Document of Learning

Just one more week of Eminent, and us, the grade 9’s will be presenting our speeches! Unfortunately for me, I still haven’t started my speech, but I have a good idea in mind. To be honest, I was very nervous about starting Eminent at the beginning of the year, but those emotions have faded away now. I enjoy blogging about my research, and googling away on one of the founders of Google itself. (ironic isn’t it?)

Anyways, at the start of the project, we were asked to write in our journals, and set some goals that we wanted to accomplish throughout the project, so here are some of which I set.

  1. Learn more about Larry Page’s personal life (biography, success stories, family, etc.)
  2. Learn how Google started out and became one of the biggest (if not the biggest) IT companies in the world today.
  3. Discover future career paths, and if I’d like to pursue the path that Larry has taken.
  4. Work on time management, and reduce procrastination to a minimum.

Goal setting is pretty easy, but working towards them in order to achieve them is challenging. To this point, I believe that I’ve done quite well on the first three goals. Through research, and various books taken from the SFU Library, I now know more about Larry Page and his partner, Sergey Brin. I also learned how Google became how it was today – from a university project to one of the biggest companies in the world. Lastly, I discovered that pursuing a future career in the Information Technology (IT) field is of interest to me, but I’m still unsure of starting up a company. The last goal – time management, and reducing procrastination, unfortunately didn’t change much, even if there were little improvements. With all the homework, and extra-curricular activities, it’s kind of hard to try and clump and work on everything at the same time.

Anyways, for my document of learning, I decided to post about my learning center, and what I plan to do for it.

Probably the most interesting thing I want to incorporate into my learning is an interactive demo of the previous version of Google – from 1998 – present. Though there technically isn’t a billion different working versions, using grants the utility to view the aesthetics of the site for every change the occurs to the site. In my opinion, this is pretty cool seeing how Google became the company as we know it today.

Here are some images taken from the site that illustrate the history of Google!

Google in 1997-1998,
Google in 1999, improved search algorithms, and Google becomes a company
Google in 2003 – adds many different functions – layout is changed and more sites are indexed


Google in 2004, layout changes once again
Google in 2010 – refined logo and buttons
Google in 2012 – The famous black nav bar
Google in 2014 – nav bar removed, new logo

So yeah, that’s all I got so far, sorry for the huge list of images.

Until next time!
– Kelvin

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Speech Numero Uno

I am  posting my in-progress speech for critique and editing advice, so please feel free to drop a comment with any of your thoughts about anything you read below. I encourage you to read it aloud, as it is a performance piece!


They called this face surreal, but it is the most honest part of me. I choose to paint my features on to canvas simply I am the subject I know best. Most would consider my work too tragic to be anything of this world, but tragedy, it is an old friend of mine.

In childhood, polio shrunk my left leg, and at eighteen years old, a streetcar accident left it seeming as if more bones in my body were more broken than not, left with a spine that never did heal. Yet, the ‘art enthusiasts’ of New York and Paris look at my paintings and call them surreal! They say, ‘This, this is the work of the imagination, of dreams’ But I do not paint dreams, I paint my own reality.

Because what is not real about  me? What is not real about the thorns that have been tearing at my neck for my entire life? Or my spine, which has only become more cracked and broken over all these years?When you see this painted on canvas, how do you not call this real? Because what is not real about mother or father or lover, or my husband’s lover’s? About my virginity taken by a streetcar cable piercing my womb, or the blood that spilled out of me after my aborted baby? This world is all too real to me. Because it is me. It’s me that’ll you’ll see on hanging on gallery walls long after the day I am dead. Me, Loco Frida, Peg- leg Frida, all of me, Frida.

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Speech Draft #1 – 14 Days Until NotN

Hey y’all so below is my first speech draft.

Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die. What a motto to follow in these grim days fighting against the Nazis.

[Take out picture] [Stare lovingly] Oh Henri! I miss you so much. I promise I’ll see you again, once we both return from this gruesome war. I would write, but I know that could compromise both of our missions, and I would not dare risk it. *Put picture away*

Alright alright, let’s make sure I have everything ready for the jump. Parachute? Check. Uniform from the SOE? Check. Good. I think I’m ready to do this.

Once I reach the ground, I will be assessing the troops of fighters and radioing in the supplies they need. I have the power to cut them off from all help if I see them unfit, or the power to make them the strongest fighting forces in all of France.

It’s dangerous, yes. I could land in German territory. But I fight for freedom, and there’s no point in living without freedom. Besides, I’ve survived Gestapo interrogations, jumping out of moving trains, and crossing the Pyrenees. I’m not afraid of a little danger.

It’s time to set Europe ablaze! Don’t forget me – Nancy Wake, or as some like to call me, The White Mouse!

[Maybe “parachute” off stage or to the side or whatever transition is decided upon]



Dun Dun Dun…Document of Learning

(I meant to post this on the 17th, but apparently it didn’t work….so please ignore how it keeps saying the 17th)

This is currently me :D

Eminent…I see why this is such a huge project now… x_x But nonetheless, it is actually a very interesting and unique project to be doing :) And I hope that everyone will pull through in the end and succeed (which I know you will)! Also, for all those that don’t know, my eminent person is Paula Radcliffe who is a world record breaking, marathon runner! And no…she is not Daniel Radcliffe’s sister…(even if they do look alike)

For this Document of Learning, it will be a general reflection post! :D In this post you will basically find: My progress so far, things I didn’t know would happen, goals, plans for the learning center, and more! So, to begin…ahh yes, my progress so far! I’ve written down notes from researching and watching interviews, which are very helpful. For the speech, I haven’t written the draft yet….but I have written an outline of what I want to incorporate, which makes things a lot easier. As far as interviews go, I’m just polishing the email drafts that I’m sending out. And finally, the learning center. Every day, I keep thinking about how it should look, how it would attract people, and not bore them to death. But I written down the main layout of how it should end up looking! I think I should really stop procrastinating and get more work done on this…(and the planning I’ll talk more about in a couple paragraphs….).

Next, onto things that I didn’t know would happen, yaaaay! Okay, where do I begin…oh yes, the fact that I am actually enjoying this project. Well, not including all the stress and panic that everyone else all seems to have. But it’s always a good thing to keep a positive vibe when doing this project! So, I found that it’s actually really fascinating to learn so much more in depth about someone you look up to or someone you just admire. For me personally, when researching all these accomplishments made from Paula Radcliffe, it just boosts my motivation to work harder (even though I’m not aimming for any big leagues, it’s just all for fun and more strength, I guess). Also, for the learning center, since I actually love making hands-on projects, (since I like to craft) I think it would actually be pretty fun experience to make the learning center. As long as I don’t leave it to be rushed and last minute…! Speaking of last minute, something else that I was not aware of was that it’s already November the 17th…THE 17TH!!! And the day to present the grade nine speeches are….NEXT WEEK?!? Yeah…soooo…this won’t be pretty…; – ;

I'm doomed
I’m doomed

Moving onto some of my goals for this project woot woot! Some of these goals were based off on my introduction blog post! My main goal is to, obviously, not procrastinate because, like I said above, THE GRADE 9 SPEECHES ARE HAPPENING IN ONE WEEK……and I actually want to have a good night sleep the night before performing…! My goal is to work on the eminent speech for at least 30 minutes per day, afterschool, every day so, I can get work done, and not have an excuse for procrastinating! This also goes for the learning center since I need to have my sleep! My other goals for this project are to just be inspired and motivated by Paula Radcliffe, since she is such an amazing person! And just to learn more about her and her lifestyle, because it’s always interesting to learn more about someone else’s life…..(stalker) :D Next, is my goal to improve with my public speaking. When the thought of giving a horrible presentation of my speech pops into my mind, I just ignore it. It’s obviously a good thing to not get nervous about presenting the speech at all, let alone 1 week before the actual presentation day! So, I’m just calming my nerves, and telling myself that I won’t be nervous when speaking. Also, I’m hoping that I’ll devote lots of time into practicing the speech beforehand so that I’ll have less chances of stuttering.

Get it? Get it? Get it? ; - ;
Get it? Get it? Get it?
Okay……………maybe not? ; – ;

My mind feels as if it cannot stop thinking and brainstorming about eminent…yes legit! But, I’ve done what Mr. Jackson had suggested, and that is to keep a journal near by to write down any new ideas. This has been very helpful for planning what to do (thank you Mr, Jackson!). Even if I don’t have much planning done, but so far, I have a good idea of how the layout of the learning center would be. Here is the general layout of how it might look (hopefully it makes sense):

And this is the inspiration for the finish line:

Overall, I’ve been feeling a little stressed out with all the work we have to do for this project, but I’m pretty sure that’s a normal thing to do! But nonetheless, I think this project will be somewhat helpful for everyone in the future :) But good luck to everybody, hope you don’t tear yourselves apart in the mean time……Just calm down, calm down, go eat a donut, calm down, and go to sleep! ^-^ Thanks for reading this post and have a great day!

“For an athlete, the biggest pressure comes from within. You know what you want to do and what you’re capable of.” -Paula Radcliffe

Library Post

A few weeks back, we went to the SFU campus for a tour and to be able to get out books at their library (which has about seven levels). I wasn’t sure what to expect when we were heading up to the campus, but I ended up really enjoying it.
The tours were really neat, as was the Museum Archaeology & Ethnology. When we were at the library, I was sadly unable to get out any books out on their library on my eminent person, but I was able to get a book out some where else which was perfect. Overall the SFU trip was a great experience and hopefully next time I visit their library, I will be able to get a book out because they have many, many books in their library.

SFU Library Trip

Going into this trip, I didn’t really know what to expect besides trying to gather information about my eminent person. It started with a bus ride which allowed me to take time to myself and think about what I was going to try to accomplish on the trip, gathering research and to try to bond with other TALONS students.

After the bus ride, I got to experience what a solo spot was. Honestly, it was quite boring. I got to the point where I ate food, but I also got to observe what others were doing around me. There were students rushing to classes, getting coffee to start the day off and some students were studying.

Next, we sat outside waiting for the morning group to come out as we talked about what we saw around us during solo spots. I got the chance to bond with a couple TALONS students for a little while.


We visited the Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology.Although the museum was a little small, it was still very fascinating to look at. As I was walking around I saw a disturbing picture of an elephant that had been killed to get it’s ivory. It was horrible to see what people do just to get one thing out of an innocent animal. Something that caught my attention was the little Harry Potter display, although I’m not the biggest fan of Harry Potter. I saw interesting potions and such, as well as the birds.

When we finished with the Museum, everyone walked up to the Indian Buffet for lunch. Mr.Jackson started off with a question game, which I thought my table of two was going to dominate, sadly, we were one of the last people to go. My table got the easiest question we could have answered. I was craving so much food, but surprisingly I didn’t eat as much as I thought I would, I fed off of salad.

After feasting on the little food I had, we all met up with Jamie’s sisters who gave us a tour around SFU, teaching us about where each thing was. As we walked it started to rain. I was stupid enough to not bring an umbrella and always went under other people’s umbrellas, then got budged out of the way by others so they could have it, so I just walked with my hood up. I looked around SFU seeing many of the similar building structures around the whole campus, and different symbols the represented different things which I didn’t exactly understand.

The last stop at SFU was the library, which we finally got to. It had an amazing seven floors packed with a lot of books. For some reason, I decided to run up the stairs each time to get to the books I was looking for, which tired me too much. I thought I was going to find a lot of books about my eminent person considering he is so well known, but surprisingly, I found nothing. All the books were dedicated to the techniques of swimming or they all taught me how to swim which was useless.

During this whole trip I didn’t find anything I was looking for, but I did have a lot of fun bonding with others and learning about different aspects at SFU. I also got a chance to reflect where I wanted to head with school and especially with my eminent project. (Sorry for posting this so late! Also I couldn’t upload many photos because the size was too big.)






The procrastination was strong with this post. We went to the Simon Fraser University on October thirtieth (Read, 17 days ago), and I am only now uploading it. But at any rate, here it is!

15489089328_86e1b96d29_z (1)


I headed off into this trip with a goal of finding more about the art form that my eminent person, Banksy, works in, which is of course Graffiti. There are a few books about him, but none that were available at the SFU library, so I was looking for more general reference information on graffiti, different styles, and in what ways Banksy is different.

There were a few photos taken that were relevant to this cause, but for the most part i retained what I read, I only wish I had taken photos of what I saw in one of the large reference books on graffiti.

Over the course of the trip I learnt about the graffiti styles from around the world, especially in France, which is where a large reference book I read was based around. These graffiti art pieces were often simpler than a lot of graffiti art that you may associate with the word. For example, it depicted a few pieces of ‘situational graffiti’ which were when art was based around something existing in the environment, for instance, two holes that were drilled into a stucco wall for no discernable reason, and an anonymous graffiti artist designed a basic face around this. This simple piece of art was believed to be at least seventy-five years old. The book was a photographic chronology of graffiti in Paris, and covered simplistic pieces such as the situational graffiti described above, to more modern day stencil art and ‘tagging’.

15055134193_199e517211_kI wasn’t supposed to be in this picture.

For me, the theme of this trip was blending in. On this trip, I felt deeply out of place, a group of over fifty teenagers in a university is like several teenage bulls in a very quiet china shop. We were noisy and took a lot of selfies (see above), and together I think we really did not fit into the environment of SFU. However, as we broke up I began to feel more in place. I like to think I look slightly older than I am, but I do not look like a university student, first year or otherwise. At any rate, as the group temporarily dissolved, I felt a lot less like a huge awkward group of people and more like integrated members of the community that SFU has created. I felt more productive and generally more comfortable when I was alone there.

From this trip, I think I can use my greater understanding of graffiti art to really appreciate what Banksy does and better understand him for when I go to write my speech. I enjoyed my day as a freshman, but honestly I don’t think that life is for me, at least not yet.

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Document of Learning Post

Hi guys, sorry for not writing lately, I have been re-searching. The book has not been as forthcoming of information as I hoped.

For my document of learning, I am giving a preview of my speech. It will be set in the character of king Ferdinand’s scepter. It was on his person when he ordered the Spanish inquisition. When I started this, I wanted to know if Ferdinand was strong-armed into pushing the bill, but so far I have found no evidence to support this theory. This has led me to the conclusion that he was a monster in every sense when it came to fake converts. The scepter does not care about this part of its master, though. He is its owner, and that’s all that counts. But the scepter is shocked when it views his master sending the bill for the inquisition. It sees the surprised faces of the other lords at the thought if the action, but they all sign in agreement. This started the first inquisition. The scepter hates what his master (thoughtfully nicknamed Ferdi) has become. He grips the scepter with a hellish hate. It hates that, hates it almost as much as the masters wife, Isabella.

That is the preview. The actual speech is to broken to be shown as a draft, so it will come out at a later date. In other news, I am having a problem with my learning center. By that, I mean I don’t know what to do for it. If you have any suggestions or ideas, please leave a comment when you are finished reading this. No one has commented yet on my blog. Please, you don’t have to be in my quad. It does not have to be interesting, just prove I am not just writing to empty space on the Internet. Leave a comment. Until next time,



Poetry in Motion (yes, incredibly cliched title, I’m aware.)

So, I’ve been told we are allowed to post non-TALONS related things here, and a new interest of mine happens to be poetry, so voila! Poetry post!

Thanks to Jaime, Emma and Lyle’s wonderful poetry group, I’ve actually started writing a lot more poetry then previously imgained. I’m currently working on two longer ones for the next Youth Slam (which I may post at a later date), but until then, have these lovely haikus. Yes, the last one is sarcastic.

I am the tiger

Scars are the stripes on my skin

Screaming silent roars

Winter’s chill creep in

Cocooning me in blankets

To emerge in spring

Marks on the sidewalk

Each scuff telling a story

Your imprint today

Bird and plane can fly

I cannot fly therefore I

Am not bird or plane

SFU, we meet again.

So, the SFU Library Trip has come and gone. I actually had a much better time then I expected, and while I did not perhaps get the best trip educationally, I did get a pretty good trip bonding and photography-wise. Most of this post will be a gallery of photos, documenting talons documenting for their documents of learning.

Complicated, I know.

How will you capture what you find?

I got my dad’s fancy Panorama camera and I plan to take as many photos as possible.

What are you seeking on the trip?

I know my eminent person isn’t very well known, so I’m not expecting anything too great information wise. I am looking forward to meeting more of the TALONS that I don’t know yet and exploring the SFU campus.

What did you learn?

I learned 3 things:

  1. While not learning about my eminent person directly, I learned about some of the things she believed in, such as gender equality and less heteronormativity.
  2. SFU is a beautiful, if slightly confusing place to go to school
  3. The grade nines this year are absolutely amazing.

What was the theme of the trip?

For me, the theme was bonding. I made a lot of new friends and connections, mostly over ridiculous photos and the on-and-off-rain.




This book is the realest thing I’ve ever seen
Well this was a surprise
Well well well wasn’t this fun
Bad. Let’s move on.
*cough* straight white male


Such dorks.




Zoe had a sick rap going on.


Fanciest computers I have ever had the privilege to use


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