Annotated biBLOGraphy

Here is my Annotated BiBLOGraphy.

  •  Goglogo is an interesting website that allows you to create a custom google search engine. For my Learning center I wanted an eye catching title that was in the google color scheme, since my eminent person currently works at Google. So I made a custom search engine with the name Ray Kurzweil and then screenshot it and made it my Title.
  • A good start for getting an idea of Ray Kurzweil, it was helpful for my deciding whether I wanted to use him for my eminent person. However the information might not be the most reliable. This is why I supplemented it and cross-referenced it with the websites below.



Interviewing people make me nervous. It scared me how we had to use our own voices to communicate with someone we don’t know. So for my first interview i decided to start out slow, i was going to use email. Emailing in my opinion is easier and less frightening because there is a less of a chance to screw up.

At first i was going to interview The Reys Center, but after weeks of waiting and constant bugging, i decided it was not going to work. I wanted to interview them because the group was made while Margret Rey was still alive. It was made in dedication of Han’s death. The group basically replaces what Hans did. The group has a few activities in which they read with children and draw with children. It relates so much with Hans that i decided it was perfect. But after almost a week i gave up on that option.

I had a few other choices in mind, but i really wanted to get over the fear of using my voice to communicate. All of my choices involved long distance calls and emailing, but i had one last option in mind. I interviewed my friend. Although my friend has no really bond with my eminent person, thy ha similar interests. They both liked to write or read in their spare time. Also my friend wanted to learn how to draw better, and so i thought it was a great idea to introduce him to my eminent person. My friend also liked the curious George series and so i thought it was perfect.

Because my friend does not know a lot of Hans Rey, he knew a bit about his stories. Because this was a verbal interview i have no written copy, so i will try to copy down what i remember.

1. How has Curious George influenced your life?

Curious George has taught me to be curious, although this may sometimes get yourself into troubles, you will learn from your mistakes. In almost all parts of Han’s books, Curious Geroge has done something wrong, but to make up for that he learns what is wrong in the end. It also teaches adults a bit about obedience, when you always get mad at something that your child didn’t know, they will never learn.I think this book has taught me a valuable lesson that will be helpful to all children.

2. What do you like about Hans drawings?

Personally i am not good at drawing. I feel like Hans book has introduced me to more arts. His drawing are very eye catching and simple. Because it is simple, it is easy for me to learn a bit about drawing.

3. Do you think there would be any sort of difference to the outcome of his books if his books were created today?

From what i think, in the past it was harder to become famous, there was no social media to announce your new book. Instead it was basically luck, if people would see your books or not. If his books were created today, i think it would become more popular faster than before, BUT i think it is more effective when it was created back then because it teaches our parents when they were children to be curious.

4. Would you introduce your children to this book?

Yes i would definitely, if i want one. As i said before it teaches children a really valuable lesson that will have a great impact on them. I think it will also influence my parenting skills.

These were a few questions i asked, it helped me out during my project because it gave me a different view on his books and the author. These were not the exact word used in the interview, but it basically summarizes what he said from his perspective, and what i remember. Next year, i  will try to actually record my interview so i don’t forget what i learnt from it.


Over the course of the eminent project, I didn’t use that many sites, however I will give you the ones I used.


Misty Copeland

This website is very good. It has good information on her life and repertoire. It also had great pictures and allowed for contact. I used this website mainly however I paired it with her Wikipedia page to cross check and expand.

Misty Copeland Wikipedia

I used this website along side the site above. I used it mainly for cross referencing facts, however I also learned more about her home life and things that weren’t publicized on her official site.

ESPN Interview

This article helped me to learn a lot about how Misty felt being the only African- American. It gave me a lot of incite to how she viewed things and it brought up items in which I later looked in to.

American Ballet Theatre

This site is the official site of the American Ballet Theatre. I used it to look at the dancers there as well as look into their education and training programs. I used the sub sites within this site.

Pointe Magazine

This article was helpful as it gave incite into some of the hidden exclusions of todays companies. It didn’t really assist me in furthering my project but it was good basis information.

Body Image: Understanding Body Dissatisfaction in Men, Women and Children

While this book didn’t help me with my project per-say, it gave me a lot of basic information on peoples’ perceptions of themselves and how the paradigm within which they live affects how they see themselves.

And Finally Bunheads

This book is a book of fiction, however the author was a professional dancer in the New York Ballet for 9 years. I can imagine that this book is based on things she saw within the company, if not experienced herself. This book sparked inspiration for my project as it should me hidden things that happened within a company and opened my eyes to the fact that body acceptance within companies isn’t necessarily put aside when you get your foot in the door. Also an amazing read for any dancer.

Well those are the main sources I used on this project. Hopefully they help someone.

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Night of the Notables: A Night of the Past

Night of the Notables is over! I can’t tell really if I’m happy or sad about this. It was a great night with many memories, laughs and new experiences. There were so many awesome things about the night that I want to share so I think I will…

The evening started with speeches. Now, up until that night, I had no clue if I was excited or nervous. During diner, I was definitely nervous. Backstage, nervous.   The doors opened and I started to buzz with anticipation, either to get on stage or to get off. Then Jamie walked on stage, starting the first speech, and I was excited! I couldn’t wait. And when I went on stage, it wasn’t some blackout speech where I walked off stage saying “What happened?”. I was thinking and present the whole time. It sure will be something I will remember and carry with me for a while.


After all the speeches were done, there was a panic as everyone ran to get to and set up their learning centers. As we ran down the hallway, a mixture of pointe shoes, ski boots, runners and heels clicking on the floor, I could only think about how funny we must all look to a passerby who didn’t know about Night of the Notables. It made me laugh at the thought of a ballerinas, skiers, runners and pioneer looking people all running through the school halls.

The rest of the night past fairly quickly, followed by selfies and polaroid photos before and after closing circle. It was a night to remember.





I’d say that I met all my goals for the year’s project. I was happy with what I learned and was happy with how well my speech went. In future, I would look at information from more sites.

I just want to thank the grade nines for putting this night on and making it so good; I also want to thank all the other tens for being so supportive of everyone and making the night special!

eminent 4

I hope to see all you nines rocking it on stage as tens next year!!!!



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“Relief, fatigue, exhaustion.” These words appeared at the closing circle after Night of the Notables. But seriously – after 13.5 hours at school, who wouldn’t be tired?  Night of the Notables has been one of the most enjoyable school events of my life, and the time spent preparing for it was definitely worth it. After a long month of speeches, research, blogging, and creativity, I’m glad I got to show what I have done that night. I could tell that everyone was hyped for the night as it was going to be very busy – speeches, learning centres, and the big dinner.

For me, Night of the Notables was an entirely new experience, and I’m really glad that I could be part of it. I put a lot of work into my learning centre, and was looking forwards to the grade 10 speeches. For me, my favorite part was presenting our learning centres, and taking a look at others – being the science fair enthusiast that I am. Anyways, let’s cut to the chase – here’s how the night went for me:

Arriving at school, I noticed a lot of people with hands full of food, and plenty of equipment for their learning centres. I however, didn’t have a fancy setup – all I had was my 17″ computer. In the morning, I had already finished my learning centre, so I helped some friends setup theirs, and then work on my math homework. What I did add to my learning centre, was a gesture controlled scrolling hand movement that would scroll through the website which I made. This was accomplished using Leap Motion – a hand tracking device on my computer. The device overview can be seen here. So yeah, scrolling through a site with nothing but your fingers would be pretty cool, and would be a perfect hands-on way of presenting the CEO of one of the biggest high-tech companies in the world.

Picture courtesy of Leap Motion

Playing Jenga with a Natural User Interface

School went on in the afternoon like it always would; eat lunch, do physical activity, and make food. What I was both excited for (and despised) was after school, and the tedious setup that came after it. Writing this post today, I can say that the time spent setting up was completely worth it for the event that followed. We started up by setting up the MPR, and I made signs leading to the washrooms and blocking out the MPR. As everyone setup the stage, lights, music and chairs, I ran around the school hanging signs close to washrooms. After setting up, we had time to setup our learning centres, and look at others. I had asked Aidan for a red tablecloth prior to the event, so I had something aesthetically pleasing other than just one computer. Touring everyone’s learning centres was really fun, but disappointing at the same time as many others have gone beyond expectations, bringing in entire sofas, and furniture cough devon cough. I was satisfied with my learning centre, as it was pretty unique in my opinion. As I was touring the learning centres, I was cut short by Ms. Mulder’s voice which boomed through the intercom. Oh boy, it would be time for dinner.

Dinner was great, and Christine along with Connor did a great job organizing the food. It was like a buffet; pasta, salad, drinks, and desserts were all there and I’m sure most of us filled our bellies until we couldn’t eat anymore. Dinner was over, and with full stomachs, we started greeting parents, alumni, and relatives a while later. Once everyone had settled into the environment, the doors opened and the grade 10 speeches were about to commence.

The air around me tinged with nervousness, excitement, and joy as the grade 10’s strode onto the stage in character of their eminent person. 1 hours later, both afternoon and morning groups have finished their speeches, and all I could say is that all of them did fantastic. I was really surprised with the quality of the speeches, along with the smooth transitions between each. These will definitely be hard to top next year!

As the speeches finished, we all ran up to our learning centres, and prepared to give our 1-2 minute presentation to the visitors that rolled by. I had quite a few, and they were all very interested about my person, and my learning centre. I think the work that I put into it really paid off and presenting my person was like presenting a science project (which I have done countless times in the past). It was a really amazing night. As my learning centre was a website, you can still view it here: . I do have to say that it was much more fun and interesting navigating the site through gestures rather than a mouse/trackpad. I even made a popup about the history of Google! At the end, my mouth was really dry from non-stop talking, but there was a water fountain nearby, so I occasionally went to drink water.

My one page, parallax scrolling, learning centre.

Overall, Night of the Notables was a very new, enriching, and fun experience for me, and I learnt many new things about many different people when touring the learning centres of others. I met my goals of my project by researching Larry Page and the traits and story of how he became successful. I really did learn a lot about him, and discovered many similarities between me and him. The hard work put into my learning centre really paid off at the end, and I really enjoyed presenting my project to visitors. I’m really amazed on the organization and the work that went into preparing for this night – especially the project managers and my fellow piers. Without them, the night wouldn’t be the same to me.

Eminent Interview Search

I spent the last month or so searching for an interview, but was unable to get one.

Searching for people who know the CEO of a large company isn’t easy, and I sent emails to 14 different people, most of which didn’t reply, some of which declined, and one who accepted. Great! I thought to myself, I finally got an interview! That one person was Mark Blank – an american game developer, and a software engineer currently working at Google. I emailed him the questions, and asked nicely if he could answer them before December the 3rd. Later, he replied to me with a heart-breaking message:

Dear Kelvin,

Thank you for contacting me, but unfortunately, I won’t be able to answer your questions on time due to an upcoming business trip, and my current workload on a project I’m working on. Sorry for the inconvenience, and I wish you the best of luck on your project!

Mark Blank

I replied saying that it was fine, and told him to enjoy his business trip. Night of the Notables quickly approached and I was still left without an interview. At the end, I wasn’t able to get an interview, but I could happily say that my research and project on Larry Page still turned out pretty decent. Throughout this month, even though I didn’t get an interview, I was able to learn many of the interview-related things such as forming questions, finding people to contact, and more. Some of the people I contacted were Google Employees that knew Larry Page, others were classmates of Larry (believe me, this was hard to find). I sent 14 different emails to 14 different people, but it seems like they were all busy, or didn’t want to be bothered. Out of all this, Mark Blank was probably the only one who showed interest, but due to personal problems, was unable to comply with the questions.

I’m still glad that even without an interview, my project turned out fine, and I still learned as much about Larry Page as I have hoped. I guess finding people who know the CEO of one of the biggest companies is harder than I thought, and I’ll be sure to keep that in mind next year when I choose my Eminent Person.


My Speech

Here is the final version of my speech. It is in the view of a poor Kenyan woman who was influenced by Wangari Maathai. Enjoy!


Look around. What do you all have in common? You are Canadian. I, on the other hand, am not. I am Kenyan. I am also a woman and unfortunately, my society has labeled me as hopeless. When I was only five years old I was told that I wasn’t allowed to go to school by my mother. She told me I had to help at the house and that I didn’t need an education because when I grow up, I won’t be a doctor, a teacher,  or an astronaut. I won’t have a choice. I will be a mother, and thats all I’ll ever be. At least thats what I thought.

When I was 18, in 1960, my friend told me that there was a lady by the name of Wangari Maathai who just went to America to go to college. Apparently, she had lived in a nearby village and won a scholarship. A mixture of emotions swept over me.  I was amazed by her accomplishment, since it was very rare for a woman to go to America on a scholarship. But deep down, I felt something else. There was the slightest bit of hope, that I could be who I wanted to be.

From then on, rumours of Wangari’s life reached me – that she went to school at the age of 8, that she was so smart, that she went to high school, that she got a master’s degree in America. And, that she was going to be returning to Kenya soon!


The rumors were confirmed and Wangari Maathai came back to Kenya to study veterinary anatomy at the University of Nairobi. Then, in 1971, a newspaper article with the headline, “WANGARI MAATHAI BREAKS HISTORY”, was shared by a visitor to our village. It was about her becoming the first woman, in all of eastern Africa, to earn a doctoral degree.

At that time, our village was in chaos. First, our stream started drying up, which caused a drought, which killed the cabbage crops. My husband, Elias, was a cabbage farmer so we started to run out of money. The banana trees started to wither and die too, so we had less firewood to cook with. Then my 8 year old sister, Faith, got sick from bacteria in the water because I couldn’t boil it. Many others got sick from contaminated water. This is when everyone started to panic.


We couldn’t boil our water without firewood, the sick, such as my little sister, needed a vaccine that we couldn’t afford. Our future was looking grim. That was, until Wangari Maathai came.


It was a hot day, and a red truck drove right into the heart of the village and out stepped the woman who not long ago, was on the front cover of the newspaper; Wangari Maathai.I was standing with a small group of children as she approached us. Shes said,

“Have you had problems with the firewood in your village? How about your village’s income? What about your families?’ I could barely speak, but I mustered a weak smile and said, “We have had many problems in our village. Most of our problems are threatening our lives.”


Wangari reassuringly put her hand on my shoulder and said, “Well, you need not worry my strong fighter, I am here to help. Round up all of the women in your village and meet me back here”.


Once all of the women arrived, Wangari reached into her pocket and brought out many seeds. She gave them to a little boy walking by and she told him to give a seed to each woman. The boy did as he was told and soon enough, I had a seed in my hand.


Wangari continued,  “Women, we are underestimated. For years, we have been the weaker sex. We alone will rise up and we will to save our village. I want you to work together to grow seedlings, to plant trees to bind the soil, to store rain water, to provide food and firewood, and to help the environment. In return, I will give you a token for your work. This is the vision of the Green Belt Movement, an organization that empowers communities, particularly women, to conserve the environment and improve livelihoods. I started this organization, and I want you to benefit from it. I want you to have hope, because hope starts with a seed, and it will grow and grow until it finally becomes reality,”

We all looked at her with a new light in our eyes. We all felt something deep down. I had felt it before when I was 18, when i found hope, when I planted my seed of hope. Wangari had it and I had it. We all got to work, and we opened the truck up. There were supplies for planting trees and seedlings. We spent the next few day learning how to take care of the trees, watering the fields of cabbages, and listening to Wangari’s knowledge for the world.


After she left, the village was doing better than ever. The trees were growing in nicely, the firewood was abundant, and little Faith got the vaccine she needed because Elias’ cabbage crop was earning income again. I, on the other hand, am now an environmentalist. I finished high school and went to university for 5 years. At first my mother resisted but then I told her my story, this story. She then understood. Wangari gave me the courage to do so. Now I work with Wangari in the Green Belt Movement,

Because of Wangari, I have choice in my life. If you think about it, I always had that choice but I just needed the hope that Wangari first inspired in 1960. When Wangari Maathai touched my life, she helped me to nurture my seed of hope and it has grown into a tree of prosperity.


It’s now 2004, I am happily working my job. Elais is making money farming cabbages, and Faith is going to school! As for Wangari, she just won the nobel peace prize.


Wangari inspired me to plant my seed, and I hope I just inspired you to plant yours.


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Night of the Notables Reflection

This was officially my first Eminent night as a grade 10 as well as the last that I’ll be a part of. Although I will still observe this tradition from the side, it makes me feel quite sad and nostalgic knowing that this was the last time. It was a hectic night with one task after another, one success after another, but luckily, I leave the night with no regrets.

Starting off with my speech, before I took my first step onto that stage, I was trembling with nervousness (or maybe excitement as some would say). Actually, it wasn’t just me. It was the collective nerves of all the Afternoon tens, but even though all of us were nervous, there was a lot of support for each other. I truly felt that everyone wished for each other’s success. The speech itself was quite a blur. It felt like my mouth was just spitting out the words that I had ingrained into my memory after many days of practice and before I realized it, my feet were taking me off the stage, but that first feeling of relief and the smile on my face let me know that it was a success.

After facing the first great wall of eminent, I was finally allowed to relax a bit and observe the morning grade 10 speeches, which were just as breathtaking. To highlight some Morning speeches, I really enjoyed Azaly’s, James’, and Eric’s speeches. I thought they were very powerful, memorable, and well presented. The combination of the power in their words, their stage presence and the visuals of their costume really made them stand out. I didn’t get to see the afternoon speeches as an audience member, but I’m sure the15766951618_a08d303d52_zy were just as great!

This year, my learning center was quite the success despite the fact that I was in a narrow classroom. At first it was quite hard to attract people into my classroom, but as the night went on, I began to draw in some more people with my music. My learning center was just as it was described in my previous document of learning post in terms of layout and I only ended up using the front half of my classroom so that I could interact with my guests on a more personal level. I think that limiting the use of the classroom really helped to keep everything nice and compact. More than anything, I believe that my interactive activity was a great success! I had a demo violin where people could try out their skills while I could coach them the basics. I found that this really interested a lot of people about the violin and about Paganini. After this interactive activity, I was found that I was asked more detailed questions about my eminent person. This was discussed in the in-class evaluation as well, but I had a really hard time staying in character. From the very beginning people assumed that I wasn’t my person except for the few alumni and staff who came to visit and many guests phrased their questions in a way that was really hard for me as Paganini, not Alison to answer. I had to adapt to this new situation a bit and it may not have turned out exactly as I imagined, but the guests all seemed to enjoy my learning center and learn a lot about Paganini which was my ultimate goal.

I fulfilled my first goal by realizing that as I was researching, I began to want to know more purely out of curiosity and self-interest unlike last year when my interest slowly faded away as the project drew to a close. Especially after my interview I feel as though I finally made that connection between a school project and one of my greatest interests. My second goal is in action, yet not fully completed. I believe that only time will tell if this night was truly an unforgettable one. Lastly, throughout this project I ended up trying many new things, especially on the night of. This was my first time ever giving a speech in character to such a big audience; it was the first time I ever wore a wig, and it was also the first time I ever gave a fully memorized speech. This bundle of new experiences really made me step out of my comfort zone and break some of my common patterns. This was when I really benefited from the support of my peers who probably unknowingly helped me break out of my shell and open up to an audience like this when I might not have been able to before.

Our little Afternoon huddle :)

I may feel a sense of sadness, but I also finally feel freedom and relief. Even without me knowing, Eminent had quite a lot of weight on my shoulders. The pressure of performing a good speech, making a successful learning center, and staying in character for the whole night must have been a lot more than I imagined. At least I didn’t have any specific committee work this year, so thank you to the grade nines that made this night possible with all their committee work. Thank you to the teachers who supported my learning and kept me on track. Thank you to all the guests who came and listened to the speeches and visited our learning centers. Last, but not least, thank you to my peers who supported me throughout this whole project and helped make this night one of the best in my grade 10 year! I will definitely remember the fun times backstage, the shining lights during my speech, and the excitement of meeting guests at my learning center! What a night!

Please look forward to my last post!


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Document Of Learning

I am posting this a little late because of eminent. Ironically, I am behind in my Eminent Project, because of my eminent project. I am now ready to post my document of learning. I actually think that doing my document of learning after Night of the Notables is good, because I learned quite a bit on the night of, and the days leading up to it. For this post I decided that I will focus on what I want to do better for next year, how Wangari changed my life, and how my peers have influenced me during this time.

Firstly, I think the project on a whole worked well for me but there are some things I would like to change for next year. At the very start of the project, I felt like I picked my person too quickly. Don’t get me wrong, I love who I picked, but I feel as though I should have done her in grade 10 instead. I fell this way because while I was doing this project, someone suggested that I do Tyler Oakley, Youtube sensation. I could do my speech in the point of view of Troye Sivan, another Youtuber. This speech would have been so cool and I would have really enjoyed it. I will probably do Tyler Oakley next year. If not I want to do someone teens could really relate to. Wangari Maathai was an amazing person and I really enjoyed the project, but I couldn’t really connect as much as I thought I would. Also, next year I really want to go full out on my learning center. This year, I felt as though my learning center was effective, but I could have done so much better. The vision in my head, was very different from reality.  I wanted to make it a little more realistic. I was also going to have food and chai tea but then Ms. Mulder said only the 10’s could have food and drink so I had to rethink a little bit and it just didn’t turn out the way I thought it would. Lastly, I wish I used my time a little better. At the start, I was doing well but closer to the end, I started to concentrate more on planning NotN, than my project. When in-depth time rolls around, I will try to focus on my project, and less on my committee.

Secondly, during this project, Wangari Maathai really influenced the way I live. I have started really thinking about how she used the power of people to do good for the community. Recently, my youth group planned a Family Movie Night at our church. I looked at our agenda for the night and I noticed that it was kind of like NotN. There were different jobs, such as welcome table and food, and someone needed to be a project manager. I decided I would be a leader just Wangari. Wangari had a saying, it was “I will be a humming bird”. It was a metaphor about how even if you are the smallest and weakest one out there, if you try your hardest, you will make a difference. Even though I was one of the younger kids there, I still managed the whole evening and the night was successful. Wangari also made me more aware of things happening in other parts of the world. We should be more thankful for what we have. I mean, we’ve all had this speech before but this is a big problem and we need to work together to stop it.

Lastly, throughout eminent, people have been helping me out and I just want to give them some cred. At the start of the project, I got a lot of info from the grade 10’s. The grade 10’s are actually my saviors throughout this whole project. They have been so supportive to us grade 9’s and they have experience from last year so it was really nice to hear what they had to say about eminent. There were also people who edited my speech draft. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!! I’m pretty sure the people were Mira, Natalie, and Kevin. If I missed anyone, please comment who I missed. I’ll edit them in. My speech was about 20 mins long to start off, then I cut to half, then I got help from others to cut down to 6 mins. It was super stressful but I got and A+ on my speech and I’m pretty happy with that. Also thanks Nazlie, Karolina, and Natalie for helping me out with what I want to do next year for Eminent. These guys put some cool ideas into my brain and they are pretty cool.

In conclusion, this is what I learned and it is pretty cool. I actually can’t wait until next year. I actually already got started kind of. Anyways, more on that later. That’s all for now folks.

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Eminent Interview

For my interview during this Eminent project, I was able to contact Devon Ross, a science teacher in our District. This is the general answers for the questions I asked.

1: Do you think that Bill Nye has made kids in our district or beyond more engaged in taking science courses?

Not necessarily just Bill Nye, but rather any form of entertainment in teaching can make it more engaging. It runs much deeper than just Bill Nye himself, for example shows such as the big bang theory have an impact as well, and also big stories in the news about science such as the comet landing.

2: Do you think that Bill Nye’s teaching style has had an impact on the methods of teachers in our district or beyond?

Not just Bill Nye, but in general many teachers can learn from observing others, and expand their own repertoire. Bill Nye is one example, however there are many more that teachers can learn from.

3: What teaching methods would you personally recommend for teaching an engaging science class?

Anything hands-on, interactive, that requires critical thinking which allows students to find which strategies are most effective, in addition to being able to have teaching strategies at different levels to cater to many ages and levels.