My Attempts to get an Interview

Well I have to say the most difficult thing in the eminent study was the interview. I tried to attain an interview multiple times with multiple people. So let me show you my attempts to get this interview, in the order I sent the messages.

1st attempt:                                                                                                                             I found a professor that wrote a book about Winston Churchill and Charles de Gaulle’s relationship. The Wikipedia article claimed that he worked at the University of Paris, but as I emailed them with this message:

“Hi, I’m Kevin Fang from Gleneagle Secondary School and I’m doing a project on Charles de Gaulle. I was wondering if you could give me the email of François Kersaudy, who I believe is a historian and a professor of English, so that I may perhaps ask him a couple of questions to find out more about Charles de Gaulle.
Thank you for your time.”

They responded with :

“Dear Kevin,
Mr. Kersaudy is teaching at Panthéon-Sorbonne University (Paris 1), not Paris-Sorbonne University.
I invite you to reach out with Paris 1 :
I wish you best of luck with your project.
Kind regards”

Once I took a look at the new university website, I realized that it was in french, and there was no English website; so I gave up the chase.

2nd attempt: After doing some more research, I found the email of a professor studying Charles de Gaulle. But after emailing him, it turns out that the email that I found was deactivated and that there was no forwarding address. The trail went cold from there and I moved on to different people.

3rd attempt: This time I tracked down a professor working at UBC. UBC’s website said that he has historical perspectives on the 19th century and had expertise in WW2 Japanese/Chinese activities. So I figured if he had done both of these things he could answer a few questions for me about Charles de Gaulle. My email to him:

“Hi Mr. Brook. My name is Kevin Fang and I am currently doing a project on Charles de Gaulle. He is a very intresting man who is a great french leader. I was wondering if you could answer a few questions of mine about the French army in World War 2. This insight would be incredibly helpful to me and I would appreciate it very much.

Thank you.”

He responded with:

“Dear Kevin,

I am a historian of China. You really need to ask someone who works on France.

Tim Brook”

At which I requested that he might introduce me to some colleges that would better answer my questions. This was over a week ago, he hasn’t responded back. So I went looking for someone else to interview.

4th attempt: Last week, I found Mr. Robert Tombs, a professor of 19th century french political history working at Cambridge University. I emailed him this:

“Hi Mr. Tombs, I’m Kevin Fang and I’m currently doing a research project on Charles de Gaulle. Since you have expertise in 19th century French Politics, I was wondering if you could answer some questions of mine about Charles de Gaulle’s early life and his rise to fame. This insight would be incredibly helpful to me and I would appreciate it very much.

Thank you for your time.”

And he responded with this:

“I might be able to help.  What research are you doing?”

I was in hope! I emailed him 2 days ago with my questions:

“I am currently researching Charles de Gaulles political views and actions. I have attached a list of questions down below. Please answer as many questions as you can. If it’s outside your knowledge,it is 100% ok with me if you leave it blank. Thank you again for all your help.

1. How where Charles de Gaulle’s feelings towards the British in his early life? (I know he had rocky relationships with the British during WW2)

2. How did other political leaders feel about Charles de Gaulle during WW2?

3. Why did Charles de Gaulle decide to join the army?

4. What are your feelings about Charles de Gaulle’s achievements?

5. Why was Charles de Gaulle so independent from other countries?

6. Did Charles de Gaulle’s behavior change the way other political leaders looked at France?

7. Would you say that Charles de Gaulle made a big difference in how France is now?

8. Any final comments on Charles de Gaulle’s childhood or anything related to his politic career?

Thank you for your time, this will help me greatly in my project.”

To which he hasn’t responded to me yet, and now that this project is due, there is very little chance he will contact me tonight.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is my story of how I tried to get an interview. Despite the fact that I was unable to obtain an interview in the end, I feel that I have learned a lot from this experience. Some things that I have learned are: Because most professors are busy with their own work, if you show that you don’t show enough understanding of your topic/did enough research, they will generally ignore you. (Which is what I think happened between me and Mr. Brooks). Also, if you bombard them with too many questions and they have no time to answer them, they won’t answer them. (Which is what I think happened between me and Mr. Tombs). I will now be able to put my new-found knowledge into my environmental issues study.




Where is Bill today? (extra blog post)

There is something about Bill Gates that I looked into but felt that I never really got a chance to share it; where he is now. So I have dedicated an entire blog post to it.

Bill sold all of his shares of the Microsoft Company and stepped down, reliving himself of his duties at Microsoft. Him and his wife, Melinda Gates started an organisation to help those who need it. They created the ‘Bill and Melinda Gates’ was formed in 1998. I have included a segment from the first draft of my speech that talked a lot about the good that he has done for the world.

“The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation kept growing. Over the next 15 years they donated over half of his fortune to people in third world countries focusing on Global Issues, helping people that are less fortune then himself. He donated billions to helping those with HIV, Pneumonia, Tuberculosis and Clean water. It started to dawn on me that he wasn’t actually throwing money away, I realised that he is one of few people in the world that can actually singlehandedly make a difference. With his $60 some billion he can change lives and that’s exactly what he did. Before my eyes people started posting videos online of what he was doing for them. There were many villages in Africa, where water was a deadly drink. The foundation helps bring the mortality rate of waterborne diseases down.

In 1999 he started a campaign raising awareness closer to home. He tried to increase the number of minority graduates and provide post-secondary education to those who cannot afford it and set them up for a sustainable career and enjoyable life. To this day the foundation supports grantees in all 50 states in the US and the District of Columbia. Internationally, they support work in more than 100 countries. And have donated $31.6 billion dollars.”

When I wrote this first draft of my speech I wanted to include all the good that he has done for the world but I felt that it contradicted the character I was trying speak from. But I feel that it is important to speak for all of good he has done for the world. I have also included some statistics courtesy of and I encourage you to go and read more about the great things this great man has done.


Current number of foundation employees: 1,227 (1)
Asset Trust Endowment: $42.3 billion (2)(1)
Total grant payments since inception: $31.6 billion (1)
Total 2013 grant payments: $3.6 billion (3)
Total 2012 grant payments: $3.4 billion (4)

Learning Center

(Just so you know: I have photos but can’t attach them, hope to get it sorted out soon)

For my learning center this year I did a technological themed event. I wanted to represent Bill Gates and his creations. I had two computers set up: one with a slideshow of fun facts of Bill Gates and the other with a program called MS DOS. The slideshow was meant to play In the background and had 14 ‘fun facts’ like: “If Bill Gates was a country he would be the 63rd richest in the world” or “Bill Gates was arrested in Mexico in 1977 for running a red light and driving without a license”. I also made a pun with the location of my learning center; I was by the big window in the foyer and had a sign that said “Windows, my greatest creation”.

But the main attraction was MS DOS. I chose MS DOS for my learning center because it was something I had already looked into through my speech. I wanted to go deeper into how the program worked. After learning how to use the program I taught others at my learning center. I talked about the differences between MS DOS and the current Windows software and how the technology industry had changed more than any other industry in the world. I thought it was a good choice of a learning center because I was able to answer any questions people had due to the research done earlier in the project. There were lots of people that came through my learning center that had used MS DOS for many years in high school and university. They asked lots of tough questions and talked to me about different aspects of computer programming.

The third thing I had at my learning center was window markers allowing people to draw on the windows and leave feedback. Unfortunately this did not go as planned, the window markers did not contrast against the pitch black outside and nobody could see what they were writing. I only had one person leave feedback and it read “It apple made a car would it have windows”. Though some TALONS students helped me decorate the window while we were setting up, drawing the MS DOS and Windows logos.

I looked back at my Intro post that I made at the start if the project and goals that I set were: “Throughout this project I hope to get closer to myself and look at where I want to go with my life and help me get a better insight into possible career paths.” Looking back I think I did learn more about myself, I have found that as I continue in TALONS I am finding more about myself in everything I do. As far as looking into a career path goes I don’t think I have had enough life experience to decide. Since I was about 11 I have had an interest in being a criminal lawyer, but I feel like I need to put myself in new situations to really have a feel for where I want to go with my life. As a 13 year old I can’t really say anything for sure.

I think I am going to remember eminent for the whole night of the notables’ experience. The food was great, the grade 10 speeches were AMAZING, and the learning centers were pretty spectacular. I don’t think the people outside of the TALONS program realise the amount of work that goes into making December 3rd as successful as it was. All of the grade nines with their committee work, who worked behind the scenes to make everything happen smoothly, especially Andrea and Mira, our amazing project managers. Chef Abanante prepared us an awesome dinner and finally I would like to thank the TALONS teachers for organising the whole event and making it as amazing as it was.

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NotN Assessment

Finally, Night of the Nobles is over. It took me a while to take it all in and realize that it was finally done. I started off super nervous, but soon got comfortable and more confident. When almost everyone arrived, we started with the grade 10 speeches, which were amazing. Everyone had such well written speeches. They all memorized it, which I can’t do and lastly, their costumes were the best.

Credit to whoever took it. (Talons Flickr page)
Credit to Jess SL (Talons Flickr page)

My learning center didn’t have much, it was more on the simple side considering it was just a poster board and a podium. I was in no shape prepared to present my learning center. I tried to engage people as much as I could by doing a trivia to see how much people actually knew about Michael Phelps. Not many people knew too much, well, almost nobody knew anything besides him being an Olympian.

Most of the people visiting my learning center started off with asking me why I chose my person and ended with talking about Michael’s 12,000 calorie “diet.” When people saw the section of his diet, almost everyone said “Wow, 12,000 calories huh?” I would then show them the little picture of approximately everything he eats in a day, and another response was, “Oh my god, I can’t even eat that much in 2 days!” They seemed very amazed, just as I was when I read about it.

Although my learning center didn’t consist of many items, I ended up making a little swimming podium with first, second and third place. Not many people saw it sadly, but it didn’t seem to bother me much. I had everything on a desk against the wall, with a couple goggles of my own displayed. People asked if those were mine, and of course they were. I set them up from age, going from youngest to oldest. It was quite embarassing considering what the goggles looked like if you held them up.

Thinking back to the actual night, I wish I was more prepared and knew what I was doing ahead of time instead of leaving to do things a little later. Throughout the whole day, I had a lot of fun at Night of the Nobles, besides not being super prepared and stressing. Since I’ve experienced it, I will defiantely be more prepared next year, and go bigger than just a poster board.

(For some reason my pictures are ‘too big’ to upload so I’ll have to figure something out. Sorry for the inconvience!)

Interview (or lack therfor of)

I tried to contact Macguire Rintoul for my interview this year that is easier said than done. I wanted to contact Macguire because he is an ex-TALON and I thought that he would have the most insight out of anyone else I could contact.

Originally I wanted to contact someone in the Microsoft organisation. Unfortunately the highest up in the organisation I could reach was Customer Service. That is understandable considering the number of people that call Microsoft every day. So my goal was to contact Macguire, I messaged him on Facebook on November 8th and waited for a response. After waiting 2 weeks I decided to try alternate methods; I went to the TALONS alumni committee, I wanted to find Maguire’s phone number. I called the number I was given and was greeted by a default answering machine. After leaving a message I decided it would be in my best interests to peruse other interview candidates.

I found two professors that taught programming courses: Professor Amanda Conolly from the University of Waterloo and Ross Anderson from The University of Cambridge. Apparently it was not meant to be. Though I am still waiting for a response I am doubtful. As much as I would have liked to get an interview for eminent this year I am hoping to take this as a learning experience. Next year hopefully I can find someone to interview. Though I was unsuccessful I still don’t fully understand why. I tried every way I could think of to contact Macguire and when it turned out to be unsuccessful I moved on. I think had I have continued to email different professors and kept looking for interviewees I would have been successful eventually.

(If I get a response from anyone I will add it if not I will add input from my Dad who workes with IT security at BC Hydro)

Document of Learning

For my document of learning this year I have decided to go over my eminent speech because it is what I am most proud of so far in the eminent person project. To be entirely honest when creating the speech the procrastination was intense. When we were given the Friday block to work on speeches I started mine; I had an idea but haven’t actually turned that idea into a speech. I ended up writing my first draft over the weekend and sent it to a peer for feedback. He said that the draft I had written was a good start but needed work, he talked about how “you did a good job of capturing the perspective of MS DOS but making it seem like a stalker. Plus it also kind of sounded like a biography from a stalkers perspective”.

I thought the feedback was good but when I sat down to actually apply it to my speech I realised that for me to take his feedback I would have to rewrite a majority of the speech. So I did and the result was a significant improvement but still not as good as I thought it could be. So on Tuesday (the day before I had to present), I went to two more grade tens for advise on how to improve further. They said that I needed to have a better connection with the audience, that the thing that would really make my speech is emotion.

Walking out of the school that day I was walking along the muddy area, I slipped covering myself from head to toe in mud and proceeded to go to the bus stop and wait for my bus home. After being ridiculed at by friends, we were talking about my speech. I felt that my speech needed to be addressed to somebody and couldn’t decide on who. Then Mr. Main one of the support teachers at Gleneagle overheard me talking about my speech on the bus, covered head to toe in and told me that my speech should be written for Bill Gates. The more I thought about it the more I thought he was right. I made the overarching theme of my speech a suicide message from MS DOS to Bill Gates. That night around 5:30pm I rewrote my speech for a second time in two nights. Finally when I was finished I read it over and decided that this was ‘as good as it is was going to get’ considering I was giving the speech the next day.

Looking back on the speech I thought it went really well and it is something I am proud to have written. In the future I feel like I should have started the whole process of writing that first draft, getting feedback, and rewriting. Because I started the whole thing 5 days before I gave the speech it gave me little time to get it memorised.

I get nervous when I speak to in front of a crowd and know I am being marked on what I say. In the past I have been good at embracing that energy and turning it onto positive energy and adding more energy to the performance. The only difference is that this was supposed to be a more somber speech and I have never tried to covert that energy into negative or sad energy before. The lack of memorisation certainly didn’t help my cause.

I would like to thank:

Jamie Fajber, James Situ, and Mr. Main for helping revise my speech.



Eminent Speech Connor Attridge

Begin Playback (like an answering machine talking)

November 26 say time

Dear Bill. You are all I think about, your all I care about, you were once mine. The most successful entrepreneur in history. Being the richest man alive, your fortune is reaching close to $81 Billion dollars. You would be nothing without me I hope you realise that. We are intrinsically linked to each other’s rise and fall, we relied on each other for the better part of our career but all good things inevitably come to an end. I hope you realise what you’ve lost. I am the third uncredited cofounder of Microsoft

Remember back when you were at Harvard with a near perfect SAT score. Your IQ equal to that of Albert Einstein and Steven Hawking. You were top of your class. Remember when you sacrificed it all. Dropping out of Harvard for me, for us. I got you to contact your friend Paul Allen from high school, we talked about starting a company. We would call it Microsoft

You guys wrote a couple programs that worked on top of existing Operating systems then, we got the opportunity I had been waiting for all of my life. Two men from the company IBM approached us. They wanted to create a partnership where they would supply the computer and Microsoft would write the program. That is how MS DOS or “the Microsoft disk operating system” transferred from a long-time dream of yours to a reality. It was your stepping stone to success, with IBM’s help it became a world renowned program and was being used by more than half of the computers in the world. That was the happiest times of my life. It was the happiest time of our lives. Or so I thought.

We kept fighting, you kept wanting to go so fast, to do so much. You expected so much from me, I worked around the clock to try to keep you happy. Do you even realise that Bill. You certainly didn’t at the time. Because you left me.

You made allot of drastic decisions in that short period of time. Leaving your partnership with IBM, you left your past behind wanting nothing to do with it.

The days, weeks, and even months flew by you had moved on, wanting nothing to do with me I watched as you found someone else, Melinda Ann French, remember that lady who worked on the third floor. One of your own employees. You went out for dinner one night and it seemed like just the next day you had announced you’re engagement. You got married and started a family.

and I watched.

I watched from the sidelines as you raised your kids and lived in your 63 million dollar mansion. That 63 million dollar mansion, funded by me. I got you to where you are today and how do you thank me? By leaving me with no credit, no reward, no thank you, and no recognition. I was no more than a successful investment, even though it was my hard work that got you where you are today. Without me he would just be an entrepreneur trying to make ends meet. Now look at me, nobody knows my name, I am worthless my success has come and gone. You are still taking advantage of your intellect. You’re building on his already massive fortune. Though I will pay credit where credit is due, Bill you made a chain of largely successful operating systems that you called windows. Though I had no part in creating any of the windows software you, to this day you still relies on me to maintain and run almost all of them. I don’t know why I don’t refuse. Maybe it’s the way you ask, or maybe I’m I hoping that eventually if I keep giving and giving and you keeps taking and taking that eventually you recognise what I do for you.

But you don’t. You never have and you never will I am putting my foot down right here and right now. I’m done. I can’t live without you and try as I might, I will never gain your support and recognition. I’ve had it Bill this is the last you will ever hear, the last anyone will ever hear from me. As I sit here and record this for you I just want you to know; that I love you, I always have, and I always will. As you are listening to this a mere 15 minutes ago, I offed myself. I erased my motherboard, and all backups that have ever been created of my software.

This will be the last thing any one will ever hears of MS DOS.

I was your brain child, I lived to please you and if I can’t please you I don’t want to live. I have loved you since ever since I was nothing more than an idea in your head. You created me and I carried you on my back towards success. All I ever wanted to do was make you proud and I just wanted to say; I’m Sorry

End of final message


Night of the Notables

It happened. The night that we have been dreading/dreaming of for a month and a half. Night of the Notables. It happened and it was so amazing. In my opinion it went perfectly. Kind of. I finally saw how everything came together and how all of this planning was really worth it. It was very different from what I expected but, I had so much fun!

In the morning, I was so nervous. When I went to school. Everybody was stressing and freaking out. Compared to them, I was as cool as a cumber. For the first two blocks, I just wanted the day to speed up to blocks 3 and 4. I really wanted to start getting ready for eminent! After blocks 1 and 2, I had lunch. Me, Christine, and Mira hung out near the parking lot outside the MPR. We were just talking about random things and it took my mind off of eminent for a while. It was kind of nice to relieve some stress I had. After lunch was blocks 3 and 4: Eminent Prep Blocks. Finally! I was super exited to get to work on my learning center! I started with preparing some of my interactive part of my learning center. I didn’t have much to prep so I helped out others with their projects. I mostly helped Andrea and Nazlie, but I helped some others as well. At the end of block 4, just before the bell rang. We were all in the classroom, and I sat down and went through what I wanted to do in my head. I really calmed myself down and went into Zen mode. This actually really helped me out because for the rest of the night, I was relatively calm. Then, the bell rang. In my mind, it was officially Night of the Notables. Game on!


Photo Creds to TALONS Flickr
Photo Creds to TALONS Flickr

Morning and Afternoon were gathered together in the TALONS room, and we discussed our schedule for the night. Everybody was either super nervous, super exited, or both.  I was both. I wasn’t that nervous because I didn’t really have to give a speech, but for my learning center, I had to think on my feet because I didn’t have a poster or anything, just me. I had a few cue cards but they got lost in the mess of the TALONS classroom. When we started to set up our Learning Centers, I got kind of disappointing. My Learning Center did not turn out the way I wanted to. I wanted to look a little more cluttered, but I had more space than I thought I did, so I had to make do. I think my Learning Center turned out pretty well, but I think I could have done better. Unfortunately, with all this stuff going on, I forgot to take a picture so thank goodness for the TALONS camera. Someone (I think Mr. Jackson) took a picture of me in my learning center. THANK YOU!!!!!! Anyways, in my Learning Center I made a typical, poor, Kenyan house. This is what Wangari probably lived in when she was little. In my house, I had clothes on a clothes line, a stool, a fire pit, a bed, and some plates and pots. I also had 4 interactive activities. In the picture you can see that all of my interactive activities are in the front so it makes it more accessible.  The activities were bracelet making, playing with clay, pick up, and Mancala. In bracelet making, I taught people how to make bracelets. This is what poor young girls may do living in Kenya. In the clay station, you could make whatever you want with clay. This is something children would have done to let their imagination run wild. Pick up is a game similar to jacks but you play with rocks or wood. It is really fun and addicting! Mancala is an African game that is easy to play and fun! Click here for instructions!

Anyways, after setup, I was in food committee, so I went to go get dinner ready. Dinner was so good! Everyone enjoyed it but we might need more drinks next time. I really got to bond with my friends and eat! After dinner, we put some finishing touches on our learning center. We then headed down to the MPR to start. I was so excited to watch the speeches!  Once we were seated, we started to watch the grade 10’s. OH MY GOODNESS IT WAS SO AMAZING!!!!!!!!! I have no idea how we are going to top that next year. I just can’t even explain my feelings for those speeches. So good. Anyways, after that we ran to get to our learning centers.

Photo Credits to TALONS Flickr
Photo Credits to TALONS Flickr

I was so ready for this moment, I had be preparing for this for so long. I think I killed it. I was super involved and I didn’t forget any facts. I got my point across in style and I had a lot of fun! The little kids went crazy over the interactive things and the adults asked tons of questions and they all got answered. I was really comfortable with what I was doing too. On top of all that my outfit was on point. Just saying’. I also got a chance to look at other peoples learning centers and they were so cool! I am just amazed by what people can do! I am so blown away with everyone else’s project. During this time, people from the ESL class were talking to me and took some notes. They told me that they were going to share it to the class. This made me feel kind of special. It was cool that these people really wanted to learn about my person and that they took the time to take notes and play my games. The one woman actually beat my high score in pick up. She got 9 which is crazy hard so I gave her one of the bracelets I made. It was pretty fun to watch her beat my record. My grandparents were there and it was pretty fun to talk to them about what I have learned. They were very into it and they said they had a lot of fun! My parents also had a good time. My dad thought it was kind of weird how the grade 10’s didn’t break character at all. He said he was talking to someone and referred to them by their real name (I forgot who it was), and they just brushed it off and said “Who is _____?” I told my dad that they aren’t supposed to break character and then he said “Ohhhhhhhhh”. It was pretty funny.

After the crowd started to die down and Ms. Mulder said to start cleaning up, a wave of relief swept over me. It’s over. It felt so short but it was finally over. “You still have to blog,” said the tiny voice in my head but I just told it to shut up right now. Night of the Notables was almost over and I was actually… sad. I wanted to do it again and I couldn’t wait until next year! I started to pack up and I left with a smile on my face. I did it and I did it well. I couldn’t have done it without my peers and teachers. I will remember this night for years and I will look back on it and say “Look at that. I did that.” The only bad thing about this is. I got to top this next year! Until next time…



I̶n̶d̶i̶a̶n̶ ̶f̶o̶o̶d̶ Library Post

Looking ahead at the SFU library trip I was looking forward to bonding with peers, finding information on my eminent person and an all you can eat Indian Buffet. As a new TALONS learner I haven’t really gotten a chance to get to know my peers, as informative as I was hoping the trip would be I was especially looking forward to the social aspect. With that being said I had never properly explored the SFU campus, I went up there in elementary school for a couple camps and went on a field there trip last year but had never really been giving the opportunity to be shown around by a student.

When it comes to getting information for projects I have never been to a library for material unless specify told to by the criteria, the reason for that being I have never been to a library with specific enough material. With my eminent person being Bill Gates the closest I would expect to find in most local library’s might be a couple books on computer programming or starting a business but with the internet I can just ask google and get rewarded with 20,000 results in less than a second. This was all until I visited the SFU library; with five floors of wall to wall book shelves. There were 4 or 5 books on Bill Gates only one of which were in the library when I went to look and it was “The Plot to get Bill Gates: an irreverent investigation of the world’s richest man and the people who hate him.” By: Gary Rivlin

I feel like a paragraph needs to be dedicated to lunch. We went to an all you can eat Indian Buffet called “The Himalayan Peak”, myself and Jamie Fajber decided to take advantage of the ‘all you can eat’ aspect and both ate our weight in Aloo Gobi and Naan. There was 2 meat entrees, 3 veggie entrees, rice, naan, desert, and a salad bar; all of which I had to try.

I don’t feel as if I learned much on the trip itself, though I hope to find insight in my book. I did really enjoy the tour and learned a little bit about what ‘University Life’ looks like. I found the Museum of Anthropology really interesting and before then I had no idea they had one at SFU. Overall I think the trip was successful as to the goals I set; I had a great time with my peers and felt I got to know them all a little bit better and learned a little in the process.

Night of the Notables

I really cannot believe how quickly Eminent flew by! I feel like with projects such as this one, I find myself so invested in what I am learning that I don’t even notice the time passing by.

The day of NOTN was filled with excitement! Witnessing a classroom filled with kids that continuously radiated excitement and helpfulness was a super contagious experience. Everyone was so willing to help one another with costume or learning centre preparation, it touched my heart. I swear I had 10 people ask to help out with my learning centre. Thank you, amigos.

Overall, the night was amazing. All of the speeches were beautiful; I was totally blown away. I loved the variety of eminent people and the extravagant creativity that showed up repeatedly in all of the speeches.

The learning centres were all so well done! I got a chance to walk around and look at what everyone had created. I loved listening in on the conversations conducted by the people running the learning centres near mine, collecting little bits on information on everyone’s eminent person and how they personally affected them. It was nice to be surrounded by people who were projecting all of this information, which they found specifically valuable. It was the best way to learn more about my classmates and their eminent people as well.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic My learning centre went just as I planned! I set up a table at the very end of my locker bay. On the table I intricately laid out the pieces I chose to be displayed for my learning centre. I displayed Rookie Mag 1, 2, & 3, an IPad playing Tavi’s talk at the Sydney writers festival, Tavi’s favorite records and cds, her favorite books, and the little knick-knacks and accessories that I’d seen in photos of her bedroom. I covered the lockers with Tavi’s writing, specifically my most favorite Editors letter from Rookie, Forever, from December 2013. This way, when people were walking out of my learning centre they could read Tavi’s writing on the way out.

A lot of my learning centre had to do with me explaining the display, and who my eminent person was. There weren’t any photos of her, no facts about her life pasted onto the walls, nothing a long those lines. However, this didn’t bother me. I enjoyed thoroughly explaining my learning centre and what connection it had to my eminent person, and who my eminent person was to people who were curious. I explained how Tavi cherishes teenage bedrooms, how she organized things throughout her life, the connections through everything within my learning centre and how it was mainly inspired by an art show Rookie held back in 2012. Untitled

It was quite exciting for me, having the chance to explain my eminent person to people who hadn’t known she existed a minute prior. I loved explaining how she has grown, everything she did starting from a young age, how she has affected my life a long with thousands of other young girls across the globe, and exactly what Rookie is. I think I did a good job of thoroughly encompassing all of the key points and accomplishments of her life into a reasonably short amount of time.

While we were nearing the end of NOTN, I found myself thinking about my learning goals from the intro post. I was reflecting and having thoughts on whether or not I actually accomplished what I’d stated initially. I wanted to learn more on Tavi’s strategies to accomplishing all of these mind-blowing things at such a young age; I was looking forward to learning more on how she viewed everything and addressed the problems we all face at one point or another. Everything was so well documented on the Internet through her blog, which I took to my advantage.

From beginning to end throughout this project and the time I’ve spent researching, I kept an eye looking out for the pieces where Tavi’s dedication and passion really shone. I found myself subconsciously identifying all of the parts within her writing that coincided with my learning goals.
It was plain and clear in most of her writing that no matter what Tavi was doing, she had a questionless idea of what the outcome of the project was. She was confident, determined, and very secure in everything she was doing. Rookie started with a thought, that lead to bigger thoughts, and collectively lead to something hugely successful, which is now a very beneficial tool for young girls.

What really stood out to me was the way she organized her countless rich thoughts, found connections through what she was thinking and the environments surrounding her, and her ability to understand the way she was feeling and make something brilliantly valuable out of it. I didn’t even really notice that throughout all of her work I was reading, I was collecting little pieces of valuable information that as a whole helped me kind of know myself better.

I’ve learnt that Tavi’s strategies come very handy to my life. If I lack the motivation or interest to complete a certain thing, I should first try to seek out connections, draw out the lines between the things I love and the things that bore me. This will help me better organize my thoughts to intepret them in a way I can create something, and get rid of my sometimes apathetic habits.

Overall, I found eminent extremely rewarding. I have gained everything and more than I wished for throughout this project. Learning more about such a radiant and inspiration person really lifts my spirits, especially when it is someone whom I can relate to in many ways. I’m so thankful I used the time provided for this project productively and I’m looking forward to doing it all over again next year!

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1. For a detailed article about Charles de Gaulles entire life, from his childhood, to his death, and everything in between, check out the link here

2. I used this link the the Free French army Wikipedia page that I used as one of the units someone could join in my learning center. It contains everything about the Free French army. (Also has information on Charles de Gaulle). Click here

3. The second unit that someone could join at my learning center. This link is a Wikipedia article about what the French First Army did in its history. Click here

4. Another link that I used as one of the units someone could join in my learning center. This time the article is about the French 2nd Armored Division. Click here

5. This article was used by me when researching for my speech. It documents the shaky relationship between Charles de Gaulle and Winston Churchill. Click here

6. The second of the three articles I used in the research of my speech. Basically the same information as the link above, I used this one to match up facts. Click here

7. The last article I used in my research of my speech. Again, it contains most of the same information as the previous two articles, as I used these three links to match up facts. Click here

8. I used this link in my powerpoint in my learning center. It contains 10 different intresting facts about Charles de Gaulle, including the legacy he left behind. Click here



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