Andrea’s Angelic Annotated biBLOGraphy- 2014

I am proud to say that after countless hours of staring, intense research, blood, sweat, and tears did I discover that this is an “Annotated Biblography”. I laughed really hard when I found out, aka in my bedroom at 2:00 AM. Even though I woke up my sister and she scolded me (Thanks Crystal), it was totally worth the realization and I can safely say, I regret nothing.

Anyways, back to the subject. Jane Austen, you are one mysterious lady. Almost every website I visited on my eminent 2014 journey had the exact same information as the website before. Seeing as Jane was born in the 1700s and died in the early 1800s, at the age of 41, I understand why there is not much information on her. But nonetheless, I was able to find some sources with information:

Wikipedia! Everyone’s favorite website to start from! This Wikipedia page of Jane Austen features most of the information you can find about her. From small facts to the limited stories of her childhood, Wikipedia is the way to go.

This website is a general timeline of Jane Austen’s life. It features important events in her life and big accomplishments, providing the days of the week when possible. The timeline extends past her death until 1870, about 50 years after she died.

(From the same website as the one above)

This site tells the timeline in a 2 page story like format, focusing on the more important events and going into fuller details. It gives more insight into Jane Austen’s childhood and the possible key factors leading up to her being an author.

This is, yet again, another brief biography of Jane’s life, but focuses more on her writing and novels then her personal life. It shows the dates of when she wrote each novel and tells the story of what happens with her unpublished novels after her death.

This website features a short section on what happened after Jane’s death and how her unpublished books were brought to the public. The site also contains information on how Jane’s books came back to popularity after years of being out stock.

Read Jane Austen’s works online:

Read “Sense and Sensibility” by Jane Austen online. (1811)

Read “Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austen online. (1813)

Read “Mansfield Park” by Jane Austen online. (1814)

Read “Emma” by Jane Austen online. (1815)

Read “Northanger Abbey” by Jane Austen online. (1818, after death)

Read “Persuasion” by Jane Austen online. (1818, after death)

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SFU Library Trip and all-you-can-eat Indian Food.

Going to SFU I didnt expect much. A tour I wouldn’t pay attention on, food I wouldn’t eat and a library I wouldnt read anything from.

I could not have been more wrong.

SFU Tour & Library Research Trip

First we split up and the Morningers went to the Museum of Archeology and Ethnology. I was given control of the TALONS camera so I got to take lots of picture of both the exhibits and the students enjoying them. After a while we switched and the Nooners got the camera and walked around the museum while AM Talons did Solo spots. I sat outside and while it wasnt too cold most people were not taking the stairs I sat by. So I counted stairs and tried not to shiver too much.

About ten minutes later we rejoined with the PMers and went for lunch (At 10:30 in the morning).

SFU Tour & Library Research Trip

The food was awesome and I now have a great love for naan bread with butter chicken sauce.

Then Jamie’s sisters met up with us and we split (but not by morning and afternoon) to get a tour of the campus. I took a lot of pictures but according to wordpress the files were too big and I cant share them with you. So I can only show you the pictures from the TALONS camera which, admittedly are great, but im not in most of them so…

SFU Tour & Library Research Trip
SFU Tour & Library Research Trip
SFU Tour & Library Research Trip
SFU Tour & Library Research Trip
SFU Tour & Library Research Trip
Even though it was quickly becoming colder, rainier, and windier I enjoyed the tour and saw lots of interesting things.

Then we went into the library and rejoined with the other group. I found two especially interesting books; The Encyclopedia of Gender in Media; and what for a moment I thought was called Witchcraft and Democracy. I took lots of pictures from the encyclopedia but I guess none of them came into play in my Eminent Person Study. It had some very funny passages about representation in music videos and Disney movies.

Then we hopped back on the bus and returned to school just twenty minutes before the last bell.

All in all, I had a good time and I think the trip was a great way to assist in Eminent.

SFU Tour & Library Research Trip

Night of the notables reflection

Well, its the day after the night of the notables, and I can safely say it was a success. Aside from the so called eminent hangover, there is a real sense of a job well done. The setup was quick, the food was great, the ten speeches were lively, and lots of people loved my learning centre. It drew unexpected crowds of people and everyone wanted to learn from the box. The only drawback was that it was hot! The hoodie, the position I was in, and the mostly closed box made it sweltering. My regular voice is very stretched, but my monotone voice was just fine that night. I loved the whole thing, and cant wait for next year. Until next time,

Christopher Adams

Learning Centre Post

Hey guys, for those who did not see it, this is my learning centre.


How it works is: the sceptre in the box (me) will tell you information on various aspects of Ferdinand’s life depending on what button you press. The box is made of cardboard, wrapping paper, scotch tape, masking tape, paper (for images on side of box), and ornate texture paper. The set is finished by me wearing a shiny gold glitter hoodie and speaking in a monotone, robot- like voice about things like the start of the Spanish Inquisition. This may be one of my last posts on this topic, so thank you for being a great audience and readers.

My learning centre
My learning centre

Final Speech Draft (Document of Learning)

So, as many of the tens know by now, the speech you present is constantly shifting and evolving up until the moment you finally present it onstage. After three days of memorization, and slight changes, and adding parts because “it felt right”, I ended up presenting a slightly different version of my last Eminent Person speech in TALONS onstage last night.

Okay. Close your eyes and imagine you’re sitting in a squeaky red folding chair. In front of you is a stage, lit in the center with a spotlight. Around you are parents, teachers and students in similar red creaky folding chairs that are really quite uncomfortable after a while. Then someone dashes on stage from behind the curtain, sporting a large afro. And they speak:

“They’re coming for me.
The FBI’s “Wanted” posters read “Angela Davis”, but sometimes the picture is another black woman, unrelated to me except for our common oppressor. And what does this tell me? I’m just a stock photo that can be swapped out for the hundreds of others like me.
They don’t see me as a person. They see me as a problem. Well, the real problem is much bigger than me.
My hometown was bombed because of its black residents, my neighbours were beaten and stabbed for sending their black kids to a white public school. America may have abolished slavery, but racism still persists.
Oh, America: (Pause) the land of the free and the brave. We sure as hell aren’t free, but we are brave. Brave enough to see that this justice system is wrong. It discriminates anyone who isn’t white, straight and well-off.
And prison isn’t helping. We are locking up the problem somewhere we can’t see it. We need to rehabilitate these prisoners, not push them under the rug to be forgotten. Those with substance abuse problems, the illiterate, the homeless, the unemployed: these are people too, not just problems.
I’ve been accused of kidnapping and murder. Neither of these charges are true. What I’m really being charged for is my battle to abolish prisons, my struggle to end oppression. I’m being hunted for trying to liberate America.
Until now, I’ve only dared to move at night, going to whichever house will hide me. But I don’t want to run anymore. I have nothing to hide. I’m proud of who I am and what I am trying to do. Yes, I am black! I am a woman! I am a radical thinker! I am Angela Davis, and I am not afraid!”


Looking back at my goals for this project, I learned a lot more about the world from looking into the issues Angela Davis was interested in. As I said in my introductory post, I try to stay updated with the news and current events, but this project brought to light a whole other side of civil rights I had never really explored. I think, because racism and slavery are so old, they are often though as overdone or outdated topics. However, racial profiling and discrimination is still a huge problem in the justice system today, even in Canada, and it’s not being talked about! It really surprised me that, as we all have to learn about different government systems and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms in school, I’ve heard nothing about prisoner’s rights and how law enforcement is supposed to be done.  As there is very little research done about incarceration by race, I needed to go to many different websites to verify and collect all the information I needed for my display piece. That display piece is now the most comprehensive piece of data I have about American incarceration by race, which is cool because it has more information than the Wikipedia article section!

So I feel like I met or exceeded my goals for research/synthesizing information and discovering new interests. Similarly, I ended up talking to my classmates about their people and opinions, which was very engaging. Each person had so much to offer about their passions, ideas, and personalities. As we got closer and closer to Eminent night, I also think the grade tens grew closer and closer to each other, in a network of mutual support and trust. As a result, we lead and guided each other to that stage last night, where our Eminent people came to life once more. Being a part of the Eminent experience, and working alongside my peers to make the most of the night, I worked towards my IEP goal of leadership.

And now Eminent is coming to a close. We are reflecting, and blogging, and doing self-assessments. Am I going to come to Night of the Notables next year? I wouldn’t miss it for anything. Now I am excited to see what the grade nines will do, and how they will carry forth this TALONS tradition. Seeing the grade 11s at NotN reminded me that, even though Eminent is over for this year, I can come back time and again to see it continue on.

NotN Preparation Breakdown (SFU Research Trip Post)

My success at NotN was derived from two things.

1) Some wonderful, one-of-a-kind circumstances that occurred that in no way I could’ve foreseen

2) My prep work. Of course, as #2 is the factor I had control over, it is the one I will be focusing on for this blog post.

For the last 4 years, I have been an avid Shane Koyczan fan. Before I ever wrote a word of my own poetry, I was in love with his. Because of this, I knew a lot about him – I knew the outline of his life story, I knew his work, I knew the cadence and rhythm with which he spoke so entrancingly. Thus, when I began to study him, I realized that the ‘research’ component of this project didn’t seem quite as large as it had originally appeared.

All that changed on October 18th, when I saw Stickboy.

Stickboy is Shane’s first, and wildly successful, opera. It was loosely biographical, and detailed extensively the horrendous experience of being bullied. Seeing this opera completely changed my ideas of Shane Koyczan, and caused my focus to narrow in on a specific part of his life/ psyche/ work: his childhood.

Approximately 2 weeks later, we went off to SFU!

I had realized that I wanted to learn more about the formative years of my eminent person, and now, heading to SFU, I realized that I did not have the knowledge I needed to write my speech and create my learning centre. At SFU my goal was to obtain minimum 3 books, with one of those written by Shane himself. I ended up walking away with 2, of which I only read 1. Nonetheless, I would call the trip a success!

It began with some bus-bonding.

Displaying 20141030_082324.jpg

I fell asleep in the Museum of Anthropology, so I can’t really comment there…

We enjoyed the beautiful grounds.

Displaying 20141030_102024.jpg

And then enjoyed the beautiful, beautiful food.

Displaying 20141030_113322.jpg

A tour of the grounds led by my older sis kept things moving.

Displaying 20141030_130256.jpg

On the way, I learned about effective and eye-catching advertisements.

Displaying 20141030_100429.jpg

And, of course, all roads lead to the library, from whence we departed after completing our tasks. The library was quite extensive, especially compared to the Gleneagle selection.

Displaying 20141030_132319.jpg

The books I took out were:

Our Deathbeds Will be Thirsty – by Shane Koyczan (a poetry collection).

Wonder – by R.J. Palacio (a novel detailing a boy born with a horrible facial abnormality, and the struggles that came with it).

Both books would be a 5/5.

If nothing else, the books I obtained from SFU would’ve made the trip worth it. However, if I add in some spectacular food, the misty and rain soaked campus, and my classmates – an excellent day, indeed.

The Final Speech (document of learning)

I’ve decided to post this after Night of the Notables, because my final draft was what I preformed on stage last night. Sure, I had a ‘final’ draft before I stepped out of the wings, but whatever words I accidentally switched or replaced during my time on stage was the true final combination of words I would use.

It was my final performance.

it was my final NotN.

It was my first and last grade ten eminent speech.

But now I’m getting nostalgic, and I like to save that for the end of the year, so scroll down. You’ll find the exact words I said on stage last night.



Oh Sadie, I wish I could’ve saved you.

Who could imagine that an unwanted child could cause such an injury to a woman? As a nurse for the working class, I see so many horrible things that women inflict upon themselves just because they couldn’t support another child. And it truly pains my heart to see this because I know that these unwanted pregnancies- and in turn these injuries- could be so easily prevented!

I have the knowledge that could help these women, yet I am not allowed to share it. Now where is the logic in that?

You know, they say logic is most often replaced by fear. Who did you fear when you passed those laws that did not give me permission to help others? Who did you fear when you prevented me from speaking freely on matters concerning my own health?

Who did you fear when you told women that they did not have the rights over their own bodies?

Let me tell you who you should fear. You should fear me.

Because unlike you, I am not afraid. I am not afraid to stand up for myself, my rights, my gender. I am not afraid of any obstacles that may stand in my way, whether it is a law or a threat of the entire country; my hands are not about to let go of my rights. I refuse to watch as women’s control over their own bodies is ripped from their grasp, their objections silenced, their solutions condemned. I am Margaret Sanger, and I refuse to let my body be controlled by anyone but myself.

Document of Learning

Because this is a school project, I will try as hard as I can to avoid needless sarcasm and harsh language.

So this project isn’t going as smoothly as I had hoped. I feel I haven’t picked a great person to study, as Card is one of the more obscure people I chose from. Also, he’s alive so it’s a bit harder to find books on his life. Oh well. I’ll ask for help I guess. My real problem is most likely going to come from my speech. I’m not sure what point of view I’m going to use. His mother perhaps? A character in his book? That could be difficult and I’m not sure I’m allowed. I’ll ask once I find a time to talk to Mr.Jackson.

Another problem is just the thought of writing a 6 minute speech is daunting. It kind of gives me the feeling of hopelessness whenever I sit down to try to hammer out a rough draft. Ugh. I have been throwing ideas for a learning center around in my head. I have a few, many focusing on Card’s love of literature, some touching on politics. At least I’m not the only one with problems. It’s a bit of consolation, even if it’s very, very irrelevant.

I’m glad we got a bit of coaching on interviews. I am slightly scared of people and I mean, I have trouble ordering food when I go out. I especially have problems with people who are much higher on the social ladder than I am. I hope this project will help me overcome this stuff. It’s kind of hard to go through life not being able to to talk to people.

SFU Library Field Study

So before this trip, I decided my main goals would be to learn a little bit about university life, and hope that I find it isn’t quite as stressful I make it out to be in my head. I also looked forward to  perhaps getting to know and bonding with the other TALONS learners, especially those in the afternoon. I didn’t feel like I would really find much on my eminent person due the nature of the place we were looking for resources.

So after the trip… I enjoyed it, although I am a little disappointed that I couldn’t find anything at all for eminent. Can’t say I’m surprised but still. When we arrived at SFU, the morning and afternoon split up.  ( I was hoping for a mix but what can you do?) The morning went to the Museum of Anthropology and Ethnology, where I took pictures of every display to document, although I’m not sure how useful those will be. Maybe I’ll put them in this post if I can find the UBS thingy for my phone…

After that, we traded spots with the afternoon and went on a little adventure with Mr.Jackson. Actually adventure is the wrong word. It was more of a zen thing. Well for me at least. We were to be separated and just observe things around you. I found it rather interesting, and being the natural creep that I am, I enjoyed watching people embark on their everyday lives.

Afterword, we ate lunch at an all you can eat Indian  restaurant, although I kinda wasted that glorious opportunity by only eating one plate of food. I blame the fact that we ate at like 11 or something.

After lunch we got a chance to mingle with the opposing classes when we split up for tours of the SFU campus, led by Jamie’s sisters. Thanks to them for taking their time to do so. I made a point to take note of the creative architecture. Although a lot of it is concrete, it was still aesthetically pleasing, which I appreciate.  I myself would like to study to become a structural engineer after I graduate, so i tried to learn as much as possible.

We finally came to our last destination, the library. I didn’t expect it to be like a normal public library but…. wow. It was pretty intimidating in my opinion. 7 floors, and the shelves were so packed with books.  Sadly to say there was nothing currently in the library relating to my eminent person, so I ended up helping my friends find books for their projects.

Overall, I really enjoyed the experience and look forward to the next time we do something like this!