The French Revolution

Dear Diary,
Today marks the 6 year anniversary of what they are calling my “Women’s March to Versailles”. I like the sounds of that. It makes me think maybe the rights of women will be fair someday, maybe even equal to men. Since my March, I’ve been thrown in jail twice, but thankfully escaped. Both for speaking my opinion in public. Honestly, I got off easy. People around me have been killed on the spot for speaking their mind, at least I’m not dead yet. My luck is starting to run out. Rumors are spreading of them looking for me again, and jail might not be an option this time.

The fruit-selling business has been as encouraging as always, and less and less people are remembering me for my March. It seems so simple just to change my name and disappear from the excitement of this Revolution. The end of it is near, and doesn’t need my help. Women are getting a say in the result of what happens, and that is all I could ask for. The name Reine Audu will be a strong, courageous name highly remembered for her leadership role, but starting now, I won’t be remembered as Reine Audu. For the safety of my life, I will stay in the shadows of thee marketplace, selling my fruit in peace.
Sincerely Yours,
Rita Arora

From Beyond the Grave: Rousseau

It has been very entertaining  watching  all these events occur from the heavens. I’m glad these revolutionaries have run with my philosophies, and finally abolishing that dreadful monarchy. Why did they have to wait after my death to start revolting? Is it so much to ask for a revolution within my lifetime? Even though the government has agreed to a constitutional monarchy, this is not where we stop. We have them by the ropes, and if these people really want freedom and equality, they will fight for a republic.

And the king? Even without official powers, his influence to bring back the monarchy is still very powerful. Keeping him around is pointless, and will only slow the path to a republic. Off with his head!

Final Warning (InDepth Post #6)

The night is drawing nearer with each day. Only one month stands between the students of TALONS and our big reveal. Our projects, which we have slaved away on day and night, are about to be put under a magnifying glass for all of our peers, teachers, families, and future TALONS to analyze. This is the point in which we are required to have everything gathered, our newly honed skills are put to the test and we must teach others our new trade.


For me I still am a little apprehensive about my final product, which is to be expected. I’ve put 4/5 months worth of blood, sweat, and tears into this project. I’ve learned things that I never would have otherwise, and I’m going to be critical of my own work.

So far I’ve completed most of my research, though there’s a surprise component that I’m working on (which may or may not make an appearance at the actual InDepth night depending on its success rate). I managed to find yet another framed article on my family (like the crest in one of my previous posts) and it will be taking a seat at my display. My main job now is to write out the entirety of my project on massive sheets of paper which are almost as tall as myself…. not quite sure how I’m going to make that work yet. My mentor has left me to do my own thing now, though he is still there if I need guidance. I must also go and pick up a series of old photographs that a relative has, in exchange for lunch and some current ones of myself.


Other than this, its all nit-picky things until the day of InDepth night.

I’ll see you all on the other side.

Farmer Frank – before the fall of the Monarchy

Howdy y’all! Me again, just a farmer living my life one crop at a time with my beloved wife. The fury continues to rage between us and the government. The lack of customers is becoming frustrating and these beautiful crops that we have worked hard on are going to waste by the minute. I mean just cause the King gets to eat whenever he wants doesn’t mean the rest of the country can. Without affordable prices, the people can’t buy food from the bakers which means the bakers won’t be able to buy food from us which means no money and no food. Like honestly we’ve had it up to here with the king! Just kill him already!!! As my wife says, it’ll make a great party … for the farmers at least. Most people want the king dead from what I hear. Other people think it’s a bad idea because apparently there is this revolution thing happening?? what ever that it is, it can’t be that bad right? Either way it should be the most excitement I’ve had in a long while. I mean pulling crops all day is really only fun after the first day, I’ve been doing this for 10 years.

Anyways, if this revolution thing is actually happening I say let’s fight! No one messes with my crops and family and gets away with it. My bet is that we are gonna kill this so called king and get our country back! Most importantly get our money back … I mean crops! It’s about time that us farmers take a stand and take back what’s ours. Anyways, I have to go … accidentally ran over my wife’s foot! Till next time!

Georges Danton: A King in Peril & A Hope for France

Dear Camille Desmoulins,

I write with a fervour – limitless energy flows through my veins, as France is spreading her wings for the first time! Not three months ago today, I wrote you about the revolution that was surely going to begin. Although you agreed with me, when I dared to open my mouth to present my dream I was scoffed at behind closed doors. But I refused to give up hope, and now we are on at the crest of this wave of change. Oh Camille, I feel as though I am poised to strike the killing blow! First we stormed the Bastille and with my new position as Minister of Justice I have the legal means to take action against the King!

Although, not much action will need to be taken – the King has doomed himself. In his Royal foolishness, King Louis XVI was caught fleeing France; we have all the conviction we need to bury him and his legacy and create a new France, a France built on domestic peace, stability and justice for all! I must convince the people that the King must die; he cannot be allowed to become an obstacle to this Revolution.

Camille, our Caveliers clubs has grown to more than we could have ever dreamed of. Our organization has become one of the premier places of discussion in all of Paris. Along with the Jacobin’s club, we are the most powerful political society in the city.

Ah, the Jacobin’s club. My friend, I beg of you, be cautious around Maximilien Robespierre. He is a silver tongued serpent that has wove his way into our ranks. He speaks of great things but he masks his true desire – to burn all of our heritage and re-establish all of France’s Institutions in line with his own likings. It is admirable to hope for a France based on pure moral virtue, but it is unfortunately drastically unrealistic, and his radicalism is unsettling. Treat him with great discretion.

Camille, I promise to write again soon. You are my visionary brother.

Stay safe.

Georges Danton.


Naploeon Bonaparte: Panic in Paris

October 1792

When people panic; chaos ensues.

As a lieutenant of artillary in the French military, I have to deal with many problems. The problem right now (well, I should say the FIRST problem right now) is the war with Prussia and Austria. We, the military, are doing all we can to put a stop to these wars and keep our country safe. However the battles have been getting closer and closer to the city of Paris, and the Parisians are not too happy about it.

Oh yes, those Parisians. They got very upset with how things were being run in France, so they decided to take matters into their own hands. Last August I witnessed 30000 angry French people storm the Tuileries Palace in hopes of capturing Kind Louis XVI. The King was alerted of the angry mob and was lead to safety, while the Swiss army tried to keep everything in order. They did not succeed, to say the least. I, watching from the sidelines and seeing if there was something that I could do, watched the army surrender in the hope to save their lives. The mob had no mercy, and killed the majority of them. Once I saw that there was nothing I could do in that situation, I retreated to safety.

As I write this, the king is being held on trial. The people want him executed, but he has done quite a good job of avoiding that fate. There have been a few times where I have been called into the court to state what has happened in situations. I talked to the court about times when I had to fight to protect him, how he was spending time/money on the military, etc.

There has been no final decision on the fate of the king, but things are not looking too good for him. I personally do not wish to see him killed, but I do not have much say in the matter anymore. Whatever the outcome, hopefully France will have a better system or a better ruler than before all of this happened.

“Religion is what keeps the poor  from murdering the rich.” -Napoleon Bonaparte

The French Get Feisty

November 1792

Fast forward from the last post – I have lived, died and have miraculously been able to watch over the events now happening in France. I was expecting the afterlife – heaven, the crème de la crème, right? Mais non! I’ve thought and thought for most of my life, so I am to stick around and think some more while watching these events. And the French, they have not been idle.

Ah, if only I had been born later into history! I dearly wish to take part in this. King Louis XVI is attempting to keep control of France, but with the rising bread prices and pitiful economic state he cannot keep the people placated for long. In my day the country was in debt, yes, but we had been borrowing money… I suppose all the previous wars intensified the problem. Naturally, the King (why should I call him King? I am not under his rule anymore) and some of the nobles are hoarding grain, raising it’s price as well, likely. In defense of Louis-Auguste (that is his name, and I shall not call him King), he has played both sides with a nimble hand. Louis-Auguste has been forced to recall the Estates-General; however, the old system was unfairly divided betwixt classes, or estates, and the National Assembly was formed in its place. Louis-Auguste refused to recognize its authority but continued to give off mixed signals: locking the National Assembly out of meeting place one day, but celebrating the anniversary of the storming of the Bastille the next.

Journal, it has been many years since I wrote in you last, but it is difficult learning how to manipulate worldly objects when you are non-corporeal. Let us quickly skip over the next few events to get to where I am today. After the women’s march in Versaille, Louis-Auguste placed himself firmly against the revolutionaries and fled from the Tuileries Palace disguised as a servant. The so-called king made a foolish excuse to preserve his honor, claiming he was attempting to prove to those against the Revolution that he wasn’t a complete prisoner of the Revolutionaries. The National Assembly compromised with Louis-Auguste to accept the excuse if he signed the new constitution, a well-played move to tip the scales in favour of the revolutionaries. As war was declared on the Austrians (in favour of continuing Louis-Auguste’s reign), sans-culottes gathered in Paris and formed clubs in favour of a Republic. They arrested and deposed the Louis-Auguste, rendering the constitution invalid – which leads to where I am now.

After Louis-Auguste was FINALLY deposed, a national convention has been called to write a new constitution, make a system of rules to retain order until it is ready, and somehow deal with Louis-Auguste in the short term. In my opinion, Louis-Auguste was never the true sovereign of France. Every single citizen makes up the one whole of the country, the ‘Sovereign’ of France: with a single one missing it is no longer valid. He has caused enough trouble already, and should simply be banned from taking place in any political action in France: have his titles stripped, take away his wealth and property and reduce him to an ordinary working citizen of France. Judge him for his crimes against the people, the fraud and his attempts to suppress the voices of the people of France just as you would any other citizen. The leaders of the convention are quibbling – arguing over petty matters like who should be tried: monarchy as an institution or Louis-Auguste himself? To me the answer is clear: monarchies have worked well in other countries, so there is nothing wrong with the system. It is Louis-Auguste who is guilty!

And this was proved just yesterday. This moment will be remembered in history, the damnation of the King! He has been found to have an iron chest in his chambers, containing letters from his exiled ministers and bodyguards. He has been plotting with them to reinstate himself on throne. Had François Gamain, the Versailles locksmith who had installed it, not gone to Paris and told one of the Girondinist ministers about the locked chest, Louis-Auguste might have escaped from his crimes. The trial is to start in December, and finally I am seeing France take definitive action without their old ‘King’. Equality, Liberty and Fraternity, and long live France!

In Depth Post #6

Everyone who knows me knows that I play a lot of basketball. In basketball, athletes have games where they play amazing, practices where they feel like the star of the team, or drop-in sessions where they are just so on top of their game. Of course to have these “good” days, we have to have the bad. Bad days where you can’t make a shot to save your life, keep making the same bad pass, letting teammates down. I know what I’m talking about, the bad days happen as much as the good. But its the getting up, dusting ourselves of, and creating a good out of a bad day that improves our game.

What in the world does this have to do with pottery? Wheel-throwing isn’t a sport. No, I know that, but what I learned today has opened my eyes to how similar they can be. Like basketball, practicing wheel-throwing has its ups and downs. One day, I can go into the studio and make 5 cups in 5 tries, easily. But other days (such as today, yeesh) I can try so hard to make a decent cup and come out with only one “cup” that accidentally resembles the bottom half of an elephant. I’m not going to be steadily great every time, but the important thing to take away from a bad day is to come back next time for a great day. Of course if you already know this then you are one step ahead of me. To wrap up this week of in-depth work, I’d say I learned tons but made significantly less.

Picture time!:

notice the trimming on this one and how I sign my initial.
notice the trimming on this one and how I sign my initial.

this one I let glaze drip down the side  to create a cool look
this one I let glaze drip down the side to create a cool look

chipped before the kiln oops :)
chipped before the kiln oops :)
everything I have made so far. some aren't fired yet, most are finished
everything I have made so far. some aren’t fired yet, most are finished
a collection of cups, bowls made by people from port moody art centre
a collection of cups, bowls made by people from port moody art centre
my favorite so far. kind of a fluke to get it that tall though. I usually mess up on the taller ones.
my favorite so far. kind of a fluke to get it that tall though. I usually mess up on the taller ones.

In-depth #6: Preparing for the End

Oh dear. I don’t have time for anything these days. These past few weeks, and these upcoming few months, will probably be the busiest I have ever been. With my cadets starting to interfere with my TALONS, life has been difficult as I am trying my best to get the full benefits of the two highly dedicated programs. A lot of things are popping out in cadets, and the fact that I am also playing rugby is making the life of young Addam a tad bit more difficult than usual. However, I wouldn’t have joined if I knew it was all going to be easy. It’s going to be difficult at first, but I’ll live.

There is less than a month before in-depth night, and I can already feel all the stress coming to me. For my in-depth skill, car maintenance, I can’t seem to come up with an idea that will engage mt audience and still be creative. There are some skills that can easily be presented in a fun and creative way without being over the top, and I feel like care maintenance is not one of them. My first original idea was to possibly bring a car to the in-depth night (my family members) and show a hands on demonstration on the things I can do. However, this idea might not work so well because 1. my family members need the cars, 2. people might not be able to see my stand from where they are, and 3. there might not be the right space where I can bring a car. So I felt like that idea would not be the greatest.

So my most current idea of presenting my skills are a bunch of “do-it-yourself” videos, which shows me explaining what you’re suppose to do and shows me physically changing whatever I need to show. I could have a screen that shows the videos on a loop, where some “mechanic clothing”, and possibly bring a few tools to show everyone which is which and what things you need to to which task. I haven’t thought of a hands on activity yet, but hopefully I’ll come up with an idea before in-depth night becomes to close.

I haven’t seen my mentor within two weeks because he has been really busy with school and with work. However, this weekend we will be having a three hour session where I am going to tape all the changes I am going to teach for the in-depth night. My time for learning new things seems to be coming to an end. Now, I just need to constantly practice to perfect these skills. My mentor has been really nice about not being able to see me and all of that. I really enjoy being with my mentor, and it seems as if I can follow footsteps similar to his.

Until next time Talons. P.S. I also took some photos to show you what I’ve been doing!




Where oil is stored


Break Disk


Tire separator




Spare tires



January 22nd 1793: The Beginning of the End

It has been one day since the death of our king, and I am not prepared for what’s coming up next.

His death was not a clean one. There were so many watchers, just chanting and waiting foe the beheading of the man that lead to so many deaths. The man that caused all of this trouble within the people. The man who was the reason that my ribs are broken.

In the middle of one bread riot, the commoners got so out of control that they started pushing people the the floor. Commoners were mad at Josephin and I, so they felt like they needed to push me into a wall, breaking my rib, possibly two. Now I have to work extra hard at making bread; their idea of almost killing a baker wasn’t a smart one.

Ever since the rise of prices for bread, commoners have constantly rioted in the cities of France. People need to be able to live, and without have enough money to buy bread now, how are they suppose to live? Commoners need to realize that the rise of prices in bread cannot simply be changed. There are grains that we must buy, and with bad weather and all, grains cost more money. And my wife and I need to survive in this sad world too.

But I feel like the death of the king will not lead to the world they wanted. People need order, something to look up to. And the king, although hated, was something people can look to to lead their country. I’m not saying that I liked the man, I hated him as much as any other commoner. But it was not the right decision to kill him and start a new government. People do not know what they want, and this Republic idea might ruin France to the ground. I think we should have a new monarch, someone people can look up to and make sure that everyone is equal, the bread prices are stable, and everyone can live.

People are still celebrating in the streets, cheering for the new government, but I think it won’t be so easy. I think the republic will help for a bit, but one people don’t know what to do and problems arises, that’s when everything will fall.

But for now, I am keen on living the simply life with my wife and enjoying my time with some good rhymes. And bake bread for the people as well.



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