In-Depth Final Post (Post #7)

I know I’ve been saying this for the past few posts, probably with different wording each time, but… Wow, time flies. It’s been about three and a half months since I first found a mentor, but surprisingly, it didn’t feel like a long time at all. As the title so “subtly” indicates, this will be my final post on my in depth project for the 2013-2014 school year. There are still things that I have to finish (like the rest of the flowers and  my final cross-stitch project). This post, however, will mainly be focusing on the plan for my learning centre.

My learning centre will obviously include displays of various cross-stitch projects as well as the silk flowers I’ve been working on. The cross-stitch projects include a mini heart phone chain, an upright upside down “福” (Fú) character (yes, this seems confusing: “upright upside down”… this will be explained), and an iPhone case that hopefully gets finished on time (I’m working on it, it’s cool). As for the flowers, I’ve decided to just use one single vase. This will make things a lot neater and simpler, because I don’t want a bunch of flowers laying around my learning centre. To answer questions from my last in depth post, I think it will be a good idea to tie the stems together before releasing them into the vase when we set up. This will cause the least damage to the silk flowers, and should save storage space as well. I imagine the readjusting time will decrease greatly as well, I simply need to add some finishing touches so it looks natural as a whole.

I will need one table for my project, preferably a chair as well. It would be great if my assigned area wasn’t near a windy place, as my materials may get blown away. I won’t be using electronics, so I won’t need a power outletI am still debating whether or not I should use a poster board to present my information (it does seem a tiny bit boring). If I do happen to use a poster board, then it will be a small one and only used for my cross-stitching projects. I plan to place my cross-stitching projects on one side of the table with the flowers on the other end. The middle of the table will be clear of projects so I can demonstrate the procedures of making the legendary silk flowers. A lot of the tools I use will also be on display, so the audience can realize this is a long process that uses many, many tools and materials. I’m not sure about actually teaching people to make the silk flowers, because there may safety issues with using pincer pliers and thin wires. They should, however, be equally interested in watching me demonstrate. I am also considering making sample flowers to hand out as “souvenirs” if I have the time to make them. 

As of now, it’s a no go, because a lot is happening on my schedule… but… you never know…

Overall, I envision this event to be extremely successful. I am getting very excited to finally show everyone what I’ve been working on for the past few months. Last year’s In-Depth Night was incredibly memorable, and I wasn’t even directly involved in the vent. With all the planning that’s already happening, I just know it will be perfect and fun!

In=Depth Post #7: Learning Center

Tick, tick, tick . . . IT’S IN-DEPTH NIGHT ALREADY? WHAT?

That’s my general attitude right now. I can’t believe that in-depth is over, when it seems like yesterday I started. I’m amazed at the amount of improvement when technically I have only been doing trapeze for 4 hours and silks for 3.

For my learning center, I was hoping to originally do a demonstration, but getting silks or trapeze into the MPR would be impossible. I am toying with the idea of getting a rope in the gym to climb and teach other to climb, but given gyk space and such, it might be hard.

My plan is to have a computer, which is going to have a video of my on the trapeze on a loop, so people can see how it actually works.  I’m going to decorate a poster board to look like a circus tent, see if I can get some nice gauzy fabric to create a tent effect. I’m going to cover it all with photos of me on silks, trapeze, unicycle and such, and the only words I plan to have on there is instructions on how to juggle,  and some juggling balls on the table so people can practice. I have a diablo, which is the rubber hourglass figure on a string with teo poles, and I plan to bring that out to  complete the effect. I’ll also have my flexibility projects up.

I’ll need a table, but not much else, seeing as I’m not too choosy on location. That’s about it for my elarning center

Special FX Learning Center

In-Depth Night is on it’s way!! Are you as excited as I am?

Since I am not going to be presenting on the stage the night of, I will be having a learning center to represent my project.

Here’s the plan for what it will look like:

I would like to have a table to have all my makeup/fx layed out on. I don’t need a large table, just about a desk and a half to two desks size. I will also be putting pictures of my work that I have done on the table. Due to some of my work being a bit… graphic (bloody), if I have pictures of them I will be creating a flip cover so that any younger siblings or people who do not wish to see it can choose not to look.

One thing that I would really love to have is room for another person to be my model. All they would need is a chair to sit on so I don’t think there will be a problem space wise. I have yet to decide who will be my model, so it is a bit uncertain if this particular aspect of the learning center will occur, but I would really like it to and I will find out soon. When I find out I will confirm with the layout committee that it’ll be happening.

I will not be needing any electronics as far as I know of. As well there is no place that I NEED to be located, but the MPR would be nice because lots of people walk through there and I won’t be taking up a lot of room.

So that’s my learning center!

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The Fedorables Take to the Stage

I must say this: Hullabaloo 2014 was a unforgettable, wonderful weekend of unbelievably good poetry, city exploring, passionate finger snapping, and love. Yes, love, and here’s why. If there was one thing I walked out with after Hullabaloo, it would have to a renewed appreciation for all of the high school poets and guest poets that took to the stage throughout the weekend. In the many hours spent basking in the glory of poetry, all the teams got to know each other very well, which translated into a lot of love and support during the various bouts in the competition. The true proof is in the fact that my fingers no longer had the ability to snap by Sunday night, but I assure you that that is the best way to be.

But I won’t let myself go on to long about all of that poetically emotional/passionate stuff. Let’s talk a bit about the competition. I suppose that I should put it out there that we named our team the Fedorables (no explanation provided, sorry), which, to our surprise, became very popular during the weekend. On the Friday night, we presented our introduction piece along with all the other teams, but it was the next day that the competition really started. Competing at the Prophouse Café on Venables, the Fedorables won their first bout, and during the second bout Sunday, we placed second. It was a whirlwind afternoon on the last day, but it was announced that we would be competing in the finals. At our first year at Hullabaloo, Jamie, Lyle, and I were completely honoured to be going up against some really exquisite teams, and ended tying for second! I could not be happier about how everything worked out, about our performances, as well as the entire weekend as a whole. Our team also cannot thank our mentor, Jacob, enough for the fact that he took the weekend off from his business to support and coach us between and during bouts, giving the most perfect pep talks in the world. I am very proud of everyone who performed at Hullabaloo 2014, and some of the teams are already making plans to meet up at future slams to share some more of our work. Throughout some of our workshops, the beginning of new poems have already begun, and there are few that people are eager to hear the end of (I will only say that Lyle now has a poem about a ‘sneaky campstove’).

However, in all the craziness and loveliness of Hullabaloo, I also have to keep in mind that In-Depth night is fast approaching us. Thankfully though, the concept of my learning center is quite straightforward. Because slam poetry is a performance art, I will be giving a performance at the beginning of the night along with all my fellow stage-goers. Between the three poets in TALONS, we were hoping for a solid time of 12 minutes, so that we would each perform 1 solo piece and one team piece, but it is still up in the air whether we can be allotted that much time. Until we find out though, there is minimum preparation needed for my learning center, except for the task of choosing which poem(s) to perform and having them polished for the night of In-Depth.

Lyle, Jamie and I still plan to meet with Jacob once every two weeks for poetry sessions, but it will be nice not to have the pressure of an upcoming competition for now. Instead of rehearsing my Hullabaloo pieces endlessly, it will be nice to write some new material. For now, I am still in post-Hullabaloo withdrawal mode (which includes symptoms of poet-separation anxiety) but I am refreshed thinking about new poetry and some of the new experiences that the always-pleasantly-surprising poetry world has planned for the Fedorables.

In-Depth Post #7

This final blog post of my 2014 In-Depth study will describe and finalize my learning centre. The learning centre, similar to that of the one presented on Night of the Notables, is where us TALONS learners can display our achievements during our in-depth study. The learning centre includes an interactive component as well.

Very True!

Since I am learning a language as my in-depth study, I have decided to make my learning centre strongly oral-based. Pronunciation and speech is the component that I have been working on the longest, and it is something I have confidently developed during my study. For my learning centre, I am planning on reciting an autobiography of myself in Chinese Mandarin, using the pinyin pronunciation paying attention to the four tones. I will have the autobiography written in Chinese character form and Chinese pinyin form, with the corresponding English translation. This will allow foreigners to be able to understand what I am saying, and will give Chinese people the opportunity to listen to my pronunciation and read the Chinese text too. Unfortunately, I am unable to fully translate sentences at this point as my choice of language is extremely difficult. However, Hannah Duan, my mentor, has created an alternate way to evaluate my learning, specifically my “Chinese ear”. Upon translating my autobiography, Hannah will recite my autobiography in Mandarin Chinese. My job is to use what I have learned about pinyin and the four tones and write the biography in Chinese pinyin fashion. The idea behind this is to test my knowledge of pinyin and the four tones. As mentioned in previous posts, Chinese students who learn to read and write Mandarin usually know how to fluently speak the language, so the vocabulary is already inside them. Since I am a foreigner, and I have only been practicing my study for close to 5 months, it is near impossible to have a competent vocabulary as well as proficiency with the unique chinese characters. Nonetheless, I have not completely neglected the characters. Hannah is still working with me in honing my pronunciation as well as slowly introducing me to new and simple words with their respective pinyin and chinese characters.

For my interactive component, I will give people the opportunity to write Chinese Mandarin on their own! I will have piles of numbers 1-10 and I will ask participants to choose a number, their favourite perhaps. I will have the pinyin and Chinese character for each number on the card, and I will let the participants to try writing out that number in both pinyin and Chinese character form. I know when I was learning the characters, I thoroughly enjoyed writing and practising them out, despite their difficulty. I feel that people will be able to try something new while learning a new word or two. Since I am learning new words in Chinese character form, I may also give additional choices to allow more variety and interest to be present in my interactive component.

No electronic equipment is needed for my learning centre and there is no specific place I need to be. My learning centre is very simple and will contain a display and my interactive component, which does not involve much movement. I am also considering adding minor “cultural touches” to my learning centre to give my learning centre a more appealing look. Little things such as a Chinese tablecloth or Green tea can make my in-depth study seem more home-like. My cultural touches, however, are not finalized.

I am meeting with Hannah on a weekly basis, learning as much as I can before In-Depth night. Since languages such as Mandarin are such broad topics, they are definitely something to consider continuing during next year’s in-depth. But let’s not get carried away! Finish on putting together a fantastic in-depth presentation this year!



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In-depth Learning Centre

In-depth is right around the corner and I for one am very excited to show off my talent. These past couple of weeks I haven’t been able to train and meet up with Joel as I’d like to due to other commitments and my busy busy schedule. However, when I did train it was successful as I begin to brush up my skills that I have learned over the course of these past months. I can’t believe that in-depth is almost over as I have enjoyed every minute of it. It has been a great experience for me and I can’t wait to pick and learn a new skill next year.

Moreover, for my learning centre I have decided that the most appropriate setting for it to be in would be the gym considering that I am doing something that involves athletics so I believe that gym is a appropriate area for me to set up my learning centre in. Furthermore, I plan of borrowing Jamie’s punching bag that Eric used during the night of the notables. Along with table that will have my boxing gloves, helmet, and shoes for display. In addition, I will also have a poster board of information about boxing and some action pictures of me training by myself. I hope for my learning centre to look appealing and engaging. I want many people to be attracted to it as I want as many people as possible to look at my progress and development throughout this process. Originally I was going to be demonstrating all the things I’ve learned, however, I will need to inspect the stability of the punching bags and I also do not want to be a distraction to other learning centres. Although if a parent, or student, or teacher ask me to demonstrate a skill I will be more than happy to show them a few punches or kicks. For my poster board, I plan on having more pictures than words as I don’t want to bore people with a whole bunch of writing.

To conclude, I am very excited for this night to come so that I can finally show off my skills and progress to everyone waiting to see. It is crazy to think that 5 months ago no one knew anything about their skill that they are experts at now! It is unbelievable to see everyones passion and love for what they are learning during this in-depth study. Like I said before I am excited for the big night and will continue to work hard until then :)

In-Depth Post Number 7 – It’s Been a Wild Ride

So last weekend, Jamie, Emma and I participated in Hullabaloo 2014. We performed our hearts out and made it all the way to finals along with three other teams.Three solo pieces and one team piece later, and we were up on stage awaiting to hear what our placing was.

After much anticipation, RC Weslowski, our host for the evening announced that the Fedorables (that’s us!) had tied with Slamsworth for second place! We were so happy to make it so far, especially for our very first year competing.

Emma is especially talented in poetry, and always has been, and she did extremely well on the Hullabaloo stages. I couldn’t ask for a better captain of our team and she led by excellent example.

Jamie improved immensely from what his poetry was before, and he was excellent to perform alongside in both Teen Literature, and Friendzone.

On the note of our team pieces, I am especially proud of Teen Literature, a two person poem I performed with Jamie about… well, teen literature. It was a satire in the vein of infomercials like ShamWow. The jokes were well-received and Jamie and I complimented eachother well in the poem to keep our pace up.

Besides the poetry itself, Hullabaloo was a great chance to meet teams from all over BC. I’m now Facebook friends with team members from Delta, and all over Vancouver Island. They were all extremely talented and very friendly, and were a lot of fun to dance into the early hours of the morning at the after-party.

So with Hullabaloo done, we are still writing. Jacob has asked us to write another competition poem, one that we would never usually perform. This is likely so we can step out of our comfort zones in writing. I am working on another satire, although with a different topic matter than usual.

For in-depth night, I plan to perform a few pieces of poetry in front of the audience along with Jamie and Emma. We are looking at doing one solo piece and one team piece each. Beyond this, I will likely just mingle and answer any questions about my poetry.

In-Depth has been a wild ride and the last couple of months has definitely changed my life for the better, and I will never forget the people I’ve met and the poetry I’ve heard and performed. It was an amazing time and I’m so glad TALONS gave me the opportunity to do something like this.

French Revolution Post #3: The French Resolution

Now that I’ve reached the end, I realize that the people will never trull be satisfied.

After the death of my father, they hungered for a new leader.

A boy was put in his place, with a wife who was unused to rule.

They saw no use for me, though I was a royal too.

I was of the people, I created, I did not throw my gold at the walls.

When I was not allowed to mount my mother, I decided not to go to court.

I befriended the people, spent much of my time with authors and artists.

That I could not rule was a shame.

That the boy was put to death was even worse.

The people couldn’t know how hard it was to rule a country, to protect it.

All they knew was that they were angry, that something was wrong.

So he died for their inability to use their voices and ask.

His wife and children went with him.

But that wasn’t enough, the next leader followed in his footsteps, met the same fate.

The people couldn’t figure out what they actually wanted, so they put to death whatever displeased them.

By the time they decided… It was too late. Many had died because of their inability to think rather than act.

Maybe it would have been different,

If I had been allowed to rule,

Maybe they would still be alive,

Maybe the people would be happy,

Maybe I could finally rest, in this world where my eyes are wide shut.

The Final Blog Post: Plans for the Future

Oh dear, my final blog post already. And I was here thinking I had plenty of time left for In-depth night. As the marked day slowly approaches, I realize one thing: never do anything last minute anymore. I have lost sleep and good working time because I chose to leave things to the last minute, which I strongly regret. But there is nothing I can do about it now, but plan my time wisely so I can get everything done while putting my best efforts. This is going to be a long week of filled stress and agony, but I am prepared.

So for my in-depth night, my ideas are not set and stone but I do have a rough idea of what I want to do. Earlier, I already said that it would be really cool if I managed to bring a real car to the school and show hand-on-hand maintenance on the car, but that seems really difficult. I would need to find a car that someone is okay with lending to me for the night and I would need  to find space that is easy to see by people and that is close enough to know that I’m part of the actual night.

So for my final idea, I’ve decided to a tutorial-like learning center where people can come and learn the same skills I learned in a more concise and faster way. At my learning center, there will be a screen that will constantly show videos of me doing car maintenance tutorials that can easily be watched in a few minutes. This will show that I know the skills well enough that I can teach others what I have been learning over the few months. Besides the video, I also was planning to set my learning center in a garage sort of layout. I would prefer a corner spot in the MPR to be able to bring tools and equipment that I need to actually do these maintenance. This will show that I am really in character and create an atmosphere of a low maintained guy who’s life consists of working on cars.

I am really excited for In-depth night, but I am also really nervous. I really hope that I’ll do well and make my first In-depth night an amazing experience.

Azaly Addam: Out.

In-Depth 2014: Retrospective & Presentation (#6)

I am honoured beyond all doubt to have spent the last two months preparing for Hullabaloo 2014. Emma Field, Lyle Hendriks, and I, Jamie Fajber, took to the stage intending to pour out all the many, many hours that we have spent writing, practicing and refining our poetry. It is to my great joy that I can say that the Gleneagle team came home with 2nd place in BC!

In every single aspect, credit here goes to our mentor Jacob Gebrewold. It’s hard to take what he has given us and put it into words. He took Emma and I, two novice grade 9 poets who showed maybe a little bit of potential, and turned us into silver medallists in TWO MONTHS. Even more impressive is Lyle, who came so far in just a few weeks, when he had to step up to fill in the gap on our team.

Jacob is miraculous. Without a doubt I can say that I have never met a better role model for all things life than Jacob Gebrewold.

In these recent months, my heart has been expanded to fit new quantities of love for so many people that I have met. Hullabaloo was an incredible experience in every way I could describe it.

Rehabilitation to school has been tough. Sometimes, life after something so perfectly wondrous seems pretty unglamorous.

However, there are things that can help you begin to appreciate it all again.

1) Chocolate.

2) Being excessively intent on school.

3) Sleep loads.

I fully intend to keep on writing and performing poetry. This has blown up more than I could have ever dreamed of, and I want to do nothing more than perform and workshop in classes at Gleneagle, maybe help spread the art form.

On the note of In-Depth night itself – I am going to be performing some pieces of course! I don’t actually need a learning centre. Depending on the time we are allotted, Emma, Lyle and I may or may not conglomerate our time so we can do some team pieces as well as some individual ones; however, if we only get three minutes we will probably stick to individual pieces to showcase everyone.

I will be posting a new poem very soon as well – its in it’s first form but I’d love to get some feedback!