Here are all my sources throughout this project:

  • Wikipedia~ all the general information about Julia Child (age, birthdate, family, etc.) as well as a list of her achievements and a timeline of the events in her life
  • a biography including a synopsis of Julia Child’s life and details about her early life, World War II, “Mastering the Art of French Cooking,” television success, and death and legacy. Also includes a short TV interview video and pictures.
  • random Julia Child facts that I included as “Did you knows” in my learning centre which have stuff to do with her personally (eg. foot size, flowers named after her, etc.) but not much to do with her life
  • Phoenix New Times Blogs~ More random facts that focus more on her life and achievements and have mini paragraphs of details that explain each fact (eg. info on cookbook, blowtorch quote, etc.)
  • Julia Child List of her awards and the dates she received them. I did not use the rest of her website, but it looks like there could be some useful information about the whole timeline of her life there.
  • National Post~ Someone who interviewed Julia Child’s biographer’s website, discussing things such as her voice, and her personality.
  • Youtube~ a video from Julia Child’s TV cooking show, “The French Chef”. This episode was on cooking chicken, and I based my entire speech off of this one video.
  • From

    Julia Chid and rolling pins

  • From amazon images

    Meryl Streep as Julia Child

  • Julia Child stirring pudding


  • Eminent- Teresa Gabriele -biBLOGraphy

         Below are most of the websites or sources that I used to obtain information on my eminent person, Teresa Gabriele. As you will see, I didn’t use very many websites or physical sources for this project. The reason for this is that I had a lot of existing knowledge on my person, and I also received a lot of my key information from my  two prodigious interviews. However, the sites listed below were, in most cases, extremely useful, and I would recommend most of them for any future research on Teresa Gabriele.


    Picture credits: Canada Basketball


    This was the first place I went for my information. It was also thanks to Allison that this became very readily available to me, however, you can find it on Canada Basketball’s website or through this link. It is a highly useful and information filled biography that has all the stats and records from her international career with Team Canada and also some highlights from other parts of her career. It will give you all the straightforward information you need.

    This article from the Huffington Post I found very special and touching. It features several interviews with multiple national team players including Teresa and Allison(head coach) following their elimination in the quarter-finals at the London Olympics in 2012. I also used this article for some special insight in my speech.

    This link will take you to the SFU Women’s Basketball Wikispace. I found this website highly useful in obtaining information on Teresa’s university career. You will find record lists and team lists as well as a helpful ‘Accomplishments’ document with information on the many awards Teresa received at SFU.

    Win the Day, is a phenomenal video put together of the Women’s National Team at the Jack Donahue International Classic in 2012, leading up to the Olympics. I was actually at the first of the three games and you can spot me in this video. It is a great film that highlights the work of the team and I have watched it many times!

    I could go on for a while about that film, but I won’t.

    This is the link to the Canadian Olympic Team website’s bio of Teresa. Though it does supply a picture, this is not a particularly useful website. Most information is brief, can be found elsewhere in more descriptive context, and I’m not sure if it is all entirely accurate.

    This brief article provides a nice snapshot of her senior season at SFU and their run to a championship. It also shows one of the many awards she and her team have received for that season.

    Information on current SFU Women’s Basketballl coach Bruce Langford, who coached Teresa in her senior season of university, and Teresa herself, via the Hall Of Fame page, can be found here at the SFU Athetics website. Both contain useful information on Teresa’s career.


    I have chosen not to make this my last post, but rather my reflection, as I feel that is the best place for me to close out my thoughts, to the extent that they can be closed out, about the project.

    I hope this biBLOGraphy can be useful for any further research being done on this outstanding athlete in the future.

    End of Eminent

    It’s both relieving and sad to think that Eminent is over for me. This time a year ago I was thinking about all the great things I would do for the next eminent and now my last eminent is over. Even though this project is A LOT of work and can get incredibly stressful when combined with the normal TALONS homework load I look back on both attempts at this project with fondness.  Because this was my second time embarking on the eminent adventure I had a good idea of what was expected of me. I was determined to learn from my mistakes the year before and not repeat the fail of a learning centre I displayed.  Sadly, my time management skills (while improved) were not on point. This lead to a couple panicked weekends spent locked in my house for 48 hours straight like the hermit I try to avoid being.  Although I was completely stressed out I am very proud of myself for balancing my Advanced 1 exam, regular dance classes, being sick and still accomplishing my goals for this project.

    I can clearly see a huge difference between my grade nine eminent project and my grade ten eminent project.  I have never been afraid of public speaking and although I was concerned about forgetting my speech on stage I wasn’t as terrified as many of the other tens. Despite my lack of terror I wasn’t exactly confident about the performance, especially because I forgot my speech in the rehearsal. I am very excited to write that I didn’t forget a word of my speech and I feel completely satisfied with my performance. The difference between my confidence in myself in grade nine and ten was huge and I thank this program for helping me develop that and for showing me that I’m capable of pulling off work I am very proud of.

    Although my growth over the last year was definitely reflected in my speech the most major change could be seen in my learning centre. In grade nine my learning centre was mediocre, it wasn’t a complete flop but it was not something I was proud of either. This year I was determined to create a learning centre I could remember with pride. I developed multiple layout plans for my learning centre and when I was finally happy with one both my parents and my friends thought I was crazy. I had about 5 days before eminent night when I completed my layout and yes my plan was ambitious but I was determined to make this learning centre something great. I’m very happy to say that with another weekend spent locked in my house actually managed to create the learning centre I wanted. It might not have been the best learning centre of the night but it was something I was very proud of and will look back on with pride.

    This project taught me a lot about Bethany, following your dream and managing your time. But what I will take away from this more than anything is that hard work might seem pointless and tiresome but when it all comes together all your work is worth it.


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    The Nothingness of My Interview

    I searched everywhere in hopes to find someone to interview, and couldn’t find anyone. Originally, I was going to interview the woman who wrote The Bite of the Mango with Mariatu, Susan McClelland, but after going onto her website, creating a “Linkedin” account, I was unable to find anything that would allow me to contact her. I did sent a Facebook message to Mariatu in hopes of a response, but there hasn’t been one yet… So the Interview was unsuccessful.

    My Thoughts on Night of the Notables


    Wow, Night of the Notables was quite an experience. Starting with the frantic preparations done throughout the last week and ending with the big night itself, the memories of the eminent person project are still fresh on my mind.

    Although I was struggling a bit from the pressure of putting out a nice presentation, I know for a fact that the grade tens were having a whole lot more stress since they were not only dressing up and becoming their inspirational people, but were also presenting a speech on front of an entire audience of classmates, teachers and family members. Night of the Notables began with the grade ten speeches, and let me just tell you, they were absolutely amazing. Every single student had transformed into the specific influential person they had been studying for the last month, and each student gave a unique speech—whether it was serious, informative, humorous, etc.—to describe their eminent person. I know that all the grade nines, myself included, were in awe at the abilities of our mentors, and we are going to have to work our butts off if we want to have a chance of topping them next year.

    Once the speeches were finished, everyone sprinted upstairs to prepare for the next event: presenting the learning centres. Just as I was lugging the computer screen and netbook I was using back to my station, the parents began flooding up the stairs and into the hall. I was still setting up as the first few parents strolled past my centre, stopping politely to look at each centre in turn. I was pleased to have parents asking questions about Julia Child, and even more pleased when some parents would get excited after recognizing my eminent person. Some of the most common question I received were, “Why did you choose Julia Child?” and “How did you discover her?” My response was that I was attracted to her personality and the way that she could enjoy cooking, although at that time, it was a task that not many thought of enjoying. I discovered Julia Child recently, when my Grandma had told me to try searching her up since she knows I love to cook. After watching her chicken video, I had begun admiring her personality and ended up choosing her as the focus of my study, and basing my speech off of that episode.

    My goals were to present an engaging speech, create an interactive learning centre, and to learn more about Julia Child, so I’d say that I succeeded in achieving each focus of mine. I surprised myself with my ability to talk freely during my dead-chicken-perspective speech without having a nervous breakdown or mind blanks on front of the audience which I was quite proud about. Next year I hope I have the ability to remain calm when it comes to performing on the stage. As for my learning centre, I still see room to make it even more fantabulous next year, but I am glad that I was able to add in “the game” as an interactive component. (The game was where the person visiting my centre would have to find different achievements of Julia’s that were written on neon pink sheets of paper and hidden around the set.) Finally, I learnt a pleasing amount of information on Julia Child, and the more I read about her, the more I began to admire her. I hope to be able to develop those traits that I find inspirational in her, in myself.

    Of course, there is still room for improvement. I will try to write more drafts for my speech next year, since this time I only wrote one and simply edited in order to change up my speech. I would also like to create a bigger and more interesting learning centre that will keep the people visiting my centre fully engaged and leave them with something memorable about whoever it is that I choose to study next year. Lastly, I would like to keep up to date on the blog posts since I seem to be doing majority of them all in one day rather than after each step of the project. With these improvements, I will be looking forward to creating an even better project than I did this year.

    I would like to thank Mr.Jackson for leading us through the steps in creating our blog posts, helping us decide on an inspirational person, and assisting us along our whole journey throughout the project. I also need to give a big thanks to Ms.Mulder for organizing the Night of the Notables itself, as she does for all the Talons trips and activities as well. Thank you to Mr.Albright for being flexible with the English class work time so we could focus on Eminent, and also for taking pictures of the learning centres. Thanks to all the guests who came, and a congratulations to all the grade tens for their amazing speeches, we’ll have a very difficult time topping you guys next year. Additionally, good job for the grade nines on their first big Talons project. Another thanks is necessary for my parents for keeping their cool as I freaked out over preparing for the big night, and a special thanks goes to Mr.Abbinante for that awesome interview. Overall, Night of the Notables 2014 was a memorable event, and I can’t wait for NotN 2015!



    Canadian Encyclopedia
    This site basically does a summary of what happened to her in Sierra Leone as well as talks about her career and some tours she has done. A lot of it was something I had found on another site.

    I used this site in hopes to find the name of who was supposed to be her husband and as well to get a bit of info for my intro post. Wiki was barely used.

    This was the site that told me what her title was with UNICEF

    The Bite of the Mango
    This book is what told me everything. It is my main source. the only thing it didn’t tell is what a special representative for children in armed conflict does.

    Gender Across Borders
    The article on Mariatu on this site basically told me everything I know about her accomplishments, even though it is slightly out of date.

    UNICEF Convention of the Rights of Children
    This site told me about her work with Free the Children

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    Document Of Learning

    What I’ve learned these past few month about Mariatu Kamara:
    -Mariatu Kamara is the UNICEF Special Representative for Children in Armed Conflict
    – She won the Voices of Courage award in 2009
    – Wishes to work with UN one day
    – Worked with Free the children for a while
    -She tells her story to people throughout north america
    – Was named Feminist of the month by in June of 2009

    How I found out Mariatu:
    -In grade 7 I actually read her book for a project and found her very inspirational
    -Since I had already read her book, I already knew a lot about Mariatu

    Why I chose Mariatu For Eminent:
    – I chose Mariatu because I feel as though her story needs to be told.
    – Many others have had the same experiences as Mariatu because of a civil war, and she uses her voice to speak up for them
    – Telling people her story, is very challenging for her, because she has to re-live the experiences as she tells them; but she shares her story anyways, because people need to know what happens in these countries.

    My Learning Center:
    -Concept= people would have to try and do a certain task without using their hands
    -How it was done= bandanna’s would be tied around your hands, to cover them, sort simulating you having no hands
    -Tasks you would do with no hands= write your name, “eat” fake fruit/ vegetables and put on and zip up a jacket
    -Why I chose to do this= I wanted people to realize that Mariatu was able to do all of these things without her hands.

    Credit to Lori Rosner (my mom) for helping me edit my speech

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      The Eminent person I did this year was Mariatu Kamara. Mariatu was a victim of Sierra Leone's civil war ( 1991-2002). when she was 13, living in Sierra Leone, the rebels of the are cut both of her hands off. When she was 14, Mariatu was given the opportunity to come to Canada, and she…
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    Annotated Biblography

    Last post of Eminent 2014, how sad.

    Anyways, here are all my useful links for my study on Rowan Atkinson.


    Rowan Atkinson In-depth Interview (Youtube)

    This was a interview conducted earlier in Rowan’s life about his works in comedy and earlier life. I used this source to gain a better perspective on his life before comedy

    The life of Rowan Atkinson (Youtube)

    A documentary about Rowan Atkinson’s hit show Mr. Bean, though it along describes and explains about Rowan’s life.

    Mr. Bean and Blackadder show information

    These sources helped me learn about Rowan’s work at that time and gave me insight on what type of character he is.

    Richard Curtis Wiki

    For my speech, I gave it in the perspective of Richard Curtis and therefore used this site to allow me to learn about the connection between the two friends.

    Rowan Atkinson Wiki

    This site was the bases for most of my research and it also provided me with some of my other resources.

    Retirement of Mr. Bean and also here

    For the more later and in ways recent events in Rowan’s life, these sites helped my with those information. The events stated in the sites also marked a major milestone in his life.

    Rowan’s love for cars

    This website mentions and slightly talks about Rowan’s other interest and hobby which is cars.

    Fast Facts for Rowan Atkinson

    Some interesting facts about Rowan Atkinson that I used for my learning center.

    Eminent Interview

    As for my interview for my eminent study, I sent emails to plenty of people that were related to Michael Phelps or just swimming, but with my luck, I didn’t really find anyone. So, I went to one of my last resources, a family friend who also does competitive swimming. The reason this family friend was one of my last choices was because I figured that the answers they would give weren’t going to be super detailed. My interviewer prefers not to be named because she doesn’t feel comfortable.

    To start off the interview, I got ready with my paper and questions all set, then I Skype called her. I started off with a conversation starter like, ‘Hello,’ and then I started asking a couple questions. My first question was: When and why did you start swimming?

    “I started swimming around the age of 5 years old,” she says, “At first, my parents wanted or shall I say, forced me to learn how to swim, and then over the years, I grew to love the sport.”

    When she said her parents forced her to swim, I felt the exact same way. After a moment I continued and asked, “What inspired you to keep swimming?”

    She replied with, “Whenever I’m up on the diving block, I get this adrenaline in my body. It keeps me motivated and energized once I get into the water. That adrenaline and motivation inspires me to swim all the time.”

    This answer she gave related to what I’ve been studying so far. The energy kept Michael Phelps swimming no matter what, and it was the same for me. Soon after, I asked her to think a little bit about this question, because whenever I got asked this question, I took some time to think about it. “How much dedication does it take to be a swimmer?”

    Through the webcam, she looked at me with a confused face at first, but then quickly said,”Swimming takes immense dedication. We have to wake up extremely early in the morning to go to practice as well as for the afternoon. We go from school to the pool day after day after day to prepare ourselves for what is to come.”

    Shortly after, I moved on to asking questions about my eminent person, Michael Phelps. My first question about him was: Do you know who Michael Phelps is? If so, what do you know about him?

    She didn’t seem to know much about him because her answer was quite short, but well said. “I do indeed know who he is, but I don’t know much about him. I know he’s the most decorated Olympian of all time. I also know that he is a well-respected person in the community of swimming, and I respect him very much as well.”

    She seemed to know that I respected him a lot too, by the way I nodded my head. I knew that we didn’t have very much time left to talk, so I asked my final question to her, how do you think Michael has influenced the way swimming is now?

    “I think that he has influenced swimming because of how much work he puts in all the time. You see him on t.v, whether it’s the Olympics or something else, he’s so dedicated to showing people how much of a change you can make. He honestly inspires to many people to keep going and never give up on a dream,” she says.

    At the end of all of that, I thanked her for her opinions and her answers she gave. She left me this question in my head after: Can I make a change like Michael did?

    Eminent is finally done – NotN assessment

    Eminent is finally done, and a complete success! A month full of worrying literally disappears  after a 2 minute speech. Weeks and weeks of preparation paid off all in one night. I distinctly remember watching the grade 10’s doing their speeches last year and thinking “yeah I don’t think I’ll ever be ready for that kind of performance.” Here I am, a couple days after the speech and I’m still standing tall, and even proud! Going into the project this year, I had three major goals for myself: upgrade from my tri-fold learning center from last year, not mess up on my speech, and pay attention to my blog posts. I feel like my first goal was definitely achieved. This year I had an idea of my learning center ahead of time, and I was able to receive extra equipment for my learning center from my neighbour who works at Eagle Ridge Hospital. My next goal was also reached! Not a single ten forgot their speeches this year. The third goal was also met, and I’m not cramming any of my blog posts this year. I was able to manage piano rehearsals and eminent this year without breaking down.

    To start the day off, I arrived at the school at around 8:25 because I remembered that we had to label desks for our learning center that morning. As I was walking up the main foyer stairs,  I struggled with 2 bags in my hand and two poster papers in my other hand. I only brought half of my learning center items in that morning, as I had some big props that would take up too much room in the classroom. Walking into the classroom I was not surprised at all to see almost everyone already preparing and adding last minute touches to their learning centers. As first and second block went along, I stressed myself out when I almost forgot my speech in the practice run. Even during my electives in the afternoon I kept repeating and repeating my speech over and over again. I actually had some of my friends ask why I was mumbling to myself!

    grade 10 group picture
    grade 10 group picture

    When the last class of my day was done, I made a dash for the office. Earlier that week, I had rented out the wheelchair in the medical room for the night. As soon as I got the wheelchair, I pushed it into the MPR and waited for the rest of TALONS to come down. After MPR set up (which by the way was extremely quick), I ran outside to my mom’s car to get the rest of the props for my learning center. Learning center set up was very fast and I was able to successfully make a quiet study area into a closed off hospital room. My favourite part of the set up was taking a quick look at everybody’s learning center. This year’s learning centers were all exceeding expectations. It was unreal how creative everybody was and that everyone was running around asking people if they needed help. Learning center setup was followed by my favourite part: dinner.

    Last year at dinner, I remember a lot of the grade 10’s didn’t eat much due to nerves, and I really thought that would be the same case for me. However, as soon as I saw the food, nothing could stop me. I ended up eating so much pasta and salad that I really couldn’t even have another bite. Just for that brief moment at dinner, all my nerves for the speech disappeared before returning again after all the food and drinks. Finishing up dinner, I went to change into my costume. My neighbour who works at Eagle Ridge Hospital was able to bring me a hospital gown and wrist bands from the hospital. I wanted to practice rolling around in the wheelchair and doing my speech. All the grade 10’s had a practice round with transitions where we tried to make sure every speech flowed with the other. We also had a little pep rally at the end of the speeches to pump us all up.

    Mom and I at my learning center
    Mom and I at my learning center

    It was finally that time, the teachers opened up the doors and let the guests in. Morning was going last so we ran up to the upper viewing area and awaited the beginning of the speeches. As I was looking down into the crowd, there had to be a lot more people than I remembered and that made me nervous all over again. Not helping my nerves, the afternoon tens were perfect! Not a single stutter and it would be hard for morning to match that. Getting on stage, my nerves had slowly disappeared. Even though I was still slightly nervous, I was surprised I wasn’t shaking all over like I predicated I would. I almost broke character when I was being pushed off stage. I couldn’t help the small smile that appeared on my lips as I finally realized I had done it, I had finally finished the eminent speech!

    After speeches were done, everybody started running upstairs getting learning centers ready and bringing out valuables. I had a disadvantage as it really slowed me down carrying the wheelchair up the stairs. When I finally settled at my learning center, there were already tons of people at my “hospital” room. Over the course of the night, I had at least 4 times the amount of people visit my learning center compared to last year. I actually had several people ask me during the night if I was actually injured because I never stood up from the wheelchair. Hey at least that means I kept good character! When the night finished, we had one of the most efficient clean up sessions I had ever seen. By the time I was back into the class for the closing circle, my legs could barely hold myself up.

    To conclude, the whole night was an overall success. Even though there were small problems here and there, everybody pitched in to make the night a success. I want to thank the grade 9’s for organizing such a great night, and my mom for bringing me all my props and helping me ask my neighbour for the hospital gown and to my sister for pushing me on and off the stage, thanks Andrea you really stole the show!  It’s hard to believe that this is the last time I’ll be part of eminent. I still feel like I should be practicing my speech and finalizing learning center items, but it’s done. Everything is completely finished, a milestone in TALONS passed, and I can’t wait to watch the nines do the speeches as an alumni next year!

    End of eminent polaroid
    End of eminent polaroid

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