Learning center: Success

Japanese Red Cross Society sign
Japanese Red Cross Society sign

This years learning center was actually good. That’s right my learning center was actually decent this year! Last year, I had not known what I was in for and created a mediocre trifold learning center. Starting off the process of my learning center I spent hours lying on my couch the week before the actual night planning what I really wanted my learning center to look like. While my sister was sitting on the couch not even slightly stressed, I was close to breaking down. All of a sudden, I realized I could just create a hospital room for my learning center. It’s interactive, eye catching, and allows me to talk to people during the night instead of people just reading information off a poster board.

My first thought was that I had to be able to show the cranes somehow in my learning center. I also wanted to have the typical hospital room look: a bed, table, and chair. Making my bed, I found some bed sheets from around my house I could place on the bench in the study area. I also brought in two pillows to make it seem less cold and hard on the bench. I brought a foldable black chair from my house and used a desk from the classroom.

table display at my learning center
table display at my learning center

On the desk, I brought a flower bouquet, a heart monitor,  a get well soon card, and I placed cranes in the very front. I bought a balloon that weekend, which was meant to make it feel like family members brought in gifts for Sadako during her time in the hospital. To top off my learning center, I brought a rug and a divider to separate Emma M’s and my learning center. The divider really helped the learning center feel closed off, and not to mention it was a perfect divider that was popular amongst most of asia during the period of World War II. Even though my learning center did look like a hospital room, I thought that maybe it wasn’t obvious enough and so I painted a sign that indicated that I was in a Japanese Red Cross hospital room.

My interactive activity was teaching people how to fold cranes and I also had poster paper that had people write down what they hoped for in the future. Overall I was more than happy with my final product! I stated in my intro post in late October, I wanted to exceed all of my expectation’s and I really feel like I did. Now I’m excited to see how the grade 9’s 1-up us next year!

I look so happy
I look so happy
full view of my learning center
full view of my learning center

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Night of the Notables Assessment

Honestly this post I’m writing at this moment is probably harder than creating and standing at my Learning Center enlightening the world.

Look at all the cool lighting stuff I did.

Though my thoughts on the night itself: speechless (no pun intended). Though in fact, the grade 10 speeches were amazingly done. Everyone had there very own unique styles and lots of energy which I felt captivated the audience very well. Also, their new format of staging and speech compositions made them just a lot more interesting to watch. I might have had the best seat in the room since that night, i was also working the lights during the grade 10 speeches. For one, it was a privilege to be on the tech crew and contribute in that way, though i also had very good perspective for each speech. For next year, don’t know how I will best those speeches.

20141203_205113 (1)
Jackson and William at my station.

Not a moment to spare after the astonishing speeches, it was announced that we had to attend to our learning centers. Looking back to  a few nights ago on the weekend immediately before the Night of the Notables, I had just begun my practical aspects of my learning center. Now seeing it, I really do feel a sense of accomplishment for such short time, though I can definitely create a more interactive center. At my learning center, there was a information poster as well as a set recreated from a scene in the show Mr. Bean, which was what my eminent person, Rowan Atkinson, was known for. After a while however, i discovered that my real attention grabber was a video clip of Mr. Bean, and that broke the ice very well. I was not sure what the person on the other side saw, but I felt like i was able to convey information to my audience in a interesting fashion, which I am still proud of taking how stressed I was putting together the project.

Night of the Notables
My Learning Center. Photo credit to Mr. Albright

This post wouldn’t be much of an assessment if I didn’t evaluate myself on how I did. In ways of my project. I could definitely do better for next year, such as start earlier have more interactions with people who walk by as well as being more mentally prepared. Though, I also felt I learned and accomplished so much with this project. I learned a great deal about my eminent person as well as put on a good learning center. Eminent this year I really took as a learning experience and a way to test the waters of what to expect from my peers as well as teachers. Through the knowledge that i have gained through this process, I felt that i have really gained a clear image of eminent for next year.

When we started the project, I never really got into it and didn’t find it very exciting, and now, amazed that I’m saying this, taking from what I learned this year through my own works as well as others, I look forward to Eminent 2015 and making it a better project.

Wonder what that’ll bring.



Annotated Bi’BLOG’graphy

Nice pun there. Nice. NICE




This is the starting place to find information on Eric Carle. It is his official website. It gives toms of information. Resources, list of books, list of awards, and a biography are some of the things that the website has to offer. However, it is a very basic website, and I have found more detailed information on other sources.



This is an interview with Eric Carle. It gives plenty of information on Eric Carle himself, and about his upbringing. It also shows various influences in his life, from people he met to life events. I believe that it is a trustworthy source because it is an interview. Its information also overlaps with various other sources.



This website was fairly helpful. It gives a brief summary of Eric Carle, and goes into detail on a few questions people may have on him. It also gives a list of Eric Carle’s books. Lastly, there is a list that connects Eric Carle’s work into different subjects.



This is just a list of Eric Carle quotes. However, it has helped me by showing me what Eric Carle thinks about his books. It also gives a brief backstory on his love of nature.


This was one of the more helpful sources. It is an article written by Ann Beneduce, who had worked with Eric Carle as editor-in-chief of the children’s book departments at World Publishing. It gives a detailed biography of Eric Carle, mostly on his childhood and the journey to becoming a children’s book author.

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Night of the Notables

When we were asked at the end of the night how we thought the night went, I had one work, successful. Night of the Notables is the TALONS annual night to present what we have learned about our eminent person during the eminent project. During this night, every puts up a learning center (or presentation) about their eminent person. All the grade tens also perform their speeches and become their eminent person for the night; they do this by dressing up and acting like them.

My learning center was very simple, and very interactive. The point of my learning center was so that people would realize what it was like to not have any hands. My Learning CenterBandanna’s would be put over peoples hands so that they wouldn’t be able to use their fingers. They would then have to try to write their name, try to “eat” some fake fruit and vegetables and put on and zip up a jacket. This seemed to work pretty well to get people to want to learn about my eminent person. Basically everyone who walked by my learning center would stop to learn about Mariatu; obviously there were a couple people who would just walk by.

The only down side of eminent, was the location of my learning center. You don’t notice it during school hours but, the lights that were about my learning center didn’t work. My Learning CenterMs Mulder was saying that last year, the lights stopped working, and the school never bothered to fix it. Yah, that was great. Another thing about the placement of my learning center was the placement of it. My designated spot was slightly off to the side and away from, what I’m gonna call, the walking route people took.

Night of the Notables was a very enjoyable and successful night. Set up was quick and easy because of the organization of committee’s, all the speeches performed were absolutely fabulous and the learning centers were well put together and presented. I’m already excited to see what people are going to do next year.

Eminent Reflection:

Oh man were done, and I can say with confidence that I have satisfied myself this year. Pretty much everything this year was on point and hit my own standards, the learning center, the brochure, the speech and especially the costume. But despite all of that success I think I might have committed too much to eminent. Not only because I got minimal sleep but the fact that I pretty much had no time for anything else. Math, English, my mind-map is still not done, but I’m pretty sure there are only maybe three tens who have actually done that but whatever. It has been stressful this month, I have had to skip a lot of cadets but in the end I guess it was worth.

On  the note of stress, lets talk about the speeches, literally the pinnacle of stress and anxiety. I’d say my speech was pretty good, but definitely not the best. It took me all too long to write the speech. How was I supposed to write about someone, that all he did was kill people and crush nations. At least with Samuel L Jackson, he had an interesting back story, but Subutai literally just goes around killing people. My speech wasn’t even anything that actually affects Subutai but rather how Subutai affects the world, which sounds like a decent topic, but considering that almost no one knows about him it wasn’t a very captivating topic. But of course all of that changes when I perform it. Of course there was a lot of tweaking and exaggerating involved, but if it sounds good, I’m fine with it.

The one problem would just be performing it. Everyone was surprisingly nervous leading up to it. No one wanted to choke, not me not anyone. So I was nervous leading up to it.  But it was weird because I wasn’t nervous about the audience, for some reason that had on reason to make me nervous. When I say that I mean that I have no problem performing in front of an audience. It was just that I didn’t want to choke and therefore get a bad mark. So to avoid thinking about that i just practiced, over and over again. And somehow i feel like it had a negative side effect. Like somehow performing it so many times would just make me confuse myself and more prone to messing up.

“After this year I feel that it is absolutely necessary to create something creative and fascinating for next year, so expect nothing less.”- James Situ, Last years eminent reflection

Annotated Biblography

It’s weird to think that this is my last blog post for Eminent 2014. It really was quite the experience. So here is my biblography of all the sources I used for my study.

First we have my main source which was “Always Looking Up: The Adventures of an Incurable Optimist” Michael J Fox’s book. I got a lot of information for my speech in this book, as I wanted to target his optimism.

Here’s a link to his book.

My next source of information, along with a few of the pictures I used in my blog posts, is the Michael J Fox Foundation website. The site was super helpful and informational, and was about as reliable as it gets.

The Michael J Fox Foundation 

Next is the Wikipedia article on Michael where I gathered a lot of the information about his early life and past.

Here’s a link to the Wikipedia page. 

I also used a Wikipedia page on for information on  Parkinson’s there’s a link to the page below.

Parkinson’s Wikipedia.

I got most of my pictures from Google Images. I’ve listed a few of the links.

Michael J Fox Foundation Logo.

Michael Speaking at a press conference in 2013.

Michael and his wife Tracy Pollan. 

One of Michael’s acting head-shots.

That’s pretty much it. I didn’t actually use that many sources as I really wanted to focus my study on what was written in his book, but the other sources I used were very helpful and credible.

NoTN Assessment

Wow, Night of the Notables has come and gone. Even though it’s been a few days, I’m still stupefied from the experience. Of course, I was nervous at the beginning, but as time went on, I gained confidence. When I got to the TALONS room, it was filled with supplies for everyone’s learning centres. I was really impressed by all of them.

Eric Kim
Credit to Jess SL (I took it from the Flickr)


An innovative fusion of Eric Carle’s collage style art, and abstract emotion. Well done Mr. William Lee

I felt fairly prepared for my learning centre. I don’t believe that you can be 100% prepared for something you’ve never done. I decided that I was going to lure people in with the power of nostalgia. For the most part, it worked! People either read Eric Carle’s books when they were young, or they read it to their own children. I have to thank the iconic “Very Hungry Caterpillar” for this. People would see that image and draw in from interest. My learning centre itself had two components. First, I would read a picture book that I made. Then, I would give them the option of trying out the Collage art style that Eric Carle uses. Alas, it was a busy night, and the vast majority of people kindly declined my offer. I only got a few people to try out the art, but they really enjoyed it. Apparently, one girl showed FRANK YI her picture, and told him how fun my centre was.

Although most of my centre visits ended at the storytime component, I still had quite a few discussions with people. As I had thought, none of the people knew how much effort went into the illustrations. The visitors would say, “Oh wow! I never knew that!” I then would show them the illustration of the Very Hungry Caterpillar, and they would see every individual layer of tissue paper. The discussion then often led to topics like what I know about Eric Carle, why I chose him, and favourite Eric Carle books.

IMG_8474My space used in the learning centre was good. I mostly used the front half of my locker bay to storytell. The back was set up as an art section. Had I known that only a few would create art, I would have made the storytelling section of my learning centre larger. Luckily, I was able to take a bit from my art section. I painted my own sheets of paper, for the people to use in their art. I took some of these sheets and moved it to the front as visuals. It added another tangible element to my centre.


Thing back now, there are a lot of things I would change. First of all, I would incorporate the wishes that everyone gave me for my NoTN job. Second, I want to try and feel more prepared. I know quite a few people made their learning centres the night before, and even during the day of Night of the Notables. Now that I have done it once, I’m much more ready to do it again.

Overall, I had a lot of fun on the Night of the Notables. Despite the exhausting efforts, and the tiring, endless talking, time flew by. I’m very glad that I had this experience, and I hope to do better next year.

P.S. if you want a copy of Eric Kim’s HOW TO CREATE PICTURES LIKE ERIC CARLE, contact me. I will not put it on the internet. You wouldn’t download a bear.


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“Ain’t it fun?..Living in the real world!”

“Ain’t it fun?.. Living in the real world…”

     This is a quote from the song ‘Ain’t It Fun’ by Paramore. I thought it would be appropriate as I have been having so much fun with this project. Speaking to the second part of the quote, my interviews for this project are prime examples of real life and real world situations. Both obtaining and completing the interviews were great experiences for the project and for me.

     I had a ton of fun conducting my interviews, and yes, you will notice that ‘interviews’ is plural! I was extremely fortunate so as to get two amazing interviews for the project. The first was with Allison McNeill, former head coach of the women’s national basketball team for 12 years and coached them to Olympics in 2012. Allison has coached and known Teresa for a very long time and has seen her develop over the course of her career, so this was a great perspective and voice to hear on my eminent person. I also did my speech from Allison’s perspective, so this interview was very useful in putting together my speech and the opinions within it, and my speech wouldn’t have been the same without it.

     The second interview, wait for it … Was with Teresa herself! Allison was able to help me get in contact with Teresa and I was fortunate to get an in-person interview with her as well.

    One intangible per-say that I really thought I gained from  this experience, was not only learning about my eminent person for the sake of the project, but also just learning about someone so amazing, who I can really take away my new knowledge of to my own life. Teresa has long been basically my idol in basketball, and it was a truly inspiring experience hearing from both Allison and Teresa about her career and their perspectives on basketball. This being said, I really gained so much more than just conducting the eminent interview. Forming another new connection in the sport, even though I’d met Teresa before, now when I see her at events, the only thing I say to her won’t be “Can I have your autograph?” for the millionth time, cause I totally don’t already have it on like a million things(sarcasm).  And also, just forming another connection, and getting more experience, in the community in general.

     I filmed both the interviews, and put them into a kind of semi-documentary. Unfortunately, I had some technical difficulties and it was not uploaded sooner, so a couple of the narrations are somewhat inaccurate in certain ways. I also had to cut it up into parts so that I could upload the whole video. I apologize for any video glitches or awkward cut-off questions, and I also realize that the video quality isn’t particularly great. However, they are up there for you to see.  These are my first Youtube uploads ever, hopefully they work out! Enjoy!

P.S. Even if you don’t watch the whole thing, as it is quite long, please watch the ending(around the last 3 minutes) as I am really proud of them, and you will get the connection when you see/hear it. But also, please watch these amazing interviews, with these amazing people! Thanks

Thanks again to my amazing interviewees:

Allison McNeill


Teresa Gabriele


Night of the Nobles is done! Throughout the whole eminent study, I actually only used 3 cites. The fact is, I knew too much about my eminent person before this project started. Here are the 3 cites I used.



Here is the first link I used. It was a big help in my whole eminent study, and it helped me learn much more about Michael Phelps. You’ll find the basic information about my eminent person, Michael Phelps. You’ll find a simple biography, all of his achievements and a little bit about his personal life.



The Michael Phelps Foundation is a great cause for children. This cite shows you why this foundation is so encouraging for children, and what the foundation is aiming to do for others. It also talks a little bit about what this foundation has done already.



Lastly, on this website, you can find what his charity/foundation is, specifically his IM program. It’ll tell you what the IM program is designed to do, and what the IM program has done so far.


I know there aren’t many cites I used, but all 3 of them had a lot of information to answer my questions!

Learning center

Well now that Night of the Notables is over, its time to relfect on how the night went. First off, with my learning center.

My learning center, Photo credits : TALONS Flickr

My idea for my learning center came from de Gaulle’s military past. I set up my center like a wartime recruitment office, with the poster hanging to the right of my head. I also had my laptop running a 9 slide power point displaying all Charles de Gaulle’s achievements before 1944. The three pieces of paper you can see to the right of my laptop are short paragraphs about the military units one could join; with one being related to Charles de Gaulle and two other units. After a unit was chosen, I proceeded to explain what happened to Charles de Gaulle after World War ll, as I had been posing as an officer in 1944. I felt that my learning center had a good hook (The Uncle Sam recruitment poster), an interactive section (I had people choose what unit they wanted to be in, the handed out the badges of the different units they had chosen), and a good amount of information (I explained most of it, but the power point contained Charles de Gaulle’s achievements). One thing I wish I had done though was to have practiced what I was going to say before hand, I actually winged what I said about de Gaulle of my memory, and unfortunately got a fact wrong even though it was displaying on my power point (The power point said de Gaulle made five escape attempts, I said he made 4). Using these experiences, I will definitely be more prepared next year.

I think the thing that I will remember the most about Night of the Notables is how tired I felt after it was over. It felt exactly like a sugar crash, despite the fact that I had very little sugar during the night. Overall, the night was a great experience as I was able to see what my classmates have been working on for the past month. The grade 10 speeches were also amazing, the amount of effort put into them really showed that night. So far, Night of the Notables has definitely been the highlight of TALONS, and I can’t wait for it next year.

Finally, Night of the Notables could not have been done without the planning the grade 9s put into the event. They brought the food needed for the guests, and also planned everything out in a much shorter timeline. I would also like to thank the teachers and parents for their guidance through all these months. Without any of these people, Night of the Notables would not have been this successful.

I’m happy to say that I have met my goals for this project. I have become more confident in public speaking and also I know much more about Charles de Gaulle then when I first read that Wikipedia article a month ago. The eminent person project has been one of the best parts of TALONS so far, and although I was a little overwhelmed at first, I now look forward to doing it next year.