself am quite afraid of that happening. We could make a united military that could protect the boarder that separates us from the Americans. It would advance how we trade and the construction of the railway. By uniting our colonies, we could unite the railways, and by uniting the railways we could transport our good much faster.  

With this confederation we would also like to propose the idea of a double majority… uh yes right, a double majority government. Double majority would give the French the power they would not have if in representation by population. It will also ensure that everyone’s needs get accounted for. Also we would like to request the capital of Canada be in Canada West.

We have heard all of your inputs for the disadvantages of confederating, but here is a plus for you; if we confederate, it will cost you next to nothing. Since Canada West has the biggest population, it is also assumed that we have the most money, which we do, so we would provide the money and pay for almost everything needed. To show and convince you how important this is for our nation, Canada West wouldn’t even profit from any of it, all the profits go to you so you can thrive. This will balance out how everyone lives.

To conclude, Canada West believes confederation would be best for our nation. 


I, Sir Ambrose Shea, will be representing the colony of Newfoundland in the discussion regarding economics. I present my findings:


Confederation Speech: Sir Adams George Archibald on Confederation

Here in Nova Scotia, we believe that we should not confederate, based on the circumstance of our position in terms of politics. Firstly, the vast majority of the people living in Nova Scotia want to either stay an independent colony, or annex into the US. This is due to Rep by Pop, and our low population resulting in a low representation in parliament. Secondly, we would also be required to give up some of our independence, as well as our responsible government. We see that we do not have an urgent need to confederate, as we already have a stable responsible governement that is able to function independently. By confederating, we would need to throw away the system, replacing it with the system of Federal and Provincial governments, preventing us from making our own federal decisions. Even though we could still have a voice in those decisions, Rep by Pop would minimize the amount that we would be able to However, we have a large political deadlock, involving two sides debating over joining the US or staying independent. Since this argument is going nowhere, confederating would rid us of the argument immediately. Considering all of this, we should not confederate, due to the voice of the people, little voice in decisions, as well as throwing away the working system we already have. Thank you.