The Final Blog Post: Plans for the Future

Oh dear, my final blog post already. And I was here thinking I had plenty of time left for In-depth night. As the marked day slowly approaches, I realize one thing: never do anything last minute anymore. I have lost sleep and good working time because I chose to leave things to the last minute, which I strongly regret. But there is nothing I can do about it now, but plan my time wisely so I can get everything done while putting my best efforts. This is going to be a long week of filled stress and agony, but I am prepared.

So for my in-depth night, my ideas are not set and stone but I do have a rough idea of what I want to do. Earlier, I already said that it would be really cool if I managed to bring a real car to the school and show hand-on-hand maintenance on the car, but that seems really difficult. I would need to find a car that someone is okay with lending to me for the night and I would need  to find space that is easy to see by people and that is close enough to know that I’m part of the actual night.

So for my final idea, I’ve decided to a tutorial-like learning center where people can come and learn the same skills I learned in a more concise and faster way. At my learning center, there will be a screen that will constantly show videos of me doing car maintenance tutorials that can easily be watched in a few minutes. This will show that I know the skills well enough that I can teach others what I have been learning over the few months. Besides the video, I also was planning to set my learning center in a garage sort of layout. I would prefer a corner spot in the MPR to be able to bring tools and equipment that I need to actually do these maintenance. This will show that I am really in character and create an atmosphere of a low maintained guy who’s life consists of working on cars.

I am really excited for In-depth night, but I am also really nervous. I really hope that I’ll do well and make my first In-depth night an amazing experience.

Azaly Addam: Out.

In-Depth 2014: Retrospective & Presentation (#6)

I am honoured beyond all doubt to have spent the last two months preparing for Hullabaloo 2014. Emma Field, Lyle Hendriks, and I, Jamie Fajber, took to the stage intending to pour out all the many, many hours that we have spent writing, practicing and refining our poetry. It is to my great joy that I can say that the Gleneagle team came home with 2nd place in BC!

In every single aspect, credit here goes to our mentor Jacob Gebrewold. It’s hard to take what he has given us and put it into words. He took Emma and I, two novice grade 9 poets who showed maybe a little bit of potential, and turned us into silver medallists in TWO MONTHS. Even more impressive is Lyle, who came so far in just a few weeks, when he had to step up to fill in the gap on our team.

Jacob is miraculous. Without a doubt I can say that I have never met a better role model for all things life than Jacob Gebrewold.

In these recent months, my heart has been expanded to fit new quantities of love for so many people that I have met. Hullabaloo was an incredible experience in every way I could describe it.

Rehabilitation to school has been tough. Sometimes, life after something so perfectly wondrous seems pretty unglamorous.

However, there are things that can help you begin to appreciate it all again.

1) Chocolate.

2) Being excessively intent on school.

3) Sleep loads.

I fully intend to keep on writing and performing poetry. This has blown up more than I could have ever dreamed of, and I want to do nothing more than perform and workshop in classes at Gleneagle, maybe help spread the art form.

On the note of In-Depth night itself – I am going to be performing some pieces of course! I don’t actually need a learning centre. Depending on the time we are allotted, Emma, Lyle and I may or may not conglomerate our time so we can do some team pieces as well as some individual ones; however, if we only get three minutes we will probably stick to individual pieces to showcase everyone.

I will be posting a new poem very soon as well – its in it’s first form but I’d love to get some feedback!



In-Depth: The actual night

In depth night is right around the corner and I’m stressed out. I’m sure after these two weeks I’ll be able to calm down again, but for now, these two weeks are beyond busy. I’ve never actually been to in-depth night because last year I wasn’t able to make it, therefore, I don’t really know how the atmosphere and the whole night looks. I’ve heard it’s one of the most memorable events in the TALONS program, and that makes me excited, but also slightly nervous.

At first I thought that I should have a poster board with some pictures I’ve took and edited, put the pictures, stick them on the poster, and maybe take some pictures through the night. However, if I was someone passing by my learning center during the night, I wouldn’t be very interested and I’d probably end up walking right by my horrible and boring learning center. I wouldn’t even be doing anything the whole night if this happened.

My second idea would be to have a moving learning center. I think this would be really beneficial to me for a variety of reasons. I want to be able to take pictures of different learning centers during the night. If I’m stuck at one spot the whole night, I won’t be able to move around and take pictures or really interact with anyone. The moving learning center can also help because I was thinking of maybe taking pictures of people, and they could also tell me what they want edited onto the actual photo. If the lighting is really bad, I can just push my moving learning center to an area of brighter lighting and edit the photo from there. People also have the opportunity to interact with me, and I’m not in need of any electrical plugs unless I need to charge the battery of my camera, which I’ll charge before the actual event. I really feel like without a moving learning center, my learning center won’t be able to present much of my actual learning. Overall, I just hope that the night is good, and that all the hard work we’ve put into this project really pays off in the end.

In Depth #7: Learning Centers

So, my learning center! Well… I think most likely I will be doing a presentation instead of a actual learning center, but I’m not quite sure how the sound system in the multi purpose room works. I’ll be asking around the grade ten classmates, probably Sean M., about how using the projector screen and sound for In-depth last year  worked out to figure out in more detail what it will be set up like. I’ve talked to Jackson about whether or not he is doing a presentation like mine: he is, so we can work together to figure this out. For sure I will need: (* marks something I will be bringing)

The projector and screen

* Laptop (if there is a stationary computer hooked up to the projector I will bring a USB)

Power outlet for my laptop

I need few things compared to having an actual center being set up, which is quite nice. I will try to make a finished product out of what I have filmed so far – I expect it to be like a mini-movie: basically something with most of the aspects of a movie but taking place within about 1 minute, 30 seconds. It’ll start with a 30 second or less montage I was talking about earlier, and progress onto a slow, nature-based violin piece for about 45 seconds showing a strange situation the main character had got themselves into, and with the remaining 15 seconds will turn into a quick, upbeat number only to end with a surprising twist. I need to upload all of my clips and start editing them so I can write music that will fit what’s on the screen time-wise, and I’ll have to share some of the videos outside of In-Depth night to show what I’ve been doing; while I may not post for a couple of weeks, I’ll probably upload a link to some finished video clips by late May/June depending how fast I can figure out YouTube uploading after In-Depth night. I’m looking forwards to see the projects my classmates have been working on!



Madame Tallien: An End to the Madness

22 August 1805

My dear Papa,

Many things have happened since I wrote to you last, but I can say with great relief that the Revolution is over. The overturn of FRance has come to an end, and I can continue with my life.

I was arrested a second time, papa, this time being seen as a threat to the altruistic power of Robespierre, but not all bad came from that event. I found my friend Josephine, married my husband Thermidor Tallien, and together we banded to oust Robespierre. I must admit I had a large part in that papa,  with a certain letter delivered at the right time. I was liberated, and using his power I freed many prisoners, not wanting anyone to suffer through what I suffered. I gained myself the title of “Lady of the Thermidor”, as I was the most likely to intervene on behalf of the detained. Would you believe that you little daughter once had a month named after her? With the horrid Robespierre, my enemy, gone, and Josephine married off to a man most powerful, Tallien’s power waned and I found myself distancing from him. We divorced, papa, and I spent my years gaining reputation and status, evolving into a pinnacle of social grace. (I am still a vain child inside, papa)

Today I marry Francois, the Prince of Chimay, and reclaim my true status. With my enemies dead and my connections to that horrid revolution finally severed, now I can go on with my life, papa. I hope france will remember me for my good works, my intervention for prisoners. France has not seen the last of me yet.

Avec amour,

Theresa, Princess du Chimay.

Voltaire – May I Finally Rest In Peace?

Technically speaking, the revolution has ended. King Louis is dead, and Robespierre’s reign of terror has ended, but France is in a state of recovery. Still reeling from so much death, France is more vulnerable than ever but I believe that the revolution has finally ended and maybe a modern France can begin to exist.


I look at the mess that the revolution of France and I can’t help but wonder what it has accomplished. The king is dead, but the reign of terror was even worse than the reign of Louis. They are now vulnerable to any attack and France really must start on making some friends. I think of the revolution has accomplished anything, it is that the people of France can not be antagonized so far, and that eventually they will rise up. I think that the revolution has made history for centuries to come and will be a classic example of uprising.


I’m pretty dead by this point, but I hope that I will be remembered as a forerunner of the revolution, poking fun at the royals in the Bastille decades before it was stormed. I hope I’ll be remembered for being the first couch protestor.


Au revoir,




In-Depth Learning Center

I must say that I am quite surprised that I’ve been learning archery for about 3 and a half months already. It seemed like just yesterday when I first picked up a bow. Although I still have the final In-depth night and my learning center to complete, this post just about wraps up the blogging portion. As the title of this post states, it will mostly be focused on my learning center. I don’t have too much to add in terms of personal development in archery because as I stated in my previous post, my mentor is away until May 6th. During this time, I have just been researching on my own some theoretical terms and rules through the internet to better prepare me for any questions on In-Depth night.

Over the last couple of days, I’ve been molding my learning center in my mind, and I’ve also been debating about whether or not I really want a standard poster board. The conclusion I reached was to scrap the poster board so that I can focus a lot more on the actual physical components of archery. This following picture is a rough depiction of what I plan to have for my learning center.


What I plan to have is a table with some archery equipment laid out for people to look at (this will be the school’s equipment that I am borrowing) along with some photos documenting my progress. The lines on the ground represent the 3 common shooting distances in archery (12m, 15m, and 18m), but this will have to be tweaked to roughly 4m, 6m, and 8m or less based on the amount of space I get. Next I will set up two targets at a reasonable distance from the lines. I haven’t had a chance to take a closer look at the school’s targets yet, but I know that these targets are very big, meant only for students. Once I take a closer look, I will decide whether I want my guests to work with that bigger size, or a smaller size 40cm paper target that I will receive from my mentor next week. I think I will keep one target size big for the younger students while the older students or those wishing for a challenge may attempt the smaller size.

One thing that I have to keep in mind for my learning center is how much space I will get. I will definitely need a space outside, hopefully in the grassy area outside the MPR (multi-purpose room). Whatever area I get though has to be enclosed through some method so that none of the guests accidentally end up shooting another person. Also, I will need a more horizontal space than a square or vertical space so that there is space to shoot.

Basically in my ideal learning center, I will be working with a maximum of two people at a time to teach them the basics of archery in 5 minutes or less. They will have a chance to shoot about 2 sets of 3 arrows, but this will depend based on the amount of interest I gain. While those interested wait for their turn, they could look at some of the equipment and photos that I will have laid out.

I am very excited to put this learning center together for In-depth night and I look forward to sharing my newly learned skill with others!

Come visit my station and I will see you all then!


P.S For the Layout committee to make your life easier:

Equipment needed:

1 table

Space needed:

A place outside, not to far from the MPR but enclosed so that no one gets shot. (Preferably in the grass and maybe parking lot if desperate). Minimum 6 m long 4m wide. Preferably 8 m long 4 min wide.

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Jean Sylvain Bailly: Je ne tremble pas

To think that I was safe in Nantes was a foolish thought.

I should have been more cautious, more careful of my presence in the city, as my face has never been more recognizable than it is now. Well, I suppose not now, considering that my face is no longer attached to the rest of my body, but as the past mayor of Paris, it wasn’t difficult to identify and arrest me in my place of retirement.  Oh, the injustice! When my people expressed that they no longer wanted me as their leader, I made no protest and left peacefully from my city, which now is  filled with turmoil and death. I had no choice but to be tried, my greeting with the guillotine made for the next day, cruelly located at the Champ de Mars where the massacre took place earlier this year. I left the world with dignity, mind you, and despite the rain, the cold, and the bitter remarks from the crowd, my head was held high. At least until it was severed from my body, of course.

‘Tu trembles Bailly?’

‘Oui, mais c’est seulement de froid’

I am quite sure that my last words will prove themselves memorable.

It is indeed quite curious. The sensation I feel now in death could only be described as a certain type of release in leaving my blood bathed world behind me. Or below me. I cannot quite be sure of where the guillotine has brought me, but I know that I no longer tremble, neither from the cold or fear. Indeed, I am no longer fearful for myself, but if I still possess a heart in my current state, it lies with the people who continue to suffer under the tyrannical Robspierre. I had said this in the beginning of my endeavors, that many people would die in the pursuit of freedom, but the horrifying number of lives lost to the National Razor is truly devastating. I find myself giving the same advice to the survivors as before; separation is fatal. United purpose is what will overthrow the Robspierre in all of his supposedly ‘virtuous’ acts, and for the sake of France’s future, we must forget the various sanctions of belief. To expel Robspierre is the only way to escape this murderous time for our nation, and the people must realize that our strength lies in our numbers. Robspierre is merely one man, and they are many. It is this simple statement that France has become blind to, a simple that could save many more thousands of lives.

Thousands of lives. Lives spent on murder to feed the ruthless guillotine, lives still tirelessly spent defending the future of France. Although my own personal revolution has ended, I look back fondly on my passionate hope to change France for the better. From the signing of the Oath to the Champ de Mars, my presence shall be remembered as a hero of France, one that provided hope and momentum to the citizens of our country. And while the fate of Robespierre lies in living’s hand, I can only hope that my people continue on with my morals, now that I have been transformed into nothing more than legacy.








In-depth #7: On the night of the night

Hello everyone! In-depth night seems to just be just around the corner! On the night of in-depth, I will be doing a stage performance. My dance is 3 min almost exactly not including getting on and off stage. The wall on the stage will hopefully be open as well with the curtains with the black curtain pulled in front of the props. I will be playing music off my I pod hopefully through the stage speakers but if not, I have speakers of my own. I need someone to start my music, but I have already got Joanna to help me with that. As for the rest of the night, I was planning on walking around, helping with technology, assisting other learning centers if anyone needs help, visiting learning centers, and making myself available to talk to. I plan on spending the night in my costume, but may end up changing sometime during the night based on the weather. Right now, my costume is either one of Emma’s old dresses that is brown and black, or jean shorts, a black sports bra and a gold shrug top from an old costume of mine. There is a chance I will be using baby powder to help me turn during my dance. If so, I will be wiping it off the stage after stage performances have ended.


I can’t wait for In-depth night, I think it is going to be amazing!

In Depth Post #7

In Depth Night is around the corner, and I am strangely calm about it. Personally I think the reason is how much progress I’ve made in the past few months. With over 12 cups and bowls able to present, I surpassed my personal goal by over double. Now I have so much more to talk about with the visitors of my station. As for what my station will look like, well I have some other ideas.

Simplicity is bliss. Is that a saying or did I just make that up? Anyways I could have tons of information posted all over my station cluttering up the walls with what I have learned, so that people could just walk by and be impressed by how much I’ve learned. But then the people would walk away because they just saw all I know without even having to talk to me. By using this option I would be taking the easy way out, and honestly wouldn’t even be needed at my station. So I created another option.

With all my knowledge of the process I could be my own learning center. All i would need is a throwing wheel, which the school has a variety in the ceramics room. This would mean I would need to be close to a power outlet to plug in my wheel. People would come up to me as I work and could ask about my learning. Around my center I would have a couple questions, like, “What is the process of making a cup” and conversation starters like that. Scattered around my Learning Center would be all the cups and bowls I’ve made in the past couple months, this would help start conversations with people because they would see them and want to pick them up. All in all, I am very excited for my learning center and can’t wait to see how it unfolds.

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