Trip to S.F.U.

Field trips sure are different when it comes to the transition from middle school to high school. I mean, there was actually a purpose for this trip—to bond between Talons members, and get inspiration whether it was for the eminent project or just for the future. In mental preparation, I decided that I would seek to get closer to both the morning and afternoon Talons, and to gather a bit of research about my eminent person from that gigantic library.

Bus ride there
Bus ride there

Starting with the bus ride, the atmosphere of everyone’s friendly energy already got me started in fulfilling my first goal: to socialize with my peers.

Art museum
Art museum

Next, we explored the amazing art museum, which included many interesting things such as stone tools and weapons, woven baskets, taxidermy animals, and much, much more.

SFU Warts


While the morning class was busy exploring the Art museum, Mr.Jackson introduced us to an activity called “people watching” where we literally watched people go around with their day to day lives and examined  what went on around the building on a regular basis.

The design was very symettrical

Around 10:00, everyone headed towards a Himalayan buffet, where we wound down and waited to serve our food after answering a trivia question created by Mr.Jackson. The food there was delicious, and included butter chicken, rice, curry, fruit salad, deep fried dough in an extremely sweet syrup, and everyone’s favourite, naan bread that was continuously being brought out fresh from the oven due to popular demand.

The Himalayan buffet

IMG_20141030_111138174Once we had finished our fabulous lunch, we were lucky to receive a tour from Jamie’s older sisters. We traveled through the campus with our tour guides, exploring the premises of the University. Mr. Salisbury also pointed out that the architectural design of SFU was very symmetrical and the people who had built it were very fond of using cement (which could be noticed quite quickly.)IMG_20141030_131258334

Finally, we recruited at the library, and everyone searched for information on their eminent people, trying to be as quiet and polite as possible, so we wouldn’t disturb the students who went there to study. I was able to find two books on my eminent person, however I only used 4 pages towards my research.IMG_20141030_132830818

Throughout this trip, I successfully got to know my fellow Talons better, and also learnt what it’s like to be in University. Although the main focus of the trip was to get information for the eminent project, I did not seem to get much, and just decided to enjoy the whole experience instead. As for what’s coming next, I’ll be getting ready to do an interview and will also begin writing my speech!

Post – SFU Library Trip

At the library, I have found three books about David Suzuki, each of which were meant to be read by young kids. This is easy to read and can be used as research. Because they were full books, i did not want to photo copy every page of the  book. I went home with nothing.

A couple days after the trip, I went to my Public Library and found two of the same books I saw at SFU. Lucky for me, I have my own library card so I took out both of the books.

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    My class will soon be going to SFU! I am expecting to find some good books about Suzuki. I will be photo copying the pages I feel that are important.
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Pre – SFU Library Trip

My class will soon be going to SFU!

I am expecting to find some good books about Suzuki. I will be photo copying the pages I feel that are important.

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    At the library, I have found three books about David Suzuki, each of which were meant to be read by young kids. This is easy to read and can be used as research. Because they were full books, i did not want to photo copy every page of the  book. I went home with nothing.…
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Library Post

For the SFU trip one of my main goals was to bond with the other classrooms. I found myself constantly talking to some different people which enabled me to complete my goal. This trip has help me bond and communicate with the other TALONS students. Unfortunately i did not find any book on H.A. Rey but what i did find were a few books by him. I decided not to sign out the Curious George books because we were limited on space.

We went to an Indian all you can eat buffet. I really enjoyed this part of the trip not just for the food but because of the people. My group and I were joking around constantly, which was hilarious. The lunch we ate balanced out the poor weather. I did not bring an umbrella so i had to steal others. It was uncomfortable sharing an umbrella with 2 other people. Only half of my body would stay dry and the other half would be damp.

We had to split up our groups into 2, morning and afternoon. Our group went to the hall first. I didn’t know what we were doing at that time, so i would be wandering around confused. We then went to and art museum. I got to explore different types of art and found myself intrigued with the different style of arts.

After visited the library last. The library was bigger than I expected. It was hard to find the books i needed because there were 7 floors to the library. The books i found were not the ones i was looking for, but it was remarkable experience.

We also got to learn about the symbolism of SFU. Although everyone interprets the symbolism differently, it all had the same idea. Symbolism included the architecture and  the statues explained by Jamie’s sister. She was also the reason we didn’t get lose our way. We also met some TALONS alumni who explained what he or she did on the project and then gave us advice.


SFU Library Blog Post by Frank

(adding pictures soon)

Frankly, I was quite excited for this trip. I was excited to talk to some of the new TALONS students as well as get to know a little bit more about them.  I was also excited to find library books on my eminent person because I didn’t want to procrastinate on my speech.  Of the two things I was excited about, I can proudly say that I managed to do one of them. 

I haven’t talked a whole lot to the students in TALONS before the trip but I feel that the trip really helped me open up to more discussions with my classmates, especially the ones in my class.  The fact that was able to have fun and talk to some of the TALONS students made this an amazing trip. 

On the other hand, the weather was pretty awful. Although it wasn’t raining very hard, it was hard enough to put a damper in someone’s mood. I didn’t bring an umbrella, and I wasn’t even wearing a sweater with a hoodie but I managed to be resourceful and use the cover of other people’s umbrellas. Since I was usually the tall on in my “umbrella squads” I even got to hold the umbrella which may have led me to run away with them as fast as I could.

Our entire class went to an art gallery where we saw several things that were really quite interesting.

I enjoyed the food provided at the Indian Restaurant although I ate quite late compared to the other tables. I ate an extremely sweet dessert that was honestly too sweet to express to you in words, but needless to say it was the sweetest thing ever to be created be a human.

After that we visited the SFU Libary, which was a very interesting experience for me. Although I’ve been to SFU before, I’ve never been into their library before.

SFU Library Research Trip


For the post, please watch the vlog below! Just as the last post, I am using videos to work on my public speaking. Thanks for watching!


At SFU's museum of anthropology

At SFU’s museum of anthropology

Touring the SFU campus
Touring the SFU campus



At the Indian restaurant
After the library!

SFU library trip

First, I would like to start off by saying wow, that library was huge! 7 Floors filled with shelves of books twice as tall as i am!

4th Floor of the library
When I arrived at SFU aboard a school bus, my first impression was “That’s  a lot of concrete”. It turns out, the person who designed SFU loved working with concrete.  Considering the entire university was built out of concrete, it actually looked quite good, especially with the vegetation planted everywhere. Even with all this vegetation, SFU still seemed grey and gloomy, and this impression was not changed when I saw all the university students walking around like zombies.

Right before the PM TALONS class got into the Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, we spent 10 minutes observing SFU by ourselves. I took a look at the poster board that i was next to, and was surprised to find a poster displaying all the sports that one can do at SFU.

Look at all those sports!
Look at all those sports!

The Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology was filled with interesting artifacts. There were stuffed animals that were made from real pelts and skin. There was also many first nations artifacts that ranged from weapons to clothing. My favourite display however, was a tree i saw during a slideshow.

The best tree ever
The best tree ever

After the museum, the entire TALONS class  went to the Himalayan Peak restaurant for an all you can eat lunch. There weren’t too many choices, but the choices they did have were GOOD. Because it was an all you can eat, many people went for seconds and even thirds.  (Fun Fact: A friend of mine who goes to SFU said to me that he went to the same restaurant that afternoon, but he said the food wasn’t as good as usual. I jokingly said that we probably ate all the restaurants good food)

After lunch, we had a short tour of the campus, where no less than 8 different people used my umbrella. during that time. Then it was time to do some research in the library! I had to take a couple of minutes to get used to how the library worked, and to find the book I was looking for. Once i got the book, I sat down in a desk to start reading.  What i found out about my eminent  person Charles de Gaulle was that there was way more to his life than I thought in my introductory post. Now that I know there is that much more to de Gaulle’s life, I will research his life more thoroughly to get all the details.

My overall theme for the SFU trip would have to be “Discovery”. Why? Because it opened my eyes to not only my eminent persons life, but to life in university as well. The museum was full of information that I discovered as I toured it. I also discovered how big SFU’s library really was compared to the Coquitlam Public Library. Overall, the SFU trip was a key component to my eminent person research, and now I will bring that knowledge to my Night of the Notables presentation.

SFU; The Place Dreams Come True

On last Thursday we went on a field trip to the burnaby SFU campus. And oh man that was challenging.

It wasn’t challenging to walk around campus or anything, or eating at a all you can eat buffet, (that was most likely my favourite relaxed-cat_o_2224485part) but it was challenging to make sure everything didn’t fall apart. What you didn’t know is that I had to plan the SFU trip because last year I failed to complete a leadership 11 project and I needed to get back on track. It was a challenging trip and I did run into obstacles, but in the end, everything turned out a-okay. So no one died, and I didn’t get sued.

So before the trips, I had a variety of goals for myself. One of the major one, was to have fun. There aren’t a lot of opportunities where I can go to SFU so I had to make the best out of any situation. Another thing I wanted to grow was my friendship with other people. Because there was no retreat, it’s been difficult to become better friends with grade nines, and because they have their own friend groups and everything, it makes life a tad more challenging. But when I had the chance, I would talk to people I don’t usually talk to. When there were grade nines who were walking alone, I would come behind and have some small talk. It isn’t the biggest step into friendship, but every good relationship starts with small steps. But I’ll be honest, I personally wasn’t focused on gathering information about my eminent person. I knew I could find his book at the local library and there were a lot of personal information online, so using my time at SFU researching information didn’t seem like the most important thing.

I used my cellular device to capture my moments at SFU. Because it was so portable and was always with me, it proved to be the key to capturing everything that needed to be captured. There were a lot of different ways to capture experiences, but I think photos present those experiences the best way.

During the trip, we started off by going to a museum. The museum was really interesting, visiting cultural around the world and briefly learning things I have never seen before. After that, we did a solo walk where we would spend a few minutes on our own time, reflecting ourselves and our day. After that, we went for lunch, WHICH WAS WONDERFUL, and after we took a group orientation with Jamie’s wonderful sisters. We ended our day at the library where we needed to find information on out eminent person.

IMG_0664        IMG_0682        IMG_0696        IMG_0683

IMG_0671        IMG_0672        IMG_0681        IMG_0699

IMG_0723        IMG_0727        IMG_0726        IMG_0674


After the long adventurous trip, I really enjoyed my time up at SFU. It was super fun, relaxing, and enjoyable to talk to people I don’t usually talk to. Lunch was a great time to walk around and talk to the grade nines. I even had a arm wrestling competition with one of the grade nines. (Oliver might think he won, but he cheated because I was being a good student and was listening) What I learned on the trip was that I really need to be more open with people. When I was talking to people who I don’t usually talk to, and even people I usually talk to, I don’t share enough about myself. I would hear their stories, and listen, and respond and actually care about what they’re talking about. But what I realized that I didn’t share my story. I wasn’t open about myself or really let people get to know me. What if I just let myself listen to everyone without sharing anything about myself? Then people might see me to be that creep that knows everything but shares nothing. That’s weird.

I think the theme of the trip was uniqueness (if that’s a word). Mr. Jackson spent a lot of time describing the uniqueness of the building, and how it was build by a man who didn’t like people (like me! Just kidding). A lot of institutes are based on conservative styles and are based on traditions, while SFU seems to go out of the norm and goes its own way. And with the TALONS students being unique in their own ways, I think unique was the key word on this trip.

Now that the SFU trip is over, and I do not need to plan the next field trip (hopefully), I am really excited and open-minded to go anywhere. One of the things about TALONS that I enjoy is going to places I wouldn’t go to in my normal life. So being in the program, I am eager to go to places I didn’t know exists and learn new things with new friends and a new mind. Maybe going to a shack in Surrey where a underground library has been for 50 years would suit as just fine.




Library Post – SFU Trip

One by one the days go by and time literally just flys right past me. Distracted by English, Science, French, or whatever assignment TALONS has got me doing, Eminent has somehow found its way at the bottom of my list! However, I refuse to let that happen anymore! I am determined to make this speech the best speech I have ever written and it is all going to start with this library post.

On Thursday October 30th, both TALONS classes went on an adventure to the beautiful campus we call SFU to explore and experience campus life as well as, trying to find extra information about our eminent people in the gigantic SFU Library.

On that trip, I was seeking for any books I could find about my eminent person and campus life experiences and what it is like to become a university student. I unfortunately did not find any books about Dana Hussein, however, I am continuing to research her daily and finding new information about her and her background story which I find to be a very interesting and complex part about her journey to become an Olympian. Although I didn’t find any books about my eminent person, I did indeed gain many different campus life experiences that added to the field trip. Such as, seeing and observing certain and specific study areas that students gather to study or “hangout”, I also experienced the way the university functions; how students go to class and so forth, and I also experienced the overall student life that students try and promote. For example, there were many flyers and posters all around the campus that advertised different clubs or teams to get involved in. As well as, tables all around the campus advertising clubs and teams. This makes me really excited to become involved in my future school that I go to.

During this trip, I took many pictures with my phone that captured a lot of what I thought was very interesting about the campus, the museum, and the library. I also talked to my peers about each part of the day to share and express ideas and how interesting everything was at the moment. Going to SFU really made it real that we one day will be graduating and heading to university and I am glad that I have somewhat experienced what a normal day would be like.

In SFU, I would say that I learned more about the student life then I did about my eminent person. For one, I never found any books or anything about my person and two, I was really focused on how campus life is because I am very excited to become and university student and live the “uni life”. The theme of the trip for me was to explore the campus and the way campus life is and I believe I accomplished that theme of the trip. As for the next step, I want to start focusing on my interview because I know that the interview may be the hardest part of this whole trip. However, I am excited for the challenge and I know I will be learning more and more about Dana that will add to my speech! Thank you for reading my post, Talk to you all soon! :)

Library Blog Post!

Originally I wanted to study the Great One, Wayne Gretzky for eminent, but because of certain reasons I will now be taking on Hayley Wickenheiser. Now, I know no one is really the same or will ever be similar to Wayne Gretzky, to even try and choose a male hockey player with the same talent and contribution would be hard, but I believe Haley Wickenheiser is a really great female hockey player and has given back to her community a lot as well.

This year, both the morning and afternoon classes visited SFU for a field trip and library study. I went into this trip wanting to bond with my classmates and learn about university life. I really feel that I got to know a lot of people better than I did before and the tour we got of the SFU campus really gave me a better understanding of what life is like in university. I personally did not find any books related to my eminent person so spent most of the time exploring the library and trying to find information on my phone.

To document my experience I took some pictures! So here they are: 

Overall I think I learned a lot about what life is like in university and got some more inspiration for my eminent person as well!

I am really excited to continue with my research and am looking forward to the Night of the Notables! :)

amira brar

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