In-depth Week 12

We are now in our third month of this long-term project.  Learners should be in the thick of their learning. Learning occurs when we challenge ourselves and when we reach beyond our comfort zone to enter the courage zone. We are gaining new insights, not previously part of our being, doing, thinking and feeling.  This project accomplishes all these aspects as long as we stay focused and engaged.  When our skill level rises and matches more challenging learning opportunities, we are in the zone, experiencing a sense of flow.
The following blog entries demonstrate some of these ideas and possibilities:

Jen and Jen (with a mom) hiking the Juan de Fuca trail in spring which looked more like winter!

Sepehr playing guitar

Golfing with Conrad

Animation with Christina

Screenplay writing with Richard

Baking with Jonathan Z.

Fairy tale writing with Megan

Chelsea’s contortionism act in Mexico!

Water Colour Painting with Kim

Unicycling with Marie

Drumming with Max





In-depth week 8

Talons learners are encouraged to reflect on their in-depth learning in as many ways as possible.  The following in-depth posts feed your senses.
Drumming with Max.

Unicycling with Marie.

Painting with Kim.

Ballet and more with Chelsea.

Tasty treats with Jonathan Z.

Guitar with Daniel P.

More colourful treats with Emlyn.

Animation with Christina.

Food carving with Isaac.


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In-depth Week 4

The in-depth project focuses on learning a new skill. Its main goal is to develop this skill over a five month period, gaining experiential knowledge.  Practice makes perfect in this case, too!  Learners may do some  secondary research to get their topic focused and gain some basic background knowledge; however, most of the learning is hands-on/ primary experience.  The following blogs exemplify learners who have taken steps in this direction and are developing a feel for their skill.

Snowshoeing with Jen and Jen and Zoe

Playing the Guzheng with Louise

Juggling with Michelle

Contortion with Chelsea

Music composition with Toren

Golfing with Conrad

Through the eyes of traceur, called Daniel

Film editing with Bronwyn

Cake decorating with Emlyn

Fruit and vegetable carving with Isaac

Jess drawing comic characters for now

Yoga with Katie

Cloning with Vincent



Quirien Mulder ten Kate